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Remarkable features of Skype

Skype for Mac OS X

Skype for Mac OS X as well as other versions of Skype for laptops and desktop computers, supports most of the features of the application, and most importantly, lets you make free audio/video calls, and of course, send instant messages with Skype chat.

File size:

44.0 MB

Operating system:

Mac OS X

Skype version:


Release date:

Total downloads:


Download Skype for Mac OS X

The table below lists all versions of Skype for Mac OS X that have been published on our website. In the column with the version number of Skype, click on the link to find out more about release or to download the installation file.

Versions for 2016
Operating system Skype version Release date
Mac OS X 7.41.198
Mac OS X 7.36.507
Mac OS X 7.39.176
Mac OS X 7.37.178
Mac OS X 7.36.217
Mac OS X 7.35.231
Mac OS X 7.34.164
Mac OS X 7.33.206
Mac OS X 7.32.165
Mac OS X 7.31.304
Mac OS X 7.30.274
Mac OS X 7.19.407

Also, you can download the latest version of Skype for Mac OS X from the official site.

Features of Skype for Mac OS X

Free features:
  • Send instant messages
  • Remove sent messages
  • Edit sent messages
  • Quote interlocutor messages
  • Search messages in chat history
  • Format text
  • Conversations synchronization
  • Perform commands in the chat
  • Make video calls
  • Make audio calls
  • Forward incoming calls
  • Put the call on hold
  • Mute microphone during a call
  • Rate the quality of the last call
  • Display technical information
  • Make a test call
  • Add new contacts
  • Rename contacts
  • Edit contacts information
  • Block contacts
  • Unblock contacts
  • Contacts synchronization
  • Create own lists of contacts
  • Add contacts to favorites
  • Filter contacts
  • Copy the username
  • Support of Skype Bots
  • Send files
  • Receive files
  • Cancel sending of file
  • Send video messages
  • Share screen
  • Share contacts
  • Send emoticons
  • Send mojis
  • Send countries flags
  • Share location on the map
  • Customize notifications
  • Change chat settings
  • Adjust audio settings
  • Adjust video settings
  • Change network settings
  • Customize emoticons
  • Enable accessibility mode
  • Register new account
  • Sign out of Skype
  • Automatic logon in Windows
  • Hide the number of contacts
  • Hide typing indicator
  • Choose from whom receive messages
  • Choose from whom receive calls
  • Choose from whom receive video
  • Hide profile photo
  • Upload avatar
  • Update mood status
  • Change name
  • Change phone
  • Change email
  • Specify place of residence
  • Specify date of birth
  • Specify website
  • Fill in the field about yourself
  • Clear all history
  • Remove conversation with one contact
  • Disable history
  • View history without Internet access
  • Online
  • Offline
  • Away
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Invisible
  • Preview files and links
  • Install Skype
  • Update Skype
  • Support of URI scheme "skype:"
  • See the current version
  • Send feedback
Paid features:
  • Send SMS messages
  • Call international numbers
  • Support of "Caller ID"
  • Configure the voicemail
  • Support of "Skype To Go"
  • Support of "Skype Wi-Fi"

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