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Remarkable features of Skype



When starting Skype for Windows, some users are surprised to find a blank white screen (in older versions, it’s a blank blue screen with Skype's logo) – without any inscriptions or errors, and even the form of authorization is missing. The only thing that shows is the menu bar, which, alas, does not help to understand what the problem is and how to solve it.
Blank white screen in Skype for Windows

When trying to upgrade Skype for Windows or install an older version, some users face with a critical error, because of which the installation process breaks off:
Another version of this product is already installed
Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel.

Some users, when trying to log in to Skype for the Windows, face with an error, according to which, for the successful authorization you should activate the function of working with cookies in the browser.
Cookies must be allowed Cookies must be allowed
Your browser is currently set to block cookies. Your browser must allow cookies before you can use a Microsoft account. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer that tell Microsoft sites and services when you're signed in. To learn how to allow cookies, see online help in your web browser.

Today, more and more Windows XP users began to complain that they are unable to log in to Skype. Typically, when launch Skype occurs error Sorry, we couldn’t connect to Skype. In some cases, instead of this error is displayed the authorization form, but "everything is mixed up" — it displays the text on a white background and various text fields. If you check access to Skype using Internet Explorer, you may notice that is blocked access to these servers like,, and others.

Currently there are no reliable data, but it seems some users of Skype for Window encountered an unusual problem — they can not make audio or video calls abroad (at least, in all cases known to me the interlocutors were in different countries). It should be noted that other features, including sending instant messages and transfer files, work without any problems.

It happens like this (although I think the different scenarios are possible): when you try to make a video call, it’s shown the "Connecting..." inscription, then, 20 seconds after, Skype suggests to leave a video message. It continues connecting somewhere else ~ 50 seconds, and finally hangs up the call allegedly "Call to ***, no answer". With audio calls happening about the same, only in this case, Skype does not suggest to leave a video message. Also in both cases, the user who is calling does not hear dial tone, and one that has to receive it, does not see an incoming call notification. Another characteristic of this bug is that it is impossible to make a test call (ie to call echo123 user).

After the release of the latest version of Skype for Windows, the blog began to receive questions about the same error that occurs during the installation. Though the bug is old, and I’ve already written about it, given the sharp increase in questions, I’ve decided to take a closer look at this problem.

After some tests, I’ve concluded that in the release, both the web installer and the alternative one, send a request to the domain during the installation, and if they cannot connect to the server, the following error occurs:
We are having problems connecting to the download server. To download an alternative installer for Skype. click the "Download" button.
Skype having problems connecting to the download server

This morning, many users around the world have discovered that Skype works intermittently. Initially, the problem was that users could not change their online status, and all contacts are displayed as offline and can not call them.

Later it turned out that many users can not log into Skype — for a couple of minutes application tries to connect to server and then occurs the error "Skype cann't connect".
Skype works intermittently throughout the world
Also, it became known that it does not display some group chats, problems with authorization are experiencing only users who sign out from Skype, Skype profile page is loaded very slowly and there may be problems with accessing community Skype.

With the latest version of Skype, some users started getting a fatal error "Failed to load library «dxva2.dll»". Unfortunately, due to the missing of the «dxva2.dll» library, Skype refuses to work, and users cannot launch nor to update it. In this small guide, I will show you how you can fix the fatal error with missing of the «dxva2.dll» library and will explain why this error occurs.

For the beginning, I would like to specify that this error affect only Windows XP users because the latest version of Skype requires the DXVA 2.0 library. This version of the DXVA (DirectX Video Acceleration), unlike the previous version, quickly process video streams, as well as support new features. The problem is that the DXVA 2.0 library has introduced in Windows Vista, as Windows XP still uses DXVA 1.0 and, respectively, any program that require DXVA 2.0, will refuse to run on Windows XP.