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Skype username when using Microsoft account

It turns out that not all users that use Microsoft accounts know that they still have a Skype username (also known as “Skype login”). Of course, not everyone needs to know his username, since the email address or phone number is enough for authorization and searching contacts. However, in some cases you still need to have a Skype username (for example, if you want to use the Skype button or share username, without disclosing your email or phone number).

The biggest problem is that if Microsoft account is used, Skype does not always display the username. Nevertheless, in this tutorial I will describe several ways where and how to find it.
  1. The easiest way — create an empty group chat (in Skype for Windows press Ctrl+N) and send the /showmembers command — as a result you will get the following result:
    live:1a2b3c4d5e ADMIN

    Where live:1a2b3c4d5e is your Skype login. If for some reason you can not create a group chat, add to contacts any Skype bot and send him the command /showmembers.

  2. The second, also quite simple method is to open Skype for Web and click on avatar. When the new window opens, below your name will be displayed Skype login, which can selected and copied as regular text.
    Skype login in Skype for Web

  3. And another method, so to speak, for the fans of puzzles (or in case the previous methods don’t work) — go to, right-click on your avatar, choose “Copy image URL” and paste it in any text editor:

And you, what method use to find out your Skype username?

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