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Skype Support

Skype Support is a team of employees that help users to solve various problems, associated with the program, account or Skype services. They provide free technical support only via e-mail or online chat (note, they don’t offer assistance by phone, and it doesn’t make sense to look for the technical support number).

There are two options of appeal to Skype support, and they directly depend on the answer to the following question: “Have you access to your account?”
1. YES (I can log in to my account) 2. NO (I have neither access nor account)
If you are able to login to your Skype account (to exclude any software errors, first of all try to login on Skype for Web), to contact Skype support, go to the following link needslogin=true

If you select this option, before contacting Skype support you will have to enter your login and password. After that you will be able to choose any of the available topics.
If you don’t remember your password, your account has been hacked or there is an error of unrecognized log in data, you should contact the technical support by the following link needslogin=false

In this case, you won’t have to enter your login and password, but you can choose only one of the two topics: “The account and password” or “Security and privacy”.


Currently there are 3 official sources for solving problems:
  1. Help for Skype →
  2. Community →
  3. Customer Support →

Before contacting the customer support, you should check out the first two sources and try to find the answer by yourself. The fact is that there are already solutions for most problems on the “user guids” website or in the community. Of course, it doesn’t concern individual issues, such as account hijacking, deleting or blocking your account, payments, subscriptions, partnerships and others.

Using Skype Support you can solve the following problems:
  • Payments
    • Contingency fees
    • Declined payments
    • Payment is made, but you cannot call
    • Orders waiting
    • Cancellation and repayment (money on the account in Skype / subscription)
    • Other requests for reimbursement of funds
    • Invoices and VAT
    • Vouchers and gift certificates
    • Other issues on payments
  • The account and password
    • Creating an account
    • Problems with the password or name in Skype
    • Contact list
    • My profile
    • Removing an account
    • Blocked accounts
    • Login for the Microsoft account
    • No access to paid services
  • Calls
    • Skype-Skype calls
    • Video calls
    • Group video calls
    • Calls to landlines and mobiles
    • Skype credit (pay as you use)
    • Subscriptions
    • Non-network (SkypeIn)
    • The fee for calls
    • Caller’s ID
    • Skype To Go number
    • Call forwarding
    • Switching calls
  • Other features
    • SMS
    • Screen demonstration
    • Voice mail
    • Skype Wi-Fi
    • Sending files
    • Click-to-call buttons
    • Comments and feedback
    • Access to Skype
  • Technical problems
    • Installation issues
    • Skype-Skype calls
    • Calls to landlines and mobiles
    • Connection problems
    • Problems with video
    • Sound problems
  • Mobile and other devices
    • Skype on iPhone
    • Skype on Android
    • Skype for iPad
    • Skype for Windows Phone
    • Other devices
    • Skype Qik
  • Skype for work
    • Skype Manager
    • Skype Connect
    • Partners’ offers
  • Security and privacy
    • Spam and materials for adults / Offensive content or behavior
    • Theft of personal information and the seizure of an account
    • Privacy Settings
    • Reporting security vulnerabilities
    • Report malicious actions

If you have any questions about Skype support, ask them in the comments. Also, I will be grateful for the feedback from users who resorted to the technical support.


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    Joseph Morris (karma: 0),
    Dear Skype Support,
    My questions are: How are Skype rates determined. Is there a particular scientific method for calculating the rates? How come rates differ?

    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1205),
      Hi! Please note that this is an unofficial blog and information published here is not official. If you wish to contact the official support, follow the URL addresses specified in article.

      Nevertheless, I think I can answer your question, but not sure that I understood it correctly. If you asking why rates differ while calling to the same number, maybe this is because Skype uses per-minute billing. Moreover, rates may differ if you call different in the same country, and even in the same city. If you want to find out more details about call rates, please visit our page: Skype call rates. In addition, we have a call cost calculator which help you to know for sure how much costs a call.

      And the last, but the most important thing is that the official page of Skype call rates can be found here:

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