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If you want to know your IP address, you’ve come to the right address, because in the table below you will find the real IP address of your computer. In addition, depending on the configuration and type of connection to the Internet, our server will determine the IP addresses that are transmitted by your proxy server, ISP or browser via HTTP headers.


What is my IP?

Typically, the real IP address is contained in the HTTP header named “Remote-Addr”. However, if several IP addresses have been identified, it is likely that “Remote-Addr” contains the IP address of your proxy server, while your real IP is specified in “X-Forwarded-For” or “Clientip”.

What is an IP address?

This is a unique number that allows you to identify any device among many other devices connected to the network (roughly speaking, it is like a passport number, thanks to which you can find the “right” citizen). It is important to note that every device connected to the network has its own unique IP address, and as a rule, several devices with the same IP cannot be connected simultaneously on the same network.

What is IP used for?

By and large, the main application of this unique number is to determine the desired device on the network in order to transmit / receive the necessary data. In addition to technical tasks, the IP address is used by law enforcement agencies to find offenders who distribute spam, viruses or engage in illegal activities.

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