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Skype for Web

After one week after the previous release, today released a new version Skype 1.52.82 for Web. At this time it's known something about innovations. The first thing that developers can use formatted text to describe their bots (for example, description field can contain clickable links). The second one relate to some experimental changes to notifications for the integration with Skype for Web (in particular, when opening users will get a notification about missed Skype calls or unread Skype messages).

Skype 1.50.53 для Web уже стал доступен для некоторых пользователей и принёс следующие улучшения:
  • Enabling screen share preview (only applies to default monitor, so preview will also show that there’s no selection of which monitor to share, just preview of what will be shared).
  • Deleted unnecessary link "Do you already have a Skype account?", which show up even if the user was logged in on the site.
  • Built-in plugin through which substantially reduces setup time for the connection of calls on the Outlook service.
  • Notifications shown only when it’s likely to be visible for user. E.g. When browser tab is closed and window is not focused, notifications are not shown. They are shown when the window will re-gain the focus so the user will not missed them
This is the list of the main changes in the new version of Skype for Web. Of course, the version of Skype for the browser continue to be improved, but do not forget that you can download Skype for other operating systems.

The Skype for Web has been updated to new version which brings the ability to change the mood message. To do this, open your profile screen, then click the pencil icon next to «Edit activity message». Also, with Skype 1.48.77 for Web you can add contacts to Favorites list thereby show them on top of the list in a separate block (this only includes contacts, not conversation groups you marked as favorites).

The next update of web-application Skype for Web was rolled out today and this version will gradually introduce support for animated GIFs. Also, the Skype 1.47.93 for Web includes some bug fixes and accessibility improvements.

A new version of Skype for Web is available from now, and seems it fixes the bug due to which in previous version at least Firefox users cannot change their online status from profile screen. Any other changes of Skype 1.46.99 for Web remain unknown.

Came out Skype 1.45.91 for Web, but unfortunately nothing is known about the new version. The only thing that I noticed is the bug due to which it is impossible to change the online status from profile screen (though the bug only occurs when Firefox browser is used).

Skype for Web has been updated to 1.44.75 version and brought to users the ability to share their screen. To use this function you need to install a browser plugin, which is also used for making audio and video calls. Must be noted that even though Microsoft Edge does not need require a plugin to make calls at this moment it does not support screen sharing.

Once you installed the browser plugin, to share your screen, during a call click on the “+” button and select “Share Screen”.

Developers have started deployment of Skype 1.43.79 for the Web, and the new version will gradually become available to all users within the next days. In the new version of Skype for Web has been added a feature for evaluating calls quality, which, like in Skype for other operating systems, occasionally ask for feedback on the call quality after ending a call. Also has been updated the network statuses model and within "Settings" added new section "About" where you can see the version of the application and resources.

Has been released a new version of Skype for Web and the first thing that can be noticed is the typing indicator in conversations. Also, there are some bugfixes for Skype 1.42.98 for Web, but I do not know exactly which ones.

Has been updated the Skype for Web and some users will see a slightly updated navigation menu which aligns it a bit closer to other Skype experiences. Another changes for Skype 1.39.118 for Web remains shrouded in mystery.

Skype for Web is being updated right now. This adds the option to change more privacy settings for calls: audio, video and screen share. Also on Skype 1.37.123 for Web the plugin-free calling is now enabled for Edge users. This means that using Skype for Web on Edge browser you do not need to install any additional browser plugin/extension in order to make calls.