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Remarkable features of Skype

Skype button for website

If you need a Skype button for your website — you have come to the right address, because on this page in just a couple of clicks, you can create a unique button that allows your customers, visitors and friends to contact you on Skype directly from the pages of your website.

Using the Skype button users will be able to call you using audio and video calls, send instant messages in Skype chat, leave voice messages, add you to contacts list, get information about your account and send files to you. Moreover, you can choose which actions are available to users and which are not. In addition, you have the option to choose the size of icons, background color and show the online status icon. In other words, users will be able to see when you are online, busy or away.

Customize and get Skype button

Skype login:

Available actions:
Select what actions should be displayed when a user clicks on your Skype link

Icons size:
Select the desired size of Skype logo and status icons

Background color:
Background color of the drop-down menu (it is strongly recommended to use a darker tone)

Show status:
Show status icon instead of Skype logo (click here, to learn how to configure Skype for proper operation of this option)
Click here: 

HTML-code of link:
Copy the following HTML-code and add it to any location on the page where you want to display a link to your Skype (you can add unlimited number of such links).
HTML-code of widget:
Once you have set up all options, copy the following HTML-code and add it directly before the tag </body> on your weboage (this HTML-code must occur only once).


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    J Dryden,
    Hello I much prefer this button style and dropdown to the current button maker being offered on Skype's website however I am having some trouble implementing it into my contact page and was wondering if you could please help me do so?

    I am using the Optimize Press 2 theme on wordpress and have put the following code as instructed into the custom scripts part of the page under 'Custom CSS' in the page settings tab.

    <a data-config="commands=*;size=22;status=off;theme=logo;bgcolor=#2a92f3" id="skaip-buttons" href="">Skype</a><script src="" defer="defer"></script>

    I have then put the <a href="skype:my username">username</a> into an element on the page itself but it does not seem to be working.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
    Thank you
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      Hi! I am glad that you like this Skype button and hope that I can help you to add it to your blog. So, it should be noted that you add HTML code into the CSS field and this is why it do not work. I don’t know if your theme supports Footer Widget, but I can suggest you the following method:
      1) Open file /wp-content/themes/your_theme_name/footer.php
      2) At end of the file find </body> tag and before it add the button HTML code
      3) Save file and upload it again to your server
      4) Clear the cache if is enabled

      ps. Let me know, if it works. And if not, send me the URL to your page to check what the problem is.
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    Every time, status is showing online in green color. i want the status of receiving call person is showing according to their recent status.
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      Hi! Unfortunately, the developers have disabled this feature, and no longer is allowed to show users’ statuses on the Internet. I’m still looking for a workaround to fix this.
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    if i pout status show all user will be online
    if i pout code stutas hise all user be off line please help me
    thank you
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      i found this
      If you have a legacy Skype button on your site, it will stop working after May 2015. Legacy Skype Buttons used to let you imbed icons or buttons on your web site showing your Skype presence status (e.g. I'm online), by using an API.
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        Hi! As I noted above,they discontinued this feature and our button don't support it as well.
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          Have you had a look at this solution?

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            Thanks for URL. Unfortunately the Wordpress plugin’s author uses the same way as me to find out the Skype status, and of course, it won’t works too (even I don’t tested it).

            At this moment I have a small idea how I can make these buttons to show Skype status, but I need some time to implement it.
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    Hi, I tried your button on my website and can't figure out how to add it for my visitors can add me to their contacts. The only thing it seems to do is to open the Skype program then nothing: no search and no adding too.. Are we supposed to only use usernames? Because I can't get rid of this Windows Live account.. I must use an email address to connect to Skype and I didn't find where I can get a username instead.. Can someone help me please? (Especially on getting a username instead to have to use an email address)
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      Hi Lexie! Even you use your email to log in to Skype, you still have a Skype username (please read about it here). Or, register a Skype account by specifying your own username. If you still encounter problems using this Skype button, please let me know and indicate URL to your page .

      FYI: At this moment this Skype button support Skype usernames (like echo123), Microsoft accounts (like live:a1b2c3) and phone numbers (like +123 456 789).
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    Karen Muskego,
    I can't get any sound on my phone, what am I suppose to do?
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      Hello Karen! Not sure that I understood you, this is why I want to know if your issue is somehow related to Skype button. Anyway, in order to help you I need more information about your issue.
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    Have you found solutions on how to check the current status of a user?

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      Hi! I apologize, but nothing new here.

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