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Remarkable features of Skype



In my opinion, the most unpleasant and only undeniable shortcoming of the latest versions of Skype is impossibility of making video calls on older processors without the support of the SSE2 instruction set. In order to help such users to enjoy video calls on older computers again, I decided to write a guide on installing version 6.1.999.130 – the latest version that supports video on processors without SSE2. Of course, instead of this version you can use any other, but it’s this one that I use as an example.

Version 6.1.999.130

Users of the old Skype accounts can transform them in the Microsoft accounts. Also, they have the opportunity to combine Skype and Microsoft accounts. As a rule, this process is optional, but there are cases, when for the use of Skype you must get a Microsoft account without fail. And as you have guessed, in this walkthrough I’ll show you how to do it.

Skype for Windows stores in the profile folder such data as the history of the correspondence, received files, settings and photos (frames) made on Skype with a webcam. Deleting this folder will lead to the irreversible loss of all these data in Skype. Given this and the fact that the probability of losing data is very high, I decided to write about creating a backup of profile in Skype for Windows and restoring data if necessary.

Skype Wi-Fi is a special service that allows you to connect to the Internet via public pay hotspots Wi-Fi, using the money from your Skype account. Thus, when you are in another country or in another city, and you need access to the network, and there are no free points of Wi-Fi nearby — turn on the service Skype Wi-Fi and use the Internet, paying for every minute of the time, spent on the Internet (depending on the tariff value, the signal strength and connection speed, you choose yourself which of the available hotspots suits you best).

It turns out that not all users that use Microsoft accounts know that they still have a Skype username (also known as “Skype login”). Of course, not everyone needs to know his username, since the email address or phone number is enough for authorization and searching contacts. However, in some cases you still need to have a Skype username (for example, if you want to use the Skype button or share username, without disclosing your email or phone number).

The Internet Explorer browser is a very important component of the Windows operating system, and operability of many programs (including Skype for Windows) depends on it. If the Internet Explorer browser stops working correctly, respectively, programs that depend on it cease to work properly too.

As a rule, in most cases, errors occur due to incorrect browser settings – either due to the user's fault, or because of other applications that changed settings without the user’s knowledge. In any case, in order to eliminate such errors, you should reset all your browser settings and thus restore their default value.

Periodically, I see complaints that during conversations “Skype suppresses computer sounds” (i.e., the sound becomes quieter or disappears at all). Moreover, the sound decreases in all other programs and games, except to Skype. Since it only happens during a conversation on Skype, most people thought that this program is to blame, and therefore they try to find in the Skype settings, how to remove sound attenuation and forbid Skype to do what it is not supposed to.

But, as in fact not Skype, but the operating system automatically changes the sound settings, the majority of users cannot remove sound reduction and, cursing the developers, try to find in the Internet, why it happens and how to disable it. To facilitate the search, I decided to answer these questions and teach you how to prevent sound suppression during the calls.

Programs which have been translated their UI into several languages, have a common “problem” — if in some way the language has been changed to an unknown one (for example, Chinese or Arabic), it is very difficult for an inexperienced user to change language back to English. And since the language is not known, and all the letters look like incomprehensible hieroglyphs, you will have to change the language of the program at random. And as you understand, this “problem” exists on Skype too.

But don’t worry, with the help of this guide you will learn how to change the language on Skype from Arabic to English without any effort and knowledge of this language. Why Arabic? It's very simple — Arabic is the first language in the list of Skype, and most often it’s automatically switched to it (see below, why). So, I want to show you some ways to change Arabic to English on Skype. As a rule, these methods will work for any unknown language.

After releasing the version 6.14.143, it has been announced that from that day the new versions of Skype for iOS will only work on iOS 8 and older. For owners of devices with iOS 7 or younger, the old version 6.13.158 will remain available in the AppStore which will be offered instead of the latest version. Of course, it’s very sad news (especially for owners of older devices), but let’s focus on the problem because of which these users generally cannot install even older versions of Skype.

Most of users of the Skype program use only the basic functions and enjoy them, not knowing that this program, though free, supports much more interesting and useful features. It is for this reason that I have written this article — that all our readers knew about the commands in the Skype chat and could take advantage of them. I hope that with time I will be able to tell you about all the secrets and hidden features of this program, but for now, I offer you a description of all the commands available in the Skype chat.

Registration in Skype is filling out a simple form in order to create a new Skype account. This process takes no more than 1-2 minutes and is not difficult at all. You can make a Skype account in different ways (e.g., in Skype for Android, Mac and iOS the registration form is available in the app itself), but in this guide I will tell you about a universal method of registration, when an account is created in the browser on the official website.
How to create a Skype account?

When some application is not working properly and the search for solutions does not give any results, the only thing that remains to do is to find out what is the cause of the problem and thereafter try to fix it. For this task exists several tools for diagnosing software problems, and in this article using Skype for Windows as example, I want to tell you how to carry out this process. The information obtained as a result of the diagnosis will help to determine which problems should be fixed in order to make application work properly again.

Many users have or wish to have multiple Skype accounts, but few of them know how to run two or more Skype accounts simultaneously on the same computer. The problem is that by default, the Skype shortcut does not launches additional instance of the program, but switches to the already running, and thus, to switch to another account you need to close the current and launch the needed. In this article, by providing very simple instructions will teach you how to run two or multiple Skype accounts at the same time.

Earlier this month, Microsoft launched the "Share on Skype" button, which will help users to share interesting sites with their contacts. If the webmaster will add this button on his website, users no longer have to run Skype, copy the URL-address and send it to his friend. Now, just click on the "Share" button, which opens new browser window (if necessary, user will have to enter Skype login and password) where will be asked to select the contacts whom user want to send the link to this page.
Microsoft launches the Skype share button for websites

Some users of free application Skype for Android discovered a very strange problem — when they talk on Skype, instead of the usual voice, the caller hears some fast, high-pitched, squeaky voice, as though funny chipmunks talking to him.
Chipmunks voice on Skype for Android
If at the beginning, this may seem funny, everything changes when is detected that the chipmunks voice is not so easy to remove. In this small guide, I want to tell you why there is a chipmunk voice and how to fix it in order again to talk in a normal voice.

With the latest version of Skype, some users started getting a fatal error "Failed to load library «dxva2.dll»". Unfortunately, due to the missing of the «dxva2.dll» library, Skype refuses to work, and users cannot launch nor to update it. In this small guide, I will show you how you can fix the fatal error with missing of the «dxva2.dll» library and will explain why this error occurs.

For the beginning, I would like to specify that this error affect only Windows XP users because the latest version of Skype requires the DXVA 2.0 library. This version of the DXVA (DirectX Video Acceleration), unlike the previous version, quickly process video streams, as well as support new features. The problem is that the DXVA 2.0 library has introduced in Windows Vista, as Windows XP still uses DXVA 1.0 and, respectively, any program that require DXVA 2.0, will refuse to run on Windows XP.

It is well known that the free Skype application is under active development, and developers are constantly adding new features, updating interface, fixing the detected errors, eliminating vulnerabilities, drawing new emoticons and try to make the program Skype faster, more powerful, comfortable and safe. And as new versions are released on a regular basis, many users wanting to download latest version of Skype, do not know what is the latest version and where to get it.

To help users to solve this problem has written this article, which is a simple guide to help you to find and download the latest version of Skype. Here are provided only links to official sources, where you can download the latest version of Skype for different operating systems (of course, free of charge and without any registrations).