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How to take snapshots in Skype 8

Although initially in Skype 8 was not available feature of photographing the interlocutor during the video call, thanks to user feedback in the new Skype developers returned this feature. However, now it works a little differently, and those who are accustomed to the Skype classic may experience some difficulties, so this guide is dedicated to them.

To take pictures in Skype 8, first call your friend and wait until he answers and turns on the camera. Note that if you do not touch or move anything for a while, the bottom panel will hide automatically. Therefore, when you go to take a picture, just move the mouse in any direction to return the bottom panel, and then click the “Snapshot” icon.
How to take snapshots in Skype 8

If you like a faster way: just press Ctrl+S (for more info check Skype shortcuts in the new version).

Clicking this button, you take a picture of the person you are talking to, but the picture will not be saved to the snapshots gallery as in classical Skype, but will be sent to the chat (as if you sent a new image to your friend). To prevent this:
  1. Make sure that the chat window is closed (i.e., messages are hidden)
  2. Take a picture and click it (most importantly, do not click the "X" to close)
  3. In the upper right corner, click the "ellipsis" (three dots)
  4. Select the option "Delete" (of course, before that you can save the picture)

By the way, because of this behavior, some users complain that Skype automatically takes pictures that can not be deleted. So, if you see in the chat your photo, and you did not press anything, then your friend photographed you (maybe he did it intends, or out of curiosity to the "incomprehensible icon").

And one more thing: by default Skype will "photograph" your friend and you. Therefore, if you do not want to, stop the camera before that.


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    Orsidee (karma: +3),
    OK, dus voor zover ik versta moet je je eigen camera afzetten alvorens een foto te nemen anders zie je jezelf op de foto, wat uiteraard zeer vervelend is en niet hoeft. Bij de vroegere Skype nam je een foto en had je de foto van diegene met wie je belde.

    [Updated ]
    That's the answer I received via Microsoft:
    Ruwim.B Replied on October 7, 2018
    Volunteer Moderator
    ReplyIn reply to OrsideeHuljic's post on October 6, 2018
    This is how snapshots feature works now with the new Skype ( version, and there is no option available to change this behaviour)

    Zodus ... Skype verandert iets en zeker niet beter en we moeten hete er allemaal mee doen!
    So ... Skype changed and we need to accept everything GOOD or BAD ... changing, so it is with everything ... updates ... updates ... new ... changing and
    bad ... worse... worst...
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    Muhammad tayab (karma: 0),
    This Skype version is not good. About sanapshot in Skype 8 .the snapshot feature of Skype classic was outstanding. Now if you take a snapshot it automatically share to your friend in chat .it should be save only in your Skype gallery not share to your friend. I request please add the old feature same like Skype classic 7. Due to these change many people leave Skype.

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