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Remarkable features of Skype


Informative notices about Skype

Because starting from July 1, 2017 the Skype moves from the P2P (peer-to-peer) architecture to the cloud infrastructure, it will be discontinued the support of some devices and operating systems. This means that Skype will stop working on such platforms (in most cases there will be authorization problems) and no new versions or updates will be released for them.

Starting from today, you can add our Skype button on websites that use secure connection. The problem was that until this day, our server did not support HTTPS, which meant that on “protected” pages most browsers blocked active mixed content, the script not get loaded, and therefore button was not displayed. Now when our server is configured properly and supports HTTPS, you can add our Skype button on all web pages.

Many users already have noticed recently added Skype emoticons Auld, Lang and Syne, but it seems not everyone knows that these emoticons have been drawn in such a way that you can create a chain of dancers by sending several emoticons in one message. The number and order of emoticons does not matter because in any case, all the dancers will hold hands dancing in rhythm (the only thing, do not add spaces between emoticons).