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Network status on Skype for Windows constantly spins

Occasionally, some users complain that the network status on Skype for Windows constantly spins, and it cannot be changed. Besides, in most cases it is impossible to send and receive instant messages in the chat, but at the same time, you can make calls without any problems.
Network status on Skype for Windows constantly spins

In such cases, the command /dumpmsnp returns approximately the following result:
MSNP: Connection Data (MSNP24):
* Status: NetStateConnecting.Backoff
* Server Current:
* Server Saved:

The key point is the status “NetStateConnecting.Backoff” which tells us that Skype cannot connect to the instant messaging server. To solve the problem, you should find the reason why it happens. But since there is no unambiguous answer, you’ll have to check all the options until you find the right option.


  1. First of all, you need to check the “hosts” file contents, because most often it is through this file that some users or programs block access to Skype's servers. This file is located in the folder “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc”, and by default it must have two lines at most that don’t begin with “#” (pound sign). If you find something suspicious, with the application reset_settings_for_skype.hta you can return the contents of the file by default. I recommend starting the application and performing a reset, using the following options:
    • Internet Explorer
    • File Hosts
    • Network Settings

  2. The second and most common reason is blocking access by other programs. To see if other programs interfere with Skype to work properly, start Windows in Safe mode, make sure that the antivirus software is disabled, then run Skype. If everything works, and the network status doesn’t spin any longer, it means that your computer has software that conflicts with Skype.

  3. And finally, you should make sure that your ISP or network administrator hasn’t blocked access to Skype. If possible, connect to another network and check if Skype works properly, or connect to your network a computer on which Skype works correctly, and check to see if Skype stops working.

What to do if haven’t found cause of the issue?

If the above steps haven’t helped to find the reason why the network status constantly spins, leave the following information in the comments:

To help other users, please leave a review with details about your system and what exactly helped you to resolve the problem.

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