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Skype for Mac OS X

The Skype for Mac application is now available for download from the official site. Also, you can download the new version from our blog. At the moment nothing is known, what exactly has changed in Skype for Mac OS X.

Skype for Mac OS X

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88.4 MB

Operating system:

Mac OS X

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The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Mac OS X. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Mac OS X, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Strings AccessibilityLabel_CallMarkerMissedMessage:
= {messageContent} from {senderName}, at {timestamp}.
Strings AccessibilityLabel_CallCardMissedMessage:
= {messageContent} from {senderName}, at {timestamp}, double tap to call back.
Strings AccessibilityLabel_NewMessage:
= New message from {senderName}, {messageContent}.
= New message from {senderName}, {messageContent}, received at {timestamp}.
Strings AccessibilityLabel_SystemMessage:
= {messageContent}, sent at {timestamp}.
Strings AccessibilityLabel_ScreenShareStarted:
= Screen sharing started.
Strings AccessibilityLabel_ScreenShareStopped:
= Screen sharing stopped.
Strings AlertsPanel_NotificationsTitle:
= Notifications
Strings AlertCard_KeywordUsed:
= {gender, select, female{{user} used your keyword:} male{{user} used your keyword:} other{{user} used your keyword:}}
Strings AlertCard_HighlightsSkypeChannelTitle:
= Skype posted a new highlight
= {campaignOwner} posted a new highlight
Strings LoginRedirectScreen_RedirectButtonTitle:
= Launch Skype
Strings LoginRedirectScreen_RedirectMessage:
= You are signed out of Skype, launch the app to sign in.
Strings BalanceStatePanel_ActiveCreditIntroAccessibilityText:
= Your Skype credit balance is {amount}.
Strings BalanceStatePanel_ActiveSubscriptionAccessibilityLabel:
= Active subscription {subscriptionName}.
Strings OfferCard_RatePerMinuteAccessibilityLabel:
= Calling rate per minute is {price}.
Strings OfferCard_CreditPurchaseButtonAccessibilityLabel:
= Proceed with Skype Credit purchase.
Strings OfferCard_ContinuePurchaseButtonAccessibilityLabel:
= Proceed with {offerName} purchase
= Proceed with subscription {offerName} purchase.
Strings OfferCard_CreditOfferPriceAccessibilityLabel:
= Price is {price}.
Strings OfferCard_SubscriptionOfferPriceAccessibilityLabel:
= Price is {price} {period}.
Strings OfferCard_RestrictionsAccessibilityLabel:
= Restrictions applies. Check below for details.
Strings CallControls_CallButtonSpeakerAccessibilityLabel:
= Speaker, enabled, double tap to switch audio to earpiece
= Speaker, on, double tap to switch audio to earpiece
Strings CallControls_CallButtonEarpieceAccessibilityLabel:
= Speaker, disabled, double tap to switch audio to speaker
= Speaker, off, double tap to switch audio to speaker
Strings ScreenSharingModal_SourceAccessibilityLabel:
= Screen {count}
Strings CallCard_SetupCallForwardingLink:
= Set up call forwarding
Strings CallPanel_AddToCallCoachMarkLine1:
= Add more people to the call here
Strings CapturePreview_CancelVideoMessage:
= Cancel video message
Strings CapturePreview_RerecordVideoMessage:
= Re-record video message
Strings CapturePreview_DiscardVideoMessageTitle:
= Discard video message?
Strings CapturePreview_DiscardVideoMessageText:
= Do you want to discard your video message and record a new one?
Strings CapturePreview_ReadyToRecord:
= Ready to record...
Strings CapturePreview_NoWebCamAvailable:
= No video camera available.
Strings ConsentModal_ConsentNeededAccessibilityLabel:
= Skype needs your consent. {description}
Strings ContactsPanel_ConnectButtonTitle:
= Connect
= Sync Your Contacts
Strings ConversationsListItem_MarkUnreadAnnouncement:
= Conversation marked as unread
Strings ConversationsListPanel_ConversationsList:
= Conversations list
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_NotSyncedHeader:
= Increase your network
= Find friends on Skype
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_NotSyncedSecondText:
= Sync your address book to see who they are.
= Sync your address book to find people you know using Skype.
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_SyncAddressBookButton:
= Sync Address Book
= Sync Your Contacts
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_SearchCTATextBeforeSync:
= Use Search {icon} to find anyone on Skype.
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_EmptyChatsHeaderAlternative:
= Start a new chat
Strings ColorPickerDialog_ColorWasSetAnnouncement:
= Color was set to {color}
Strings MobileRecentsFilter_Time:
= Sort by Time
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_SortByMenu:
= Sort menu
Strings DateTimeDuration_AccessibleDays:
= {days} days
Strings DateTimeDuration_AccessibleHours:
= {hours} hours
Strings DateTimeDuration_AccessibleHoursMinutesSeconds:
= {hours} hours {minutes} minutes {seconds} seconds
Strings DateTimeDuration_AccessibleHoursMinutes:
= {hours} hours {minutes} minutes
Strings DateTimeDuration_AccessibleHoursSeconds:
= {hours} hours {seconds} seconds
Strings DateTimeDuration_AccessibleMinutes:
= {minutes} minutes
Strings DateTimeDuration_AccessibleMinutesSeconds:
= {minutes} minutes {seconds} seconds
Strings DateTimeDuration_AccessibleSeconds:
= {seconds} seconds
Strings FeedbackMechanism_FeedbackWasSentAccessibilityLabel:
= Your feedback was sent
Strings FindPanel_FindPanelOpenedAccessibilityLabel:
= Add-ins pane opened
Strings DesktopGalleryFilter_MenuTitle:
= Media filter menu
Strings HighlightsPanel_EmptyHighlightsContainerLabel1:
= No active highlights
Strings HighlightsPanel_EmptyHighlightsContainerLabel2:
= Share a highlight and it'll stay active for 7 days
Strings HighlightsPanel_EmptyHighlightsContainerAccessibilityLabel:
= No active highlights. Share a highlight and it'll stay active for 7 days
Strings HighlightsPanel_AddAContactTitle:
= Add a contact to get started
= Getting started
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_NewUserIntroCardTitle:
= Share your life on highlights
= Welcome to highlights
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_NewUserIntroCardDescription:
= Share your favorite photos and videos of the day and catch up with highlights from the people you care about most.
= Discover what friends and family are up to and share your own photos and videos.
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_ManageUsersCardDescription:
= Your highlights will only be viewable to your Skype contacts. Control who can see your highlights in Settings.
= To get started, select all the friends and family you’d like to share your highlights with.
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_ManageUsersCardDescriptionSecondary:
= Only people you choose will be able to see your highlights and you’ll only have to do this once.
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_ReturningUserCardDescription:
= It’s now even easier to share highlights with friends and family on Skype.
= It's now easier to share your highlights with even more people on Skype.
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_ReturningUserCardSecondaryDescription:
= Your highlights are now visible to all your Skype contacts.
= To continue, select the people you’d like to share your highlights with.
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_ManageUsersButtonLabel:
= Manage
= Select contacts
Strings Hub_NewModeratedGroupChatShortLabel:
= Moderated Group
Strings HubHeaderPanel_NewConversationOrCallAccessibilityLabel:
= New Conversation or call menu
= New Conversation or call
Strings InfoPanel_ChatDeletedAccessibilityLabel:
= Chat {chatName} was deleted
Strings MediaPickerPanel_SelectedAccessibilityTitle:
= Selected {count} of {total}
Strings MoneyRequestNode_RequestCanceled:
= Canceled
Strings MyHighlightsPanel_CreateHighlightDescriptionText:
= Start sharing with friends
= Share more with friends
Strings HighlightsManageMembers_Title:
= Who can see my highlights
= Highlights sharing
Strings HighlightsManageMembers_ErrorDialogTitle:
= :( Uh oh
= Highlights limit reached
Strings HighlightsManageMembers_ErrorDialogMessage:
= You can share highlights with up to 600 friends only. Deselect someone to add someone new.
= You’ve reached the maximum number of people you can share highlights with. Deselect a contact before adding more people.
Strings HighlightsManageMembers_UpgradeHighlightsErrorTitle:
= Upgrade highlights
= First things first
Strings HighlightsManageMembers_UpgradeHighlightsErrorMessage:
= We've made some changes to highlights. Tap OK to see more.
= We've made a few improvements to highlights. To access settings, first complete the highlights getting started guide.
Strings HighlightsManageMembers_UpgradeHighlightsErrorOkButton:
= Ok, Let's go
= Get started
Strings HighlightsManageMembers_AllPeopleLabel:
= All people
= Everyone
Strings MyProfilePanel_AvatarSaveSuccessAccessibilityLabel:
= Avatar saved successfully.
Strings Notifications_KeywordNotifications:
= Keyword notifications
Strings Notifications_KeywordNotificationsHelper:
= Add a list of words here and Skype will notify you if any of them is mentioned in this chat.
Strings Notifications_AddKeyword:
= Enter single words separated by spaces
Strings Notifications_RemoveKeywordTitle:
= Remove keyword {keyword}.
Strings Notifications_MoneyRequestTransferBody:
= I sent you money transfer request
= I sent you a money request
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationLearnMore:
= Learn More
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle6:
= Group video call with your friends
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle7:
= Bring your friends together on a group video call
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle8:
= Video call with your friends
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle9:
= Group video call with your family
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle10:
= Re-connect with old friends
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle11:
= Make someone’s day extra special
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle12:
= Too busy to meet in person? Try a Skype call
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle13:
= Call anyone - on Skype, mobile or landline
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle14:
= Talk with the world
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle15:
= Try messaging on Skype!
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle16:
= Supercharge your chats with Add-ins
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle17:
= Try Skype Highlights
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle18:
= Try a Selfie with Skype
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle19:
= Make Mother's Day extra special!
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle20:
= Call your mom! (on Skype)
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle21:
= It's Mother's Day!
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle22:
= Your friends miss you!
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle10:
= Share photos, stickers, and more right from the call. And now you can also capture memorable moments with call snapshots
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle11:
= Relive the old memories and create new ones with a Skype video call
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle12:
= Stay connected with friends and family with Skype video calls
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle13:
= Wherever you are, catching up is easy with free Skype voice and video calling
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle14:
= Call friends and family on Skype for free, or dial mobiles or landlines across the world at low affordable rates 📞
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle15:
= It's more than just text. Respond to a message with reactions. Send video messages, hilarious Mojis and more 😜
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle16:
= No more switching back and forth between apps. Easily share content using Add-Ins without leaving Skype
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle17:
= Search the web, share content, and get things done in conversations without switching apps
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle18:
= Keep friends and family updated with highlights from your day. React with emoticons to any highlights or send a private message about that highlight to continue the conversation
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle19:
= Selfies 🤳 are lot more fun with new Skype. Personalize them with photo effects, stickers, masks, or even your own art
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle20:
= Make her day! Give mom a call this Mother's Day on Skype 💕
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle21:
= See mom smile this Mother's Day with a Skype video call 💕
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle22:
= Make mom's day extra special with a Skype video call 💕
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle23:
= Log back into Skype to catch up on your chats and calls
Strings Onboarding_CoachMarkExpressionPickerTitle:
= New content keyboard
Strings Onboarding_CoachMarkExpressionPickerLabel:
= Check out the brand new experience including stickers.
Strings Onboarding_CoachMarkHighlightsTitle:
= New highlights experience
Strings Onboarding_CoachMarkHighlightsLabel:
= We've made some changes to make it easier to share with your Skype contacts.
Strings ProfileCard_SkypeNumberLabel:
= Skype Number
Strings ProfileCard_GetLabel:
= Get
Strings ProfileCard_LearnMoreLabel:
= Learn more
Strings ProfileCard_ManageLabel:
= Manage
Strings ProfileCard_UserDeletedAccessibilityLabel:
= Contact was deleted
Strings QuickCallPanel_NoCallsTitleDesktop:
= Who will you call first?
Strings QuickCallPanel_NoCallsDescriptionDesktop:
= Use Search to find people on Skype
Strings QuickCallPanel_CallsList:
= Calls list
Strings QuickCallPanel_SkypeCallLabel:
= Skype call
Strings QuickCallPanel_SkypeCallLabel2:
= Group call
Strings RecentCallsHelper_NoRecentCallsTitleDesktop:
= Who will you call first?
Strings RecentCallsHelper_NoRecentCallsDescriptionDesktop:
= Use Search to find people on Skype
Strings UserSettingsPanel_PushEngagementNotifications:
= Tips & Tricks (recommended)
Strings UserSettingsPanel_PushEngagementNotificationsSecondary:
= Receive push notifications from Skype to stay updated about product features.
Strings UserSettingsPanel_HighlightsManageNotificationDescription:
= Manage which notifications you receive
= Choose which notifications you receive
Strings PeopleList_NonSkypeUserAccessibilityAnnotation:
= Not on Skype
= Not on Skype,
Strings ReactionsMenu_YouReacted:
= You reacted with emoticon {reactionName}
Strings ReactionsMenu_YouReactedError:
= Your reaction with emoticon {reactionName} failed
Strings ReactionsMenu_YouRemovedReaction:
= You removed your reaction with emoticon {reactionName}
Strings ReactionsMenu_YouRemovedReactionError:
= Your reaction with emoticon {reactionName} failed to be removed
Strings SettingsLanguages_LanguageSelectedAnnouncement:
= {language} selected.
Strings SettingsLanguages_es_AR:
= español (voseo) - Spanish (voseo)
Strings SkypeUserListItem_DoubleTapAndHoldMorePopupLabel:
= Double tap and hold to bring up more options
Strings SignInSignUp_UnknownUserDisplayName:
= Skype user
Strings SignOutConfirmation_SignOutOnDeviceTitle:
= Are you sure you want to sign out on this device?
Strings SignOutConfirmation_SignOutRememberMeButtonTitle:
= Yes but remember me
Strings SignOutConfirmation_SignOutForgetMeButtonTitle:
= Yes and forget me
Strings SmsRelaySettingsPanel_ConnectedPhone:
= Connected phone
Strings SmsRelaySettingsPanel_DisconnectPhone:
= Disconnect phone
Strings SmsRelayTerminalSettingsPanel_EnableSmsRelayTerminal:
= Enable/Disable Sms Relay
Strings StreamItem_ActionAnnounce:
= Announce
Strings StreamItem_ActionRemoveAnnouncement:
= Remove announcement
Strings StreamItem_AnnouncedBy:
= ANNOUNCED by: {userName}
Strings CreateOrModifyChatScenarioNavigator_GroupCreatedAccessibilityLabel:
= Group {groupName} has been created
Strings MrcVideoToast_IsSendingMrcText:
= Your audio and video will continue to stream until you turn your video off or end the call.
Strings AccessibilityLabel_CallMissedMessage:
= {messageContent} from {senderName}, at {timestamp}, double tap to call back.
Strings HighlightsConfirmationDialog_TrustSkypeSuggestionTitle:
= Prioritized sharing
Strings HighlightsConfirmationDialog_TrustSkypeSuggestionComment:
= It looks like you have a lot of contacts on Skype. We'll help you prioritize who can see your highlights based on the people you talk to the most.
Strings HighlightsConfirmationDialog_TrustSkypeSuggestionConfirmLabel:
= Okay, got it
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_ManageUsersCardTitle:
= Who can view your highlights?
Strings HighlightsSkypeChannelViewer_SwipeToViewMoreButtonLabel:
= Swipe up to see more
Strings HighlightsSkypeChannelViewer_TapToSeeMoreButtonLabel:
= Tap to see more
Strings HighlightsManageMembers_ToggleSwitchLabel:
= Share my highlights with everyone
Strings HighlightsManageMembers_UpgradeHighlightsErrorNotNowButton:
= Not now

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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