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Check access to Skype

When any functions or services of Skype does not work properly, the first thing you need to do to is to find out if your computer or device has full access to the Skype servers, and that network connections to them are not blocked. For your convenience, it was created this page where you can check the access to the main servers of Skype and test if your computer can successfully connect to them.

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How it works?

When you click on the «Check» button, our server script sends a request to the Skype server in order to find out if it is available. After that, your browser also sends a request to this server, and depending on the result, you will see one of 4 statuses:
  1. Connection successfully established
    It means that your computer is able to connect to the server and he was able to load the necessary data. In this case it can be assumed that most likely access to Skype is not blocked (the conclusion is not 100% guaranteed so as Skype uses more servers, when here we check only some of them).

  2. Access to the server is blocked
    This error occurs if our script was able to connect to the server, while your browser — no. You should check if anti-virus, firewall, or any computer settings do not block access to that server. If you have everything configured properly, contact your network administrator or Internet provider to find out if they do not restrict access to the Skype domains.

  3. Server is temporarily unavailable
    Such error occurs if neither our script or your browser could not connect to the server. Therefore, try to check the server availability a bit later. Please note that in such moments Skype may not work properly.

  4. Computer too long connects to the server
    Although your browser can load data from server, the speed of the Internet is too small or connection latency is too big. Close programs that actively use the Internet connection and try to repeat the test.


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    unable to send chat, pictures, videos, pictures and files. always skype is not connected and searching for network.

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      Hi! This is a temporary error. Please see details here: Problems with sending instant messages in Skype chat.

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