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Use this online calculator to find out the approximate cost of Skype calls to landline and mobile phone numbers. Please note that it calculate only pay as you go calls, not subscription calls (which, apropos, are much cheaper). If you are looking for the entire list of Skype call rates, please visit this page.

Dialled Phone Number:
Enter first digits of dialled phone number in international format
Overall Call Duration: Hours   Minutes   Seconds


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    Guest (karma: 0),
    As call duration I used 9 minutes and 20 seconds, but for some reason final cost was calculated for 10 minutes.
    1. 2 0 2
      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      Hi! That's right, because Skype use per-minute billing rates. This means that seconds are rounded up to the next minute. For example, if the call lasted 9 minute and 10 seconds, you'll be charged as for 10 minutes. The same thing if the call lasted 9 minutes and 55 seconds, at final you'll be charged as for 10 minutes.
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    Stephen (karma: 0),
    sir I think the calls rate to Nigeria is too high and you should try to make the unlimited calls available so as to make it cheaper for us
    1. 2 +2 0
      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      Hi Stephen! Unfortunately, there no exists a subscription with unlimited calls to Nigeria. Since this is an unofficial blog, I am powerless in such cases. You can contact Skype Support and ask them if they are planning to enable unlimited calls to Nigeria.
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    Mark (karma: +5),

    I've had my UK Skype number using top up credits for a year. Happy with calls from Spain where I live to my UK clients. My current balance is 33 euros approximately.

    I've just signed up for an all inclusive subscription. I will really want the European one but I'm trying out the free month worldwide unlimited trial first.

    For the next few weeks I need to call mobiles within Qatar. Are these included. Most start with +9746 as per your approved list on another site. But will these calls be free as within the first trial subscription month or be taken out of my current credit?

    Also, when my free worldwide month trial is over and I select unlimited European subscription will my unused credit be used or will you use my Debit card I provided and leave any unused credit as a positive balance?


    1. 1 +1 0
      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      Hello Mark! First of all please note that this is an unofficial blog, so I cannot guarantee that my responses are correct. This is why, if you have any doubts, I recommend you to contact the Skype Support.

      About your questions:
      1) According to “Unlimited World” subscription you can call mobile numbers only in Canada, China, Guam, Hong Kong SAR, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand, and United States. As you can see, Qatar is not listed here and due to this, calls in this country will not be free (i.e., you’ll pay per minute from your current credit).

      2) Not sure if I understood you correctly, but it should be noted that current Skype credit can be used to buy Skype subscriptions. Skype credit can be used as payment method during purchasing process.
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    Echo Kawashiro (karma: 0),
    Do you have monthly plan for Myanmar calls ?
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      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      Hi! According to official rates there are two monthly plans: $17.49/month for 60 minutes mobiles and landlines, and $33.99/month for 120 minutes mobiles and landlines.

      ps. Please note this is an unofficial site. For more details visit
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    Reea (karma: 0),
    could you please send me the calling cost per minute by Skype from Tokyo to Tehran, Iran?

    Is there any difference between Tel and mobile phone number?

    best wishes
    1. 1 +1 0
      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      Hello! In Skype, it doesn't matter where you are calling from. The cost is determined only by destination number. As for your question, please check Skype call rates to Iran.
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    Ilia (karma: +3),
    Please help me call to Moldova (373) after 3.2018 ------ call blocked, why ? I checked all my subscription , is OK.
    1. 0 -1 1
      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      I tested it right now — I can make calls to Moldova. Are you sure that the phone number is active and the called user has not blocked or rejected you?
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    kiana (karma: 0),
    Hii.I want to know if I add 5 dollars to my skype account but not a subscription.For how long are those 5 dollars valid?Will they have lifetime validity or for some time?Thanks
  8. 0 0 0
    Peeter Kallista (karma: 0),
    Hi, I had $5.75 credit before the call to Croatia. My call was 5 min 20 secs and according to your calculator it was as follows: = $2.429 (6 min × $0.390 + $0.089) yet I only have $1.75 listed as the remaining amount.
    5.75 - 2.43 = 3.32 not 1.75

    Although this is not a great amount if applied all the time at an almost 50% extra charge on each call amounts to fraud. Please explain why the remaining amount does not compute?
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      Hello! If the duration of your call was really only 5 min 20 secs, then this is weird and you should contact the official Skype support for clarifications.
    2. 0 0 0
      Axel (karma: +3),
      Yes...I have had similar experiences...
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    Nilam (karma: 0),
    I have Skype for Business and need to schedule Skype meetings in different countries like Botswana, Kenya, Peru, Philippines, Haiti, India, Tanzania, Uganda, Thailand, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa. Some of these countries have local Skype numbers and others do not.
    For the countries that have the local skype numbers, do the participants dial that number first to join the skype meeting that has the US number?
    Do both skype and non-skype callers dial in to the local skype number first to join the meeting? For countries that do not have a local number and the participants do not have skype, is there a cheaper way to join the skype meeting besides making the long distance call?
    Thank you very much,
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    Mechi Abdallah (karma: +1),
    calling to tunisia from japan is too expensive why?
    are there special price
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    Francis Banks (karma: +8),
    I just tried to use the calculator, but it kept giving me an error message about how the number must be in the international format. It was a call to Cuba, (+53) 78xxxxxx. I tried missing out the brackets, spaces etc., but it didn't help. What is the problem?
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      Hello Francis,
      Thank you for your message. The problem was that this calculator required the phone number to start with "+". To avoid misunderstanding, now I removed this requirement. Therefore, please try it again.
      1. 1 +1 0
        Francis Banks (karma: +8),
        Thanks, but as you can see from my message, I included the + sign. I also tried every other combination and permutation I could think of, but it didn't work. However, I just tried the calculator again, and now it does work. Thanks.
        1. 0 0 0
          Administrator (karma: +1193),
          I apologize for that bug (blush) It literally required first character to be "+" (in your case first character is a bracket). Anyway, I'm happy that I was able to fix it. And this is only thanks to you!

          Best wishes,
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    Jim (karma: 0),
    Can I make skype phone calls to Jakarta?? Cost??
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      Please see the Skype call rates to Indonesia or use the call cost calculator.
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    Chris Wilson (karma: -1),
    I use Skype, not Skype for business, together with a landline number and it works well.

    The only thing I don't like is being forced to use the Skype client and would like to use an IP phone. I use VOIP for other services and I would like all incoming calls to terminate to an IP phone.

    My question is does anybody known of any IP phones or 'interfaces' which would allow Skype calls to be routed to/from an IP phone?

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    Gael (karma: +3),
    Are 0345 numbers to the UK included in the monthly subscription?

    If not, can you tell me the cost for calling?
  15. 0 0 0
    Linda Haynes (karma: 0),
    I'm in the uk, can you tell me the charges to 0345, 0845 numbers and 0800 please. My account is a £10 automatic top up.
    1. 0 -1 1
      Anthony Earlam (karma: -1),
      Please tell me the charge for 0345 call in UK. My account is auto topup.
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    james (karma: 0),
    in the context of Covid 19, i want to use skype for lesson. when learners call me by skype to my skype by using data, I, as a host or teacher, want to pay for the data which learners use for the lesson. It is possible or not, If it is possible please show me how to use and to pay.
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    tedtso (karma: 0),
    I have an active Skype account with credit still. I recently tried to use it again after a long time of not using the service. All my calls were blocked. I followed the troubleshooting tips but none worked. Why? please email me answers at te***
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    Shabbir Raza (karma: 0),
    I am calling from Qatar then I need also to pay extra amount when I I call to India.

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