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Remarkable features of Skype



The Play Store has a new version of Skype for Android, but do not hurry to update, especially if with the latest version you have not experienced any problems with the audio or video quality during calls. The fact is that some (many?) users complained about the bad quality of the audio and video in the version. Therefore, the developers decided to roll back the version and now in the Play Store, though Skype for Android is available, this release does not differ from

A new version of Skype for Android has been released today and fixes several bugs. First of all deserves to be told about some bugfixes for Android Nougat which though is not officially supported yet, but should not be crashing any longer. The second one, this version fixes advertisement code that resulted in crashes on landscape, thereby it re-enable ads for free Android users. Also, the Skype for Android adds community link from the help section in settings and includes accessibility improvements, mainly screen reader and button texts.

Has been released version Skype for Android and seems it fixes bug with authorization if the username contains special characters (at least I was able to log in on Skype using a username which contains a comma). As for the other changes in the Skype for Android, I have not noticed anything more.

Another release of Skype is now available for the Android operating system users. At this time Skype for Android fixes the bug associated with the rotation of the screen even if in the device settings function "Auto-rotate screen" is turned off.

On the other hand, there seems to exists a bug due to which users may experience problems with authorization if their usernames contain special characters or are ending with a dot.

In the Google Play Store has been announced a major release of the Skype for Android app, which brought several interesting and useful changes. The first thing may notice are some user interface changes according to the rules of the material design and new UI elements. For example, in Skype for Android has been updated the floating action button (FAB), on main screen has been added ability to search contacts, groups, bots and conversations, rotating tablet to landscape orientation makes the interface more comfortable showing the left side panel like the Skype for computers.

With this release has become easier to invite new users on Skype via SMS-messages. To do this, open Skype, go to the "Contacts" tab, click on the "arrow" which opens a drop-down menu and select "Contacts". Now it will be shown a list of contacts from your address book and next to each contact there is the "Invite" button.

Also version improves accessibility support, fixes various bugs and errors, including the most frequently encountered critical errors according to HockeyApp crash-reports.

The Skype for Android application has been updated to version, but unfortunately I do not know what works were carried in this release. Seems was implemented the "Call Quality Feedback" function, though I could not start it, it may still not available or is not available for all users.

UPD 21.04.201 Added changelog of this release.

In the Google Play Store appeared yet another version of Skype for Android. At this time, the new release brought support for Skype bots, and educational hints about the possibilities of group chats (in particular, about that users can make free group video calls). As regards for other changes and innovations in Skype for Android, it seems they not exists, or at least are not visible.