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Recently, the developers have replaced the old form of registering Skype account by registration form of Microsoft account, resulting in “disappearance” of need and possibility to specify a username. Now you can register on Skype only using a phone number or email address, and irrespective of the chosen method, the account will be created only after confirmation of the phone number or email.

With the latest updates, Skype brings virtual interlocutors named "Skype bots" which will help users to automate various processes and perform different tasks. Skype bots are available only for messaging, but the developers promise that in the future bots will become available for audio and video calls.

At this moment, Skype bots are available only for users from such countries as Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Singapore, and US (of course, in the coming days, the bots will be available in other countries). Also should be noted that Skype bots are available only for latest versions of Skype for Windows, Android and iOS.

Tomorrow, will be the Premier League football match between Liverpool and Arsenal, and the designers have decided to please Skype Liverpool fans by adding to Skype "Liverpool FC" emoticons. From this it can be concluded who are favorites of the developers.

Earlier this month, Microsoft launched the "Share on Skype" button, which will help users to share interesting sites with their contacts. If the webmaster will add this button on his website, users no longer have to run Skype, copy the URL-address and send it to his friend. Now, just click on the "Share" button, which opens new browser window (if necessary, user will have to enter Skype login and password) where will be asked to select the contacts whom user want to send the link to this page.
Microsoft launches the Skype share button for websites

This morning, many users around the world have discovered that Skype works intermittently. Initially, the problem was that users could not change their online status, and all contacts are displayed as offline and can not call them.

Later it turned out that many users can not log into Skype — for a couple of minutes application tries to connect to server and then occurs the error "Skype cann't connect".
Skype works intermittently throughout the world
Also, it became known that it does not display some group chats, problems with authorization are experiencing only users who sign out from Skype, Skype profile page is loaded very slowly and there may be problems with accessing community Skype.

Yesterday was announced that Skype for Web is no longer at the stage of closed beta, and it was moved on to a new stage — the open beta. Thus, restrictions no longer exist and people from around the world can test the service for Skype Web — for this, they need only a browser and an Internet connection.

However, it should be noted that for voice and video calls, you need to install a special plug-in for your browser, which later he himself will be automatically updated. Moreover, since this plugin is only available for operating systems Windows and Mac OS, only users of these operating systems can make voice and video calls.