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Remarkable features of Skype

Skype Features

Sometimes it seems to me that Skype offers much more features than some users believe, mistakenly thinking that this is just a application for making calls and sending instant messages. That's why I have put together all the functions and features of Skype on this page, so that the users had a clearer idea about one of the most popular applications in the world.



To see and hear your interlocutor who lives far away, especially in another country, is priceless. It is for this reason, that the most remarkable function of the program Skype is the possibility to make free video calls. It only needs access to the Internet and a webcam. Of course, the better equipment and access to the network, the better picture and sound. Furthermore, Skype allows you to communicate by video conference with several users at once, and now it is easier than ever to organize regular gatherings with friends and relatives.

The function "Screen sharing" has the same possibilities, only in addition to you, the screen of the computer is displayed to show other people, what you do and see. For example, show step-by-step guide, make a presentation or view photos together. In addition, there is "Group screen sharing", and it gives you an opportunity to add to the call up to 10 people and show your screen to everybody at the same time.

Another function of the video communication is "Video messaging", which allows you to send and receive video messages, regardless of the network status of the interlocutor. If you want to make a pleasant surprise for a friend, and he is not online, send him a video message. He will get it on starting Skype and will be able to view it, when he wants and as much as necessary.


With Skype you can make calls and connect with other users completely free. No matter where they live, if they have Skype installed and connected to the Internet, you can contact them and talk on high-quality voice communication as much as you like, because you don’t pay a dime.

Besides calls to other Skype users, you have the possibility to call mobiles and landlines practically anywhere in the world at low rates. It is used per-minute billing for such calls, but if you call a lot, buy a subscription and save more money. And in order not to call from an indefinite number, set up the free service "Caller ID" in your account.

Also, Skype supports call forwarding to mobile and landline phones. In other words, when somebody calls you on Skype, and you are offline, the call will go to the phone number, specified by you. Moreover, with the help of your Skype number, if someone dials your phone number, you will be able to receive the call in Skype (and no matter what country you are in). It is also available the service «Skype To Go», which allows you to call international numbers from any phone at Skype rates without an Internet connection (it works like this: you indicate the international number on which you would like to call, and Skype provides a local number depending on your location; you call this number, and the call is redirected to the specified by you, and you pay according to the local rate).


In addition to calls, the Skype program supports several messaging functions. The most popular of these is a text chat, where users send and receive instant messages, even when they are not online. The chat is useful, when you want to send notes, links for web pages, snippets, complex codes, manuals or other data which are difficult to remember and cannot be transmitted by voice.

In addition, with the help of Skype you can send SMS-messages to other countries at low rates. And given the fact that the text of SMS-messages is typed on a computer keyboard, this function becomes both cheap and very convenient.

Other messaging functions which should be noted are "Video messages" and "Voicemail". The first allows you to send and receive video messages, regardless of network status, and the second – to record missed calls, or those which you cannot answer.
Group conversations

Group conversations

One of the most useful features of Skype is the ability to communicate with several people at the same time. Moreover, depending on the individual needs, free of charge, users can:
  • Make group audio calls (up to 25 people)
  • Communicate with video (up to 10 users)
  • Share their screens (up to 10 users)
  • Create a group chat (up to 600 members)
Skype Wi-Fi

Skype Wi-Fi

If you are going on a journey and are afraid to remain without the Internet, use the service «Skype Wi-Fi». This service allows you to connect to more than 2 million paid Wi-Fi-zones around the world. Thus, you won’t have to fiddle with credit cards or take the tedious registration any longer.

For example, if you are in another country, and only paid Wi-Fi is available in the airport, to connect to the Internet, you need either to use roaming or to contact a local ISP. Both options take a lot of time, and such services are not cheap. However, if you have put money on your account in Skype, when using the service «Skype Wi-Fi», you pay per minute only for the time spent in the network.


With the help of Skype you can easily send files of any size and format. To do this, drag the desired file into the chat window (if you want to send several files, drag them simultaneously). If you do so during a group call, the file will go to all the participants.

Another interesting feature of Skype is the possibility of sharing photos, even if the recipient is not online, when you send them (or vice versa, the sender is offline in the moment of receiving). Moreover, if your computer is broken or lost, next time when you log in to Skype on another computer, your files for the last 30 days will automatically downloaded from the Skype server. The main thing, don’t forget your login and password and, in spite of it, from time to time back up important files.


To stay constantly in touch with your loved ones, various functions are provided in Skype for managing contacts. The most important of them are finding and adding the people, who already use Skype, to the list of contacts. Another useful function that allows you to group contacts according to interests is creating and managing your own lists. In Skype you can also add phone numbers, share your contacts with other users, sort the contacts that are not online, as well as hide or rename them. If necessary, remove or add to blacklist anyone who prevents you from enjoying the life.

But the most useful thing in all of this is that you cannot lose your contact list. Even if your computer is broken or lost, next time when you log in to Skype, the contacts will be automatically downloaded from the server of the program. The main thing, don’t forget your login and password. Of course, there are various bugs, so, to be sure, periodically make a backup them using a built-in function.


Skype is free-for-all and universal, it is common in most of countries. The whole world knows about it. Hundreds of millions of people use Skype daily and talk for more than 3 billion minutes. And their number is constantly growing.

The Skype program is so popular that it is used not only for ordinary calls, but also to study and marry, to run a business, conduct auditions, consultations and international conferences. In some countries, even the trials are carried out and criminals are condemned via Skype.

And the most important is that Skype can be installed not only on PCs, but also on mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, home phones, TV sets, game consoles and many other devices. It supports the operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. In addition, there is a version of Skype for the Web, which can be used to communicate in Skype using the browser.
Other features

Other features

  • Translation of voice and text — During a call, Skype is able to translate voice and messages into various languages in real time.

  • Synchronization — When using an account of Skype on various devices, all messages, contacts and files are automatically transferred between devices.

  • Content Preview — Displays thumbnails of sent links, images, videos and other media files during a chat.

  • Network status — Depending on the network status, it becomes clear if your interlocutor is busy, online, walked away from the computer or is absent.

  • Skype Click to Call — Plug-in that finds phone numbers on web pages and convert them into links, by clicking on which you can call using Skype.

  • Skype for — Sends instant messages and makes audio and video calls to contacts of via Skype.

  • Commands in the chat — Help to manage and configure the chats, show useful information and even actuate hidden facilities of Skype.

  • Edit and delete the sent messages — If you have made a typo or sent an unwanted message, just edit or delete the message.

  • Invitations in group chats — Owners of group chats can create links for inviting other people in the chat.

  • Command line parameters — Like other advanced software, Skype receives parameters from the command line, thus significantly expanding its capabilities.

  • Spelling — Skype for Windows 8.1 and 10 supports the function to check spelling and automatic error correction.

  • Text Formatting — With this feature, you can send instant messages using bold, italic, strikeout and monospaced text.

  • Quoting messages — If you respond with a delay and want your interlocutor to understand what you are talking about, copy his message, insert it into the text box and write a response below.

  • Hotkeys — Keyboard shortcuts in Skype perform various commands and actions, thereby making use of the program more convenient and simple.

  • Emoticons and Moji — In Skype, you can express your feelings not only with words, but also with animated emoticons and short video clips.

  • Flags — Like emoticons, when chatting on Skype you can send flags of various countries. Just enter (flag:xx), where xx is a two-letter ISO-code of country.

  • Share locations — Mobile users are able to share their location with their contacts directly on the built-in map.

  • Skype extension for browser — After installing an extension for Firefox or Chrome, you can share links with your contacts (some other functions are planned to add).

  • "Share" Button — If you add this button on the site, visitors can easily share links in Skype chat.

  • URI scheme "skype:" — Provides an easy way to initiate calls, chats and other activities directly from the pages of web sites or desktop and mobile applications (it is thanks to this scheme that Skype button works).

  • Skype for Business — Corporate version is designed for online meetings, instant messaging and making calls for up to 250 people.

  • Skype Connect — Service for Skype integration in an automatic telephone exchange with a purpose of receiving calls from Skype users on your phone.

  • Skype Manager — Web-based tool to create Skype accounts, distribute funds and manage available functions.

  • Multilingual — There are 39 built-in languages in Skype, and you can change the interface language without restarting the program.

  • Multitasking — Communicate in multiple chats (when the "compact mode" is enabled), minimize Skype during the call and run several Skypes simultaneously.

  • Bots for Skype — Virtual interlocutors which help users to automate various processes and perform a variety of tasks.

  • HoloLens Add-In — With this add-in you can draw holograms, add them to your video calls and interact with them.

  • Greeting video cards — In Skype for such operating systems as Android and iOS you can create and send video cards.

  • Skype TX — A special program designed for TV and radio stations that allows using Skype in broadcasts.

  • Skype Moments — Service which accepts and publishes various stories telling how people use Skype in an unusual way.

  • Skype Classroom — A social project intended for teachers and students from around the world who wants to share their experiences, to teach and learn online.

  • GroupMe — Service to exchange messages and create group chats, data transfer of which is performed through such channels as the Push technology or even SMS.

I am not sure that I have listed all the features and facilities of Skype, so, please, report if something is missed, and I will be grateful for bugs or inaccuracies which you will find. And if you find something new about Skype, write in the comments, it is interesting to learn, what possibilities are known least of all.


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