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The unofficial blog is dedicated to the popular program Skype — a free, multifunctional Internet messenger, which allows users to make audio and video calls, write instant messages using chat, send files, share the screen, make group calls, call to mobile and landline phones and receive calls from them, send SMS-messages and use other interesting features.

This blog regularly publishes information on the latest developments related to Skype, including new releases, the latest news, interesting facts and official announcements. In addition, here you will find useful guides, tips, secrets, error description and even video tutorials. In a word, here you will learn everything about Skype.

One of the main advantages of the blog is the download section, where each user can download Skype free of charge for the desired operating system. Such systems as Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Linux have access not only to the latest releases of the program, but also to older versions, by which, if necessary or desired, it is easy to revert to previous versions of Skype.

It is important to emphasize that all installation files are genuine — as soon as a new version appears, we upload it on our server without any changes. That's why we only have the original versions of Skype which can be downloaded through a direct link. If you need an installation file, download it without registration, SMS messaging, premium services or waiting for an hour until the file is downloading.

No less important is the fact that this blog has been primarily designed for inexperienced users, who occasionally encounter problems and errors. For this reason, most of the materials are written in plain language as much as possible, avoiding computer slang or specific terms. But this does not mean that advanced users will not find anything interesting or useful here. It is for them that some online services and sections of secrets and interesting facts have been created.

Given the hard work to create and maintain this blog, you might think that this resource is the official source. But it is not — the blog is not official and is not affiliated with the Skype Company or its representatives. In order not to lead users astray, there is a note on every page which warns about it.

The blog has been created to help users, and it is nice to see that they appreciate this. We hope that you also will find here what you were looking for. And if you have any questions or ideas, write to ???

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Has been released a new version of Skype for Windows, which adds new option to hide or show username on Windows taskbar or in the top left hand corner of Skype. This option ca be found in Tools → Option → Advanced → Advanced settings.

Another change in the Skype for Windows applies to video calls, during to which the video and black "call stage" background "stretches" to the entire width of the window.

The Play Store has a new version of Skype for Android, but do not hurry to update, especially if with the latest version you have not experienced any problems with the audio or video quality during calls. The fact is that some (many?) users complained about the bad quality of the audio and video in the version. Therefore, the developers decided to roll back the version and now in the Play Store, though Skype for Android is available, this release does not differ from

A new version of Skype for Android has been released today and fixes several bugs. First of all deserves to be told about some bugfixes for Android Nougat which though is not officially supported yet, but should not be crashing any longer. The second one, this version fixes advertisement code that resulted in crashes on landscape, thereby it re-enable ads for free Android users. Also, the Skype for Android adds community link from the help section in settings and includes accessibility improvements, mainly screen reader and button texts.

The Skype for Web has been updated to new version which brings the ability to change the mood message. To do this, open your profile screen, then click the pencil icon next to «Edit activity message». Also, with Skype 1.48.77 for Web you can add contacts to Favorites list thereby show them on top of the list in a separate block (this only includes contacts, not conversation groups you marked as favorites).

Has been released a new version of Skype for Mac OS X that brings @mentions in group chats. Just include an @ while typing a message to get a list of group participants to mention. The mentioned participants will show as a linked name in the message. Also Skype 7.31.304 for Mac OS X informs users if they are not properly connected to messaging service, adds support for rich text content in the text edit box (eg, if you edit a message that contains emoticons previously you saw the codes and now you see the emoticon graphics), and from now shared locations have the same menu like other chat content.

The program Skype for Windows Desktop has been updated to the new version, but so far official sources nothing told about changes and novelties. However, when you run Skype for Windows you will notice minor changes of the user interface: background color of own messages became darker, usernames in group chats are blue, has been removed the "down arrow" next to the "via SMS" option, and other minor changes concerning the interface elements. I think this is not the full list of changes, and I guess in the near future will be implemented feature on Skype, that users are asked to even a long time ago.

2 july 2016 — Added new information about this release, such as support for NGC audio codec (Next Generation Calling) in Skype for Windows XP and Windows Vista, the removal of a opaque overlay for thumbnails of received image and more descriptive errors relating to authorization (for example, a firewall is blocking access of Skype or is using an older version of Internet Explorer).