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Download Skype versions

The new version of Skype for Windows Desktop is ready for download (but not recommended yet), and no doubt will please users who do not like the links preview feature. The fact is that Skype for Windows Desktop adds a new option to disable or enable this feature. Do disable links preview go to Skype → Tools → Options → IM & SMS → IM appearance and uncheck the «Show link previews» option.

Have not yet known any other changes in this version (except some edits of UI strings). If you have noticed something new, let me know in the comments.

The new version of Skype for Mac OS X went live and became first version which requires the presence of OS X Yosemite (version 10.10) or older. Thus, it turns out that the previous version (Skype 7.36.217) remains the last working version for OS X Mavericks (10.9). In addition to new system requirements, Skype 7.37.178 for Mac OS X adds support for Skype bots cards to OS X Yosemite and fixes some minor bugs.

A new version of Skype for Windows Desktop has been released in phased rollout mode (it means that only some users will able to download it). In this version has been removed the shadow from the bottom of the in-call UI which always overlap the preview window (see screenshots below):
Overlapping shadow in 7.27
Overlapping shadow removed in 7.28

Another fix in this version is the bug due to which in certain group conversations any sent URLs were always shortened to 10 Latin or Cyrillic characters. Also in Skype for Windows Desktop has been removed the option «Voice Message» from the «Conversation → Send» menu. From now the only way to leave voice messages is if a called contact is busy or reaches timeout defined by him with the «I do not answer within [x] seconds» option.

Released new version Skype 7.36.217 for Mac OS X, which, when plugging in a new USB or Bluetooth device (for example, webcam, microphone or headset) will asks the user if he wants to set it as the default device for communicating on Skype. The new version of Skype for Mac OS X also contains some other general improvements, including Skype bots cards improvements.

The free application Skype for Mac OS X updated to the new version at number 7.35.231. The only thing that is known about this version is the fact that users can no longer save or view old video messages that were recorded using legacy (older) method. That is why, in order not to lose important video messages as quickly as possible, save them somewhere safe. About other changes in the Skype 7.35.231 for Mac OS X is not known, but you can download Skype and to try to find out what’s new in this release.

A new version of Skype for Windows Desktop is available for download. In this release has been updated the Skype core library and it seems this might potentially fix the bug due to which instead of making group calls Skype creates new groups with random name like (?) 12345678 #username/$2;0.

Also, Skype for Windows Desktop adds some improvements to Skype Windows Desktop and Preview App coexistence, including a fix to stop users from seeing promo screen repeatedly. Should be noted that developers are soon going to enable a screen that is shown when starting classic windows app on Windows 10 to remind them of the Preview app. This screen asks to supply feedback on why users are reverting to the classic app after having used the preview app. This will help the preview app prioritize the most requested features.

Released a new release of Skype 7.34.164 for Mac OS X, which has brought a very useful function for group audio and video calls. With this feature, if during a call the host (user which initiates the call) will drop off the call, rest of the call members will able to continue the conversation (unlike previous versions, when the call was terminated for all participants).

The new version of Skype for Mac OS X contains other changes, such as displaying the URL hover over the Skype bots card (this will prevent phishing attacks and unpleasant situation, because the user sees, which web-page will be opened) and links to gifts in the birthday reminders. This release also fixes one bug due to which during group chats migration from P2P to cloud it lose the history of correspondence. This hotfix is not only fixes the bug, but also returns the lost correspondence.

The application Skype for Mac OS X has been updated to the new version, in which, thanks to the persistent requests of users, developers returned volume controls built into the application, thus allowing you to control the sound volume directly from the Skype.

In addition, Skype 7.33.206 for Mac OS X improves the accessibility mode, in particular, the VoiceOver feature built into Mac OS X reads more appropriate descriptions of the user interface. Also, it makes it easier to add new participants during the call and assign your favourite emoticons. And the latest known thing, in the new version has been added support of content formatting for Skype bots cards.

After one week after the previous release, today released a new version Skype 1.52.82 for Web. At this time it's known something about innovations. The first thing that developers can use formatted text to describe their bots (for example, description field can contain clickable links). The second one relate to some experimental changes to notifications for the integration with Skype for Web (in particular, when opening users will get a notification about missed Skype calls or unread Skype messages).

Has been released a new version of Skype for Windows, which adds new option to hide or show username on Windows taskbar or in the top left hand corner of Skype. This option ca be found in Tools → Option → Advanced → Advanced settings.

Another change in the Skype for Windows applies to video calls, during to which the video and black "call stage" background "stretches" to the entire width of the window.

Came out the new version of Skype for Mac OS X, which is already available for download and to be installed on your MacBook. Skype 7.32.165 for Mac OS X adds support for Swift cards of Skype bots (new feature of Skype bots which will implemented at the end of this month and will allow users to interact with bots). The new release also fixes minor issues with @mentions and includes other generic improvements.

Skype 1.50.53 для Web уже стал доступен для некоторых пользователей и принёс следующие улучшения:
  • Enabling screen share preview (only applies to default monitor, so preview will also show that there’s no selection of which monitor to share, just preview of what will be shared).
  • Deleted unnecessary link "Do you already have a Skype account?", which show up even if the user was logged in on the site.
  • Built-in plugin through which substantially reduces setup time for the connection of calls on the Outlook service.
  • Notifications shown only when it’s likely to be visible for user. E.g. When browser tab is closed and window is not focused, notifications are not shown. They are shown when the window will re-gain the focus so the user will not missed them
This is the list of the main changes in the new version of Skype for Web. Of course, the version of Skype for the browser continue to be improved, but do not forget that you can download Skype for other operating systems.

The Play Store has a new version of Skype for Android, but do not hurry to update, especially if with the latest version you have not experienced any problems with the audio or video quality during calls. The fact is that some (many?) users complained about the bad quality of the audio and video in the version. Therefore, the developers decided to roll back the version and now in the Play Store, though Skype for Android is available, this release does not differ from