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Remarkable features of Skype

Skype for Windows 10

Skype for Windows 10 supports a full range of features, some of which are not available on older operating systems. In addition, on Windows 10 are available four different versions of Skype, each of which is officially supported.

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Skype for Web (Skype 1)
Like the new Skype, this version is available not only on Windows, but also on other operating systems. However, unlike the new Skype, Skype for the Web does not need to be installed, since it works directly from the browser. Despite this, this version supports all the basic functions of Skype, including instant messages, file transfer, video calls, audio calls and others.
  Interface of the Skype for Web    Settings of the Skype for Web  

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Skype for UWP (Skype 12)
The version is only available in the Microsoft Store and is only supported on Windows 10 and Windows Mobile 10. As for functionality and design, the version is similar to Skype 8, but offers fewer features and settings.
  Interface of the Skype for UWP    Settings of the Skype for UWP  

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New Skype (Skype 8)
Officially supported only on Windows 7 and Windows 8 (if you want, you can install on Windows 10). The new Skype is developed on the basis of the Electron framework, due to which, on the one hand, the application is available on Windows, Linux and macOS, but on the other hand it consumes more system resources than native applications.
  Interface of the New Skype    Settings of the New Skype  

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Classic Skype (Skype 7)
It is officially supported on all popular operating systems of the Windows family (that is, from Windows XP to Windows 10). Unlike the new Skype and Skype for UWP, the classic Skype offers a wide range of features and settings. Nevertheless, the developers prefer to promote the new Skype and, it seems, this version will replace the classic Skype.
  Interface of the Classic Skype    Settings of the Classic Skype  

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Please vote for your favorite version and leave your feedback in the comments, telling which version do you prefer and why did you choose it.

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