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Skype for UWP

Skype for UWP or Skype for Universal Windows Platform is a special version of Skype available in the Microsoft apps store. Like other versions, Skype for UWP is available for free and supports all basic features of Skype, such as instant messages and calls.

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System requirements

Skype for UWP is supported only by Windows 10 and Windows Mobile 10 version 1607 and higher. This version can be used on desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and other devices, including Xbox One and Microsoft HoloLens.

How to change the language in Skype for UWP?

Because Skype uses the Windows interface language to change the language in this version, you need to change the operating system language and restart the computer. For example, to change Skype for UWP language to English, you need to open Start → Settings → Time and Language → Region and Language, select “English”, click “Set as default” and restart the computer. If after this Skype still does not appear in English, update Skype from the Microsoft store, and only then will it use the desired language. If something does not work out, it may be worthwhile to remove it altogether and reinstall it.

Versions of Skype for UWP

As rule, users cannot install older versions of Skype for UWP from the Microsoft store, since only the latest version is always downloaded. The following table lists the old version, so you can read reviews and find out the list of changes.

Versions for 2018
Operating system Skype version Release date
UWP 12.1815.209
UWP 12.1813.286
UWP 12.1811.248
UWP 12.1809.217
UWP 12.13.257

Versions for 2017
Operating system Skype version Release date
UWP 12.10.572
UWP 12.9.604
UWP 12.8.487
UWP 12.4.676
UWP 11.19.805
UWP 11.18.614
UWP 11.17.420
UWP 11.16.595
UWP 11.15.597
UWP 11.14.662
UWP 11.13.133
UWP 11.12.112
UWP 11.11.105

Versions for 2016
Operating system Skype version Release date
UWP 11.10.145
UWP 11.9.251
UWP 11.8.190


  1. 0 0 0
    How do I change the settings⁉
    After installing the new Skype UWP on my windows 10 PC I wanted to check the version (formerly in the menu-bar under about Skype) and set the options to show me Away if I am not at the PC for 3 minutes
    andt the notifications to stop telling me when someone signs on.
    Also I want to change to Split windows view‼

    [Updated ]
    In the older versions, Icould select between showing all my contacts or those contacted recently.
    How can I do this in Skype UWP⁈

    [Updated ]
    1.) How can I set after what time shows Skype me inactive. I used to set it to 3 minutes, in which time i may still be near enough to my PC to hear and answer the call.
    2.) There used to be a Skype icon in the systray, showing my network status.
    Why is it not there any more⁉
    3.) How can I turn off certain notifications⁉ 4.) why did the developers remove a number of useful features
    1. 0 0 0
      Hi! The Skype for UWP is still in active development, this iss why some functions are not yet implemented.
      If these features are important to you, I recommend you to install version
      1. 0 0 0
        I would prefer to install Skype 8.20, which I have already downloaded, but when I try to install it, it redirects me to install Skype 12. UWP.
        How can I install Skype 8⁉
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