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Skype Flags

Most of Skype users know about Skype emoticons, but only a small part of them know about the hidden emoticons, and even fewer of those know that in Skype can be sent flags of different countries. Yeah, country flags right in the Skype chat. It's great, is not it?

So, everything is very simple — while composing a message, as usual smiles, Skype flags have their own codes, which are as follows: (flag:xx) where instead of `xx` need to specify the ISO-code of the country. For example, if you want to make a flag of United Kingdom you have to write (flag:gb). The following table contains the complete list of all Skype country flags. In the column "Skype code" you will find the code of the desired country flag. Moreover, in this table you can see the preview of the country's flag and ISO 3166-1 data.

Flag Country Skype code ISO 3166-1
Alpha-2 Alpha-3 Numeric

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