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There are companies on the Internet that monitor “cyber criminals” and put their IP addresses in block lists (also known as “blacklists”), and developers from different parts of the world use them to prevent illegal actions and block intruders. Apparently, Skype also uses such lists and does not authorize if the IP address of the computer is included in the block list. To determine if access is blocked for this reason, it is recommended to check if the computer’s IP address is contained in spam databases and block lists.

IP Address:

Service Blocked
WebIron ?
ARM Research Labs ?
Spamhaus ?
SpamRats ?
BarracudaCentral ?
SpamCop ?
SpamCannibal ?

My IP address has been determined erroneously

If you know your IP, just enter it manually. Otherwise, visit this page to find out your IP. If you have noticed any errors, write about them in the comments.

IP is in the block list, but I did not break anything

First, if you have a dynamic IP address, it is likely that the attacker is with you on the same network (and either his IP has been assigned to you, or the entire network has been added to the block list). Secondly, most often IP addresses of infected computers that perform illegal actions without the knowledge of the user are put in the block list (therefore, it is very important to scan the computer for viruses). And thirdly, sometimes fighters against cybercrime make gross mistakes and add harmless IP addresses and even whole networks to the block list.

What to do if my IP is blocked

As a rule, fighters against cybercrime have special pages where you can “ask” them to remove IP from the block list. However, instead, I recommend contacting your ISP, because only he can quickly resolve such problems.

In addition, if you have a dynamic IP, and not a static one, the ISP is the only one who can unlock the IP address. On the other hand, in such cases you can try this trick: disconnect the computer or the router from the Internet, wait a couple of minutes and connect again. Most likely, another IP will be assigned to you, and maybe your new IP won’t be blocked.

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