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Skype for Android

A new version of Skype for Android has been released. You can install it from the Play Store or download from our blog. As for changes in the Skype for Android, about them nothing is yet known.

Skype for Android

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The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Android. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Android, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Strings abc_menu_alt_shortcut_label:
= Alt+
Strings abc_menu_ctrl_shortcut_label:
= Ctrl+
Strings abc_menu_delete_shortcut_label:
= delete
Strings abc_menu_enter_shortcut_label:
= enter
Strings abc_menu_function_shortcut_label:
= Function+
Strings abc_menu_meta_shortcut_label:
= Meta+
Strings abc_menu_shift_shortcut_label:
= Shift+
Strings abc_menu_space_shortcut_label:
= space
Strings abc_menu_sym_shortcut_label:
= Sym+
Strings abc_prepend_shortcut_label:
= Menu+
Strings bottom_sheet_behavior:
Strings character_counter_content_description:
= Character limit exceeded %1$d of %2$d
Strings fab_transformation_scrim_behavior:
Strings fab_transformation_sheet_behavior:
Strings hide_bottom_view_on_scroll_behavior:
Strings mtrl_chip_close_icon_content_description:
= Remove %1$s
Strings password_toggle_content_description:
= Show password
Strings path_password_eye:
= M12,4.5C7,4.5 2.73,7.61 1,12c1.73,4.39 6,7.5 11,7.5s9.27,-3.11 11,-7.5c-1.73,-4.39 -6,-7.5 -11,-7.5zM12,17c-2.76,0 -5,-2.24 -5,-5s2.24,-5 5,-5 5,2.24 5,5 -2.24,5 -5,5zM12,9c-1.66,0 -3,1.34 -3,3s1.34,3 3,3 3,-1.34 3,-3 -1.34,-3 -3,-3z
Strings path_password_eye_mask_strike_through:
= M2,4.27 L19.73,22 L22.27,19.46 L4.54,1.73 L4.54,1 L23,1 L23,23 L1,23 L1,4.27 Z
Strings path_password_eye_mask_visible:
= M2,4.27 L2,4.27 L4.54,1.73 L4.54,1.73 L4.54,1 L23,1 L23,23 L1,23 L1,4.27 Z
Strings path_password_strike_through:
= M3.27,4.27 L19.74,20.74
Strings SkypeNumberPanel_SmsPackPromo:
= SMS Pack 100 (until {date}) enabled.
Strings ContentPanelHeaderTitle_TranslatedToTitle:
= Translated to {language}
Strings MediaBar_SelectedEmoticonPickerTitle:
= Current emoticon: {emoticon}. Open Emoticon Picker
Strings PesPicker_TenorAttribution:
= Found on
Strings PSTNDialerPanel_PlaceTasterCallCoachmarkTitle:
= Talk free for 5 minutes
Strings PSTNDialerPanel_PlaceTasterCallCoachmarkLabel:
= Call a phone number anywhere in the world for free (up to 5 minutes)
Strings PSTNPhoneNumberInput_NumberPlaceholder:
= Enter number to dial
= Phone number
Strings ShortLanguages_ar-SA:
= ‎Arabic
Strings ShortLanguages_bg-BG:
= Bulgarian
Strings ShortLanguages_ca-ES:
= Catalan
Strings ShortLanguages_cs-CZ:
= Czech
Strings ShortLanguages_da-DK:
= Danish
Strings ShortLanguages_de-DE:
= German
Strings ShortLanguages_el-GR:
= Greek
Strings ShortLanguages_en-GB:
= English (UK)
Strings ShortLanguages_en-US:
= English (US)
Strings ShortLanguages_es-AR:
= Spanish (voseo)
Strings ShortLanguages_es-MX:
= Spanish (Mexico)
Strings ShortLanguages_es-US:
= Spanish (U.S.)
Strings ShortLanguages_es-ES:
= Spanish (Spain)
Strings ShortLanguages_et-EE:
= Estonian
Strings ShortLanguages_fi-FI:
= Finnish
Strings ShortLanguages_fr-CA:
= French (Canada)
Strings ShortLanguages_fr-FR:
= French (France)
Strings ShortLanguages_he-IL:
= ‎Hebrew
Strings ShortLanguages_hi-IN:
= Hindi
Strings ShortLanguages_hr-HR:
= Croatian
Strings ShortLanguages_hu-HU:
= Hungarian
Strings ShortLanguages_id-ID:
= Indonesian
Strings ShortLanguages_it-IT:
= Italian
Strings ShortLanguages_ja-JP:
= Japanese
Strings ShortLanguages_ko-KR:
= Korean
Strings ShortLanguages_lt-LT:
= Lithuanian
Strings ShortLanguages_lv-LV:
= Latvian
Strings ShortLanguages_ms-MY:
= Malay
Strings ShortLanguages_nb-NO:
= Norwegian Bokmål
Strings ShortLanguages_nl-NL:
= Dutch
Strings ShortLanguages_pl-PL:
= Polish
Strings ShortLanguages_pt-PT:
= Portuguese (Portugal)
Strings ShortLanguages_pt-BR:
= Portuguese (Brazil)
Strings ShortLanguages_ro-RO:
= Romanian
Strings ShortLanguages_ru-RU:
= Russian
Strings ShortLanguages_sk-SK:
= Slovak
Strings ShortLanguages_sl-SI:
= Slovenian
Strings ShortLanguages_sr-Latn-RS:
= Serbian
Strings ShortLanguages_sv-SE:
= Swedish
Strings ShortLanguages_th-TH:
= Thai
Strings ShortLanguages_tr-TR:
= Turkish
Strings ShortLanguages_uk-UA:
= Ukrainian
Strings ShortLanguages_vi-VN:
= Vietnamese
Strings ShortLanguages_zh-CN:
= Chinese (Simplified)
Strings ShortLanguages_zh-HK:
= Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR)
Strings ShortLanguages_zh-TW:
= Chinese (Traditional)
Strings ScheduleCall_RequiredTextField:
= required
Strings ScheduleCall_SentAnnoucement:
= Your Scheduled Call '{title}' has been sent to all group members.
Strings ScheduleCall_UpdatedAnnoucement:
= Your Scheduled Call '{title}' has been updated.
Strings ScheduleCall_DeletedAnnoucement:
= Your Scheduled Call '{title}' has been deleted.
Strings ScheduleCall_ScheduleNextCallBodyContent:
= Set a time and date for your next call with {shortDisplayName} and get a reminder in Skype.
= Set a time and date for your next call and get a reminder in Skype.
Strings ScheduleCall_AnnounceScheduledCallSoon:
= Scheduled Call '{subject}' is starting {inDuration}.
Strings ScheduleCall_ScheduledCallSummaryForAcceptedInvitationsAccessilibityLabel:
= Scheduled Call titled '{subject}' on {time}, {numberAccepted, plural, =1{1 accepted invitation} other{{numberAccepted} accepted invitations}}
Strings ScheduleCall_ScheduledCallSummaryForDeclinedInvitationsAccessilibityLabel:
= Scheduled Call titled '{subject}' on {time}, {numberDeclined, plural, =1{1 declined invitation} other{{numberDeclined} declined invitations}}
Strings ScheduleCall_ScheduledCallSummaryForNoResponseAccessilibityLabel:
= Scheduled Call titled '{subject}' on {time}, no one has replied yet
Strings ScheduleCall_ScheduledCallSummaryAccessilibityLabel:
= Scheduled Call titled '{subject}' on {time}
Strings ScheduleCall_ScheduledCallSummaryWhenAcceptedAccessilibityLabel:
= Scheduled Call titled '{subject}' on {time}, you have accepted the invitation
Strings ScheduleCall_ScheduledCallSummaryWhenDeclinedAccessilibityLabel:
= Scheduled Call titled '{subject}' on {time}, you have declined the invitation
Strings ScheduleCall_ScheduledCallSummaryWhenNoAnswerAccessilibityLabel:
= Scheduled Call titled '{subject}' on {time}, you have not answered yet
Strings ScheduleCall_ScheduledCallAcceptedAnnouncement:
= Scheduled Call '{subject}' accepted
Strings ScheduleCall_ScheduledCallDeclinedAnnouncement:
= Scheduled Call '{subject}' declined
Strings ScheduleCall_ScheduledCallUserHasAcceptedAccessilibityLabel:
= {displayName}, invitation accepted
Strings ScheduleCall_ScheduledCallUserHasDeclinedAccessilibityLabel:
= {displayName}, invitation declined
Strings ScheduleCall_ScheduledCallUserHasNotYetRepliedAccessilibityLabel:
= {displayName}, no answers
Strings abc_action_bar_home_description_format:
= %1$s, %2$s
Strings abc_action_bar_home_subtitle_description_format:
= %1$s, %2$s, %3$s
Strings AlertCard_KeywordUsed:
= {gender, select, female{{user} used your keyword:} male{{user} used your keyword:} other{{user} used your keyword:}}
Strings MobileRecentsFilter_ShowCategoriesCoachmarkTitle:
= Pinned chats are now Favorites!
Strings MobileRecentsFilter_ShowCategoriesCoachmarkText:
= Favorites are shown at the top of your chat list. Manage how they appear by selecting 'Hide favorites' from this menu.
Strings Notifications_KeywordNotifications:
= Keyword notifications
Strings Notifications_KeywordNotificationsHelper:
= Add a list of words here and Skype will notify you if any of them is mentioned in this chat.
Strings Notifications_AddKeyword:
= Enter single words separated by spaces
Strings Notifications_RemoveKeywordTitle:
= Remove keyword {keyword}.
Strings ScheduleCall_UpcomingCallsInvitedCaption:
= {displayName} is invited
Strings ScheduleCall_UpcomingCallsAcceptedCaption:
= {displayName} accepted
Strings ScheduleCall_UpcomingCallsDeclinedCaption:
= {displayName} declined
Strings ScheduleCall_UpcomingCallsOrganizerCaption:
= {displayName} (organizer)

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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