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Skype Wi-Fi

Skype Wi-Fi is a special service that allows you to connect to the Internet via public pay hotspots Wi-Fi, using the money from your Skype account. Thus, when you are in another country or in another city, and you need access to the network, and there are no free points of Wi-Fi nearby — turn on the service Skype Wi-Fi and use the Internet, paying for every minute of the time, spent on the Internet (depending on the tariff value, the signal strength and connection speed, you choose yourself which of the available hotspots suits you best).

Skype Wi-Fi is available in more than 2 million hotspots around the world
Skype Wi-Fi

The fact that Skype Wi-Fi is available in more than 2 million hotspots around the world makes it an indispensable tool, primarily, for tourists and those who travel to different countries and cities. Thanks to this service, you can be sure that the Internet will almost always be at hand, in such places as airports, hotels, train stations, cafes, parks and so on.

Since I consider this service rather interesting and useful, I decided to tell you about it, because, as it turned out, not all users are aware of Skype Wi-Fi. Here, I will try to write the answers to the main questions, a couple of tips and useful links that will help beginners to learn all the necessary information about this service.

How to use Skype Wi-Fi?

  1. The first thing to do is to find out whether you need Skype Wi-Fi or not. To do this, just look at the map and find your desired region or route. If there are Wi-Fi hotspots nearby, and you need the Internet, go to the next step.

  2. The second step is to prepare the device for use of Skype Wi-Fi. If your device runs under such operating system as Windows desktop, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS or Android, go to the following link to learn details of getting the Skype Wi-Fi app.

  3. In the third step, you need to top up your Skype account. To do this, you should use the official website

  4. Now you can go on a trip. When a hotspot Wi-Fi will be available nearby, you will get a notice: “Skype WiFi is available here”. Also, you’ll see a list of available access points and cost of the service. Select the needed option and click “Connect”.

  5. Ready! Your device is connected to the Internet.

How much is Skype Wi-Fi?

Prices for using the service Skype Wi-Fi are established by the provider and displayed when you connect to supported access zones.

What is the operating principle of Skype Wi-Fi?

After you touch the “Connect” button, Skype Wi-Fi will reserve an amount, sufficient to pay for 30 minutes of use. You pay only for the time used, so if you spend just 10 minutes on the Internet, the fee for only 10 minutes will be charged from your account, and the rest of the sum will remain in your Skype account.

What can you do after the connection?

After you connect to the Internet via Skype Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to use your tablet, smartphone or laptop, as usual. You can check email, go to the websites or run applications that require a network connection for data transmission. For your convenience, the counter of minutes left is provided. So you can see how many minutes remain until the end of the current Internet session.

What happens if I forget to disconnect?

So that you didn’t pay the extra money, Skype Wi-Fi automatically breaks off the connection after 30 minutes or as soon as you leave the range of the hotspot.

Finally, I’d like to offer a couple of tips:
  • Before you connect to these access points, try to find some free hotspots — so you won’t waste money.

  • If the difference in cost between the two hot spots is small, select the one for which the signal and speed are better. Since you pay per minute, it will be more favorable when the web pages or the data will be downloaded faster.

  • Try not to congest the Internet Channel with unnecessary data. The less loaded network, the higher the connection speed, and the faster you finish the work.

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments. Also, I will be grateful for any comments describing the experience of using the services of Skype Wi-Fi.

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