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The new version of Skype for Web again came out without any announcements and details. And as the last 2 versions, this time the developers again skipped out one version (actually numbered 1.68) and directly released Skype 1.69.27 for Web.

As can be noted, the developers continue to actively develop Skype for Web, in fact this month has been rollout 4 new releases. For this once Skype 1.65.51 for Web brought the feature to receive screen sharing without having to install any plug-ins for Microsoft Edge.

A month ago, went out version Skype 7.37.178 for Mac OS X which no longer supports versions younger than Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10. For users of Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 latest available version should have stayed Skype 7.36.217 for Mac OS X. However, as it turned out, in that version there are a couple of problems with the connection, and the developers have released a minor release of Skype 7.36.507 for Mac OS X, which fixes them.

This month Skype for Web has been updated three times, but as the the second release, the changelog of Skype 1.64.47 for Web has not been published somewhere. If you have noticed something new in this release, please report it in the comments.

The new version of Skype for Windows Desktop is ready for download (but not recommended yet), and no doubt will please users who do not like the links preview feature. The fact is that Skype for Windows Desktop adds a new option to disable or enable this feature. Do disable links preview go to Skype → Tools → Options → IM & SMS → IM appearance and uncheck the «Show link previews» option.

Have not yet known any other changes in this version (except some edits of UI strings). If you have noticed something new, let me know in the comments.

Правда, про Skype 1.63.51 для Web ничего не известно. Тем не менее, если ещё не добавили нужную функцию, не забывайте что можно скачать Скайп для других платформ.

Skype for Web continues its development and today came out the second version of this month at number 1.63.51. Unfortunately about Skype 1.63.51 for Web nothing is known. Nevertheless, if it does not add your desired feature, don’t forget that you can download Skype for other platforms.

With the new released version of Skype for Web the video calling has arrived on Chromebooks and Chrome for Linux. Should be noted that group video calls still not supported and both participants needs to use Skype for Web on Chromebook, Chrome for Linux or Skype for Linux Alpha (for example, calls from Skype for Web on Chromebook to Skype for Windows are still audio only).

Skype 1.61.68 for Web is live now and brings dark theme support, ability to quote message or selections, and mute conversations on Also in the new version of Skype for Web favourites are pinned by default at the beginning of list.

The new version of Skype for Mac OS X went live and became first version which requires the presence of OS X Yosemite (version 10.10) or older. Thus, it turns out that the previous version (Skype 7.36.217) remains the last working version for OS X Mavericks (10.9). In addition to new system requirements, Skype 7.37.178 for Mac OS X adds support for Skype bots cards to OS X Yosemite and fixes some minor bugs.

The Skype 1.60.72 for Web started its rollout, and adds support of bot content swift cards in the narrow mode of the Skype for Web integration on and Also this release enables quotes (right-click to quote a message with the proper quote layout) and allows to mute conversations just like on other platforms. That means activity in there won’t trigger notifications. Right-click "Turn notifications off/on". Muted conversations show a crossed out bell icon next to them.

A new version of Skype for Windows Desktop has been released in phased rollout mode (it means that only some users will able to download it). In this version has been removed the shadow from the bottom of the in-call UI which always overlap the preview window (see screenshots below):
Overlapping shadow in 7.27
Overlapping shadow removed in 7.28

Another fix in this version is the bug due to which in certain group conversations any sent URLs were always shortened to 10 Latin or Cyrillic characters. Also in Skype for Windows Desktop has been removed the option «Voice Message» from the «Conversation → Send» menu. From now the only way to leave voice messages is if a called contact is busy or reaches timeout defined by him with the «I do not answer within [x] seconds» option.