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How to delete conversation in Skype 8

In Skype classic, users could delete the entire history, but could not delete a conversation with single contact. In Skype 8, vice versa — you can delete one conversation, but you can not delete the whole story. Basically, I like the new approach, although it would be more correct to give users both ffeatures.

And so that in Skype 8 to permanently delete a conversation with one contact or from a group chat, you need:
  1. In the list of conversations, right-click on the desired conversation
  2. Select the option “Delete conversation”
  3. Confirm the removal of the chat by clicking the “Delete” button
How to delete conversation in Skype 8

I would like to add that deleting a conversation wipes all correspondence (messages, calls, images, links, files and everything else), as if you never talk in that chat. At the same time, it is important to remember that history is deleted only on your side, while for your friend it is still stored entirely.


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    C. Tony Liang (karma: +12),
    What version of Skype do you use as the example for deleting a conversation? I had download the new version 8 three weeks ago and found out I could not delete a chat (or history) as in version 7. Have Skype done anything to correct the problem?
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      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      I used, and, as you can see, it works correctly. In fairness, I should note that I can not remember any issues when deleting conversations.
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        C. Tony Liang (karma: +12),
        I am using version for window. I did right click on the conversation I want to delete, but no drop down list of options appear, I was not able to delete the chat. I made a few calls that include chat. But when I click on "Chat" on the menu bar, it didn't give me the list of calls I made. It just showed the last call. Since I am using the PC version of skype, does it make a difference?
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          Administrator (karma: +1207),
          Are you sure that you are using Skype, and not Skype for UWP? Can you make a screenshot, please?

          As for "Chat" tab — it shows recent conversations with different contacts. In my animated instruction chats from 1 to 10 are different group chats.
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            Sausua (karma: +7),
            Yess I got now and good , but deleted only on my side. When I go Settings-Messaging- Export chat history .... it is still stored entirely. Help me , I need delete permanently. How can I do that ?

            Do you (Skype) have any same : Settings-Calling- Export calling history ?
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      harts fire (karma: 0),
      no this is now Microsoft and the spy team we will never have control back.
      I will be moving to my Team Speak server that I can not only have full control but encrypted every thing.
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    laxmi (karma: 0),
    In TOTAL conversation middle of chatting how can I delete?
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      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      I'm not sure that I understood you correctly. Can you rephrase, please?
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    Farieda (karma: 0),
    Good day 0 - i have just downloaded the new skyper version Skype version - i cannot delete a group chat conversation - i can only delete a single conversation with one person but not a group - please assist
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    Dave (karma: 0),
    I recently upgraded to Skype on my W10 laptop. I see a number of conversations with odd usernames, none of which I recognize. When I try to delete those conversations (right click, select "Delete conversation" then select delete from the confirmation window) nothing happens.
    What is more odd is that if I left click on one of those "conversations" the window that pops up says, "You haven't chatted on Skype yet"
    So where are these phantom conversations coming from? I have not actually used Skype for a year, so this really puzzles me.
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    Joerg Klaemt (karma: +2),
    Your programmers need to go back to school every new Version is worse than the previous more complex and less features. Why change when something works? Go back to the Classic Version and make it work
    Joerg Klaemt
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    skywolfe21 (karma: 0),
    Totally disgusted with Skype compared to the Classic Version. It won't "open" on double click. And when it does it wants to reload itself and asks for administrator approval. It requires 3 unnecessary clicks to call a contact.To delete a conversation also requires 3 unnecessary clicks. And only one at a time can be deleted. Sooo laborious and time consuming. Why not hi-lite all and then delete or go to history and delete .....

    Please, please redo this version. It is not user friendly.
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    Darshan Jain (karma: +3),
    How to take a remove message in this Skype version, in windows 10 OS
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    GreenTiger (karma: +3),
    Kindly anyone tell me that How can I Recover Accidentally deleted chat history? I am using skype version of
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    Wanita Bess (karma: 0),
    I am using Skype Version that does not have a Toolbar/Menu to choose options. I want to know how to DELETE all Chats and Calls. I am using Windows 10

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