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Skype is not working

If Skype is not working properly, you can find here if it is a global issue or the problem occurs only at you. For example, if many users are reporting the same issue as you encounter, this means that it's a global problem and you must wait until the developers did not fix it, or a workaround become known. Otherwise, seems the issue occurs only on your side and you should resolve it yourself (write in the comments all the details about the error and we will try to help you). Anyway, if Skype is not working properly for you, please confirm this.

Number of users reporting Skype issues during the last 10 days: ???
  • AccountCannot sign in, register or access user account
  • CallsCannot make audio calls, or unable to call mobile or landline phones
  • ConnectionConnection errors or malfunctions with the network status
  • ContactsCannot manage contacts or occurs any problems with contact requests
  • EmoticonsEmoticons are not displayed or impossible to send/receive them
  • FilesCannot receive or send files (including any issues with images transfer)
  • Group chatsAny issues related to group chats (including joining, creating or conversing)
  • MessagesUnable to send or receive instant messages or SMS messages
  • MojisMojis are not displayed or cannot be played
  • PaymentsUnable to process payments or manage paid services
  • VideoCannot enjoy video calls or video messages
  • WebsitesCannot access official websites, such as homepage, community or support


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    For perhaps three weeks now, my contacts on Skype (Windows XP) all show as either Online (green) or Offline (empty). No contacts can ever show as Away (yellow) anymore, they are displayed as Offline instead most of the time, but occasionally a false and confusing Online.

    It only happens on one of my usernames, which is a Facebook login. It does not happen on my second Skype-only username account.

    I've tried everything reasonable that I can think of, including router factory reset, Internet Explorer settings reset/reinstall, firewall/antivirus disabling, reinstalling Skype, downgrading Skype, deleting my Skype databases, and various other things.
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      Hi Dave! Unfortunately, I do not know why this happens, but first you need to find out if your version of Skype (by the way, what is it?) is working properly. Try to log in to Skype for Web using your Facebook account and see if contact statuses are still wrong. If so, seems wrong statuses occur due to Facebook linking. I would recommend you to unlink it, but for your safety contact Skype support and ask them if currently are known issues related to your problem.
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        I forgot about Skype for Web, that's a good troubleshooting step. It shows the correct contact statuses (instead of "away", it shows "on mobile", but I assume that's normal).

        My desktop version is However, I've even tried downgrading to versions from long before the issue began (7.22 for example), and the problem persists. It must be something with my computer (or router!) but I can't think of any more good troubleshooting steps.

        (Thank you for the suggestions, by the way!)
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          In this case please check access to Skype servers using Internet Explorer (very important to use this browser) and paste here the URL of the report.
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    Today 02/11/2016 Skype application is not working in my xp desktop system. its showing Internet connection error but all other website are working.
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      Hi! It's a known bug. Read details here: Connection issues in Skype for Windows XP.
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    I have Windows 10 and I use an Asus X550VX laptop with built-in microphone, a Realtek (high definition audio) (updated to latest version of the drivers, updated bios)

    I have an issue: my microphone doesn't work with Skype, or probably the sound is too low for it to show on Skype. When i did the Skype echo test, when i talked on it, i heard nothing in return. Only when I yell so hard I can hear my voice as wispers in return.

    My microphone works fine on Teamspeak, Raidcall or on any other softwares. Also I can record my voice in simple windows voice record application.

    When i check my skype settings, my microphone volume bar doesn't detect any sound when i make some noise or when i speak. My microphone level is 100% and microphone boost is +30.

    Please help me as soon as possible, thanks.
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      Hi! Try this: open Skype Audio settings, untick option Automatically adjust microphone settings, move Volume slider to the right at the Highest level, click «OK» and repeat Skype Echo test.
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        I tried that, not working.
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    Hi, I would like to ask what version of Skype or any stable Skype version that supports steriomix function on microphone so my receiver can hear audio coming from my computer. Any suggestions is highly appreciated.
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      Hi! Please take a look at this article: Sound issues on Skype for Windows due to NGC audio codec and let me know if it helped you.
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    for some reason skype 7.31 on my computer is not working but I download it on my phone and it is working. for the computer I sign in with my email the put in my password and it says sorry, we don't recognize your sign in details how do I fix it
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    Skype Update Problem.

    The program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

    Operating System : Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
    Computer : Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.13Ghz Desktop HP xw4400 Workstation.
    Skype Version : 7.33.104.
    Date : 20-Feb-2017.
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