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Most of Skype users know about Skype emoticons, but only a small part of them know about the hidden emoticons, and even fewer of those know that in Skype can be sent flags of different countries. Yeah, country flags right in the Skype chat. It's great, is not it?

So, everything is very simple — while composing a message, as usual smiles, Skype flags have their own codes, which are as follows: (flag:xx) where instead of `xx` need to specify the ISO-code of the country. For example, if you want to make a flag of United Kingdom you have to write (flag:gb). The following table contains the complete list of all Skype country flags. In the column "Skype code" you will find the code of the desired country flag. Moreover, in this table you can see the preview of the country's flag and ISO 3166-1 data.

Flag Country Skype code ISO 3166-1
Alpha-2 Alpha-3 Numeric
Abkhazia (flag:ab) AB ABH 895
Andorra (flag:ad) AD AND 020
United Arab Emirates (flag:ae) AE ARE 784
Afghanistan (flag:af) AF AFG 004
Antigua and Barbuda (flag:ag) AG ATG 028
Angola (flag:ai) AI AIA 660
Albania (flag:al) AL ALB 008
Armenia (flag:am) AM ARM 051
Antilles (flag:an) AN ANT 530
Angola (flag:ao) AO AGO 024
Antarctic (flag:aq) AQ ATA 010
Argentina (flag:ar) AR ARG 032
American Samoa (flag:as) AS ASM 016
Austria (flag:at) AT AUT 040
Australia (flag:au) AU AUS 036
Aruba (flag:aw) AW ABW 533
Aland Islands (flag:ax) AX ALA 248
Azerbaijan (flag:az) AZ AZE 031
Bosnia and Herzegovina (flag:ba) BA BIH 070
Barbados (flag:bb) BB BRB 052
Bangladesh (flag:bd) BD BGD 050
Belgium (flag:be) BE BEL 056
Burkina Faso (flag:bf) BF BFA 854
Bulgaria (flag:bg) BG BGR 100
Bahrain (flag:bh) BH BHR 048
Burundi (flag:bi) BI BDI 108
Benin (flag:bj) BJ BEN 204
Bermudas (flag:bm) BM BMU 060
Brunei (flag:bn) BN BRN 096
Bolivia (flag:bo) BO BOL 068
Brazil (flag:br) BR BRA 076
Bahamas (flag:bs) BS BHS 044
Butane (flag:bt) BT BTN 064
Bouvet Island (flag:bv) BV BVT 074
Botswana (flag:bw) BW BWA 072
Belarus (flag:by) BY BLR 112
Belize (flag:bz) BZ BLZ 084
Canada (flag:ca) CA CAN 124
Cocos Islands (flag:cc) CC CCK 166
Republic of the Congo (flag:cd) CD COD 180
Central African Republic (flag:cf) CF CAF 140
Congo (flag:cg) CG COG 178
Switzerland (flag:ch) CH CHE 756
Côte d'Ivoire (flag:ci) CI CIV 384
Cook Islands (flag:ck) CK COK 184
Chile (flag:cl) CL CHL 152
Cameroon (flag:cm) CM CMR 120
China (flag:cn) CN CHN 156
Colombia (flag:co) CO COL 170
Costa Rica (flag:cr) CR CRI 188
Cuba (flag:cu) CU CUB 192
Cape Verde (flag:cv) CV CPV 132
Christmas Island (flag:cx) CX CXR 162
Cyprus (flag:cy) CY CYP 196
Czech Republic (flag:cz) CZ CZE 203
Germany (flag:de) DE DEU 276
Djibouti (flag:dj) DJ DJI 262
Denmark (flag:dk) DK DNK 208
Dominica (flag:dm) DM DMA 212
Dominican Republic (flag:do) DO DOM 214
Algeria (flag:dz) DZ DZA 012
Ecuador (flag:ec) EC ECU 218
Estonia (flag:ee) EE EST 233
Egypt (flag:eg) EG EGY 818
West Sahara (flag:eh) EH ESH 732
Erythritol (flag:er) ER ERI 232
Spain (flag:es) ES ESP 724
Ethiopia (flag:et) ET ETH 231
European Union (flag:eu) EU - -
Finland (flag:fi) FI FIN 246
Fiji (flag:fj) FJ FJI 242
Falkland Islands (flag:fk) FK FLK 238
Micronesia (flag:fm) FM FSM 583
Faroe islands (flag:fo) FO FRO 234
France (flag:fr) FR FRA 250
Gabon (flag:ga) GA GAB 266
United Kingdom (flag:gb) GB GBR 826
Grenada (flag:gd) GD GRD 308
Georgia (flag:ge) GE GEO 268
French Guiana (flag:gf) GF GUF 254
Ghana (flag:gh) GH GHA 288
Gibraltar (flag:gi) GI GIB 292
Greenland (flag:gl) GL GRL 304
Gambia (flag:gm) GM GMB 270
Guinea (flag:gn) GN GIN 324
Guadeloupe (flag:gp) GP GLP 312
Equatorial Guinea (flag:gq) GQ GNQ 226
Greece (flag:gr) GR GRC 300
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (flag:gs) GS SGS 239
Guatemala (flag:gt) GT GTM 320
Guam (flag:gu) GU GUM 316
Guinea-Bissau (flag:gw) GW GNB 624
Guyana (flag:gy) GY GUY 328
Hong Kong (flag:hk) HK HKG 344
Heard Island and McDonald Islands (flag:hm) HM HMD 334
Honduras (flag:hn) HN HND 340
Croatia (flag:hr) HR HRV 191
Haiti (flag:ht) HT HTI 332
Hungary (flag:hu) HU HUN 348
Indonesia (flag:id) ID IDN 360
Ireland (flag:ie) IE IRL 372
Israel (flag:il) IL ISR 376
India (flag:in) IN IND 356
British Indian Ocean Territory (flag:io) IO IOT 086
Iraq (flag:iq) IQ IRQ 368
Iran (flag:ir) IR IRN 364
Iceland (flag:is) IS ISL 352
Italy (flag:it) IT ITA 380
Jamaica (flag:jm) JM JAM 388
Jordan (flag:jo) JO JOR 400
Japan (flag:jp) JP JPN 392
Kenya (flag:ke) KE KEN 404
Kyrgyzstan (flag:kg) KG KGZ 417
Cambodia (flag:kh) KH KHM 116
Kiribati (flag:ki) KI KIR 296
Comoros (flag:km) KM COM 174
St. Christopher and Nevis (flag:kn) KN KNA 659
North Korea (DPRK) (flag:kp) KP PRK 408
South Korea (Republic of Korea) (flag:kr) KR KOR 410
Kuwait (flag:kw) KW KWT 414
Cayman islands (flag:ky) KY CYM 136
Kazakhstan (flag:kz) KZ KAZ 398
Laos (flag:la) LA LAO 418
Lebanon (flag:lb) LB LBN 422
St. Lucia (flag:lc) LC LCA 662
Liechtenstein (flag:li) LI LIE 438
Sri Lanka (flag:lk) LK LKA 144
Liberia (flag:lr) LR LBR 430
Lesotho (flag:ls) LS LSO 426
Lithuania (flag:lt) LT LTU 440
Luxembourg (flag:lu) LU LUX 442
Latvia (flag:lv) LV LVA 428
Libya (flag:ly) LY LBY 434
Morocco (flag:ma) MA MAR 504
Monaco (flag:mc) MC MCO 492
Moldova (flag:md) MD MDA 498
Montenegro (flag:me) ME MNE 499
Madagascar (flag:mg) MG MDG 450
Marshall Islands (flag:mh) MH MHL 584
Macedonia (flag:mk) MK MKD 807
Mali (flag:ml) ML MLI 466
Myanmar (flag:mm) MM MMR 104
Mongolia (flag:mn) MN MNG 496
Macau (flag:mo) MO MAC 446
Northern Mariana Islands (flag:mp) MP MNP 580
Martinique (flag:mq) MQ MTQ 474
Mauritania (flag:mr) MR MRT 478
Montserrat (flag:ms) MS MSR 500
Malta (flag:mt) MT MLT 470
Mauritius (flag:mu) MU MUS 480
Maldives (flag:mv) MV MDV 462
Malawi (flag:mw) MW MWI 454
Mexico (flag:mx) MX MEX 484
Malaysia (flag:my) MY MYS 458
Mozambique (flag:mz) MZ MOZ 508
Namibia (flag:na) NA NAM 516
New Caledonia (flag:nc) NC NCL 540
Niger (flag:ne) NE NER 562
Norfolk Island (flag:nf) NF NFK 574
Nigeria (flag:ng) NG NGA 566
Nicaragua (flag:ni) NI NIC 558
Netherlands (flag:nl) NL NLD 528
Norway (flag:no) NO NOR 578
Nepal (flag:np) NP NPL 524
Nauru (flag:nr) NR NRU 520
Niue Island (flag:nu) NU NIU 570
New Zealand (flag:nz) NZ NZL 554
Oman (flag:om) OM OMN 512
Panama (flag:pa) PA PAN 591
Peru (flag:pe) PE PER 604
French polynesia (flag:pf) PF PYF 258
Papua New Guinea (flag:pg) PG PNG 598
Philippines (flag:ph) PH PHL 608
Pakistan (flag:pk) PK PAK 586
Poland (flag:pl) PL POL 616
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (flag:pm) PM SPM 666
Pitcairn Islands (flag:pn) PN PCN 612
Puerto-Rico (flag:pr) PR PRI 630
The State of Palestine (flag:ps) PS PSE 275
Portugal (flag:pt) PT PRT 620
Palau (flag:pw) PW PLW 585
Paraguay (flag:py) PY PRY 600
Qatar (flag:qa) QA QAT 634
Reunion (flag:re) RE REU 638
Romania (flag:ro) RO ROM 642
Serbia (flag:rs) RS SRB 688
Russia (flag:ru) RU RUS 643
Rwanda (flag:rw) RW RWA 646
Saudi Arabia (flag:sa) SA SAU 682
Solomon islands (flag:sb) SB SLB 090
Seychelles (flag:sc) SC SYC 690
Sudan (flag:sd) SD SDN 736
Sweden (flag:se) SE SWE 752
Singapore (flag:sg) SG SGP 702
Saint Helena (flag:sh) SH SHN 654
Slovenia (flag:si) SI SVN 705
Svalbard and Jan Mayen (flag:sj) SJ SJM 744
Slovakia (flag:sk) SK SVK 703
Sierra Leone (flag:sl) SL SLE 694
San Marino (flag:sm) SM SMR 674
Senegal (flag:sn) SN SEN 686
Somalia (flag:so) SO SOM 706
Surinam (flag:sr) SR SUR 740
Southern Sudan (flag:ss) SS SSD 728
Sao Tome and Principe (flag:st) ST STP 678
Salvador (flag:sv) SV SLV 222
Syria (flag:sy) SY SYR 760
Swaziland (flag:sz) SZ SWZ 748
Turks and Caicos (flag:tc) TC TCA 796
Chad (flag:td) TD TCD 148
French Southern and Antarctic Lands (flag:tf) TF ATF 260
Togo (flag:tg) TG TGO 768
Thailand (flag:th) TH THA 764
Tajikistan (flag:tj) TJ TJK 762
Tokelau (flag:tk) TK TKL 772
Timor Leste (flag:tl) TL TLS 626
Turkmenistan (flag:tm) TM TKM 795
Tunisia (flag:tn) TN TUN 788
Tonga (flag:to) TO TON 776
Turkey (flag:tr) TR TUR 792
Trinidad and Tobago (flag:tt) TT TTO 780
Tuvalu (flag:tv) TV TUV 798
Taiwan (flag:tw) TW TWN 158
Tanzania (flag:tz) TZ TZA 834
Ukraine (flag:ua) UA UKR 804
Uganda (flag:ug) UG UGA 800
Minor Outlying Islands (flag:um) UM UMI 581
USA (flag:us) US USA 840
Uruguay (flag:uy) UY URY 858
Uzbekistan (flag:uz) UZ UZB 860
Vatican (flag:va) VA VAT 336
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (flag:vc) VC VCT 670
Venezuela (flag:ve) VE VEN 862
Virgin Islands (flag:vg) VG VGB 092
Virgin Islands (flag:vi) VI VIR 850
Vietnam (flag:vn) VN VNM 704
Vanuatu (flag:vu) VU VUT 548
Wallis and Futuna Islands (flag:wf) WF WLF 876
Samoa (flag:ws) WS WSM 882
Yemen (flag:ye) YE YEM 887
Mayotte (flag:yt) YT MYT 175
South Africa (flag:za) ZA ZAF 710
Zambia (flag:zm) ZM ZMB 894
Zimbabwe (flag:zw) ZW ZWE 716


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    Jim Billups,
    just a crazy request, it would be nice if there were state flags for the US.
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      Well, you should ask developers about this.

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