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Problems with sending instant messages in Skype chat [Status: Fixed]

Skype messaging service again experiencing problems associated with sending messages. A similar problem occurred a few days ago due to which messages are not sent, but stay in "pending" status for a long time. According to official website developers knew about the error and hope that the engineers will fix the problem as soon as possible.

Number of users confirming this error: ???


Chronicle of events:

  • Error formally confirmed

  • The issue has been temporarily resolved.

  • Due to some unexpected events, the issue has returned to a subset of users. Skype engineers are investigating further to permanently resolve this issue.

  • The issue has been resolved.


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    rolf schutz,
    I cant her the other persen after upgrade to version 729 and the latest version 730, what is the problem.
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      Hi! You mean voice call? I'm asking because this bug affects only chat messages.
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    i can't send text messages as of yesterday (14/11/16) as they appear 'faint' on my side using Skype 7.29.
    I am hoping, in the process of, reinstall an earlier version in order to see if this would work.

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      Hi Rob! I cannot test, but someone said that Skype for Windows Desktop is not affected by this bug. Can you confirm please, and tell which operating system do you use?
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    Hi is there certain issue or kind of bug affecting voice call? coz it wont connect a call even wifi signal is good and the other person is online (green)
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    looks like Sining out and then Sining in is solution to this problem :)

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