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How to minimize the new Skype in the system tray

I like programs that do not take up space on the taskbar and can be minimized to the system tray (of course, at the same time continuing to work). Like in classical Skype, the new Skype supports this function, although it is located elsewhere and is named differently.

To minimize the new Skype into the system tray, click on your avatar, open the "Application Settings" and enable the option "On close, keep Skype running". Now you can close the Skype window and thereby minimize it in the tray. To open the Skype window again, click once on the Skype icon in the system tray.

How to minimize the new Skype in the system tray


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    Rick (karma: +180),
    Notably though, not the UWP version, since it's missing those options (at least in v14 Preview, but I think also in v12). Only MS knows why, but it's one of the very few differences between the programs.

    [Updated ]
    Maybe there's a future in a series of "How to" articles for Skype 8. I have a feeling there's going to be a need to figure out workarounds for this limited version. Here's one:

    How to send links without previews: surround them by backticks (not apostrophes), which is the way to get a monospace font in Skype. For whatever reason, that stops the preview. So, for example:
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      Administrator (karma: +1183),
      Another way to send a URL without previewing is to add “!!” at the beginning of the message. For example:

      However, more correctly is to have an option that disables all media previews (files, images). I wrote about it here and this is why I recommend everyone to send feedback to developers.
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      George (karma: +27),
      No UWP app can be currently minimised to the tray, it's a limitation of the entire platform (which obviously sucks big time).
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    Dave (karma: +3),
    Skype 8 does now allow you to close it, leaving it displayed in the system tray with right click options. However, I have been trying to find out, that once in the system tray, do we still receive the pop up notifications, when our contacts go on or offline, as it did in Skype 7? As I cannot establish this, I have stuck with ver 7, until I can verify that pop up notifications still work on ver 8, as they did in 7.
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    Markus (karma: +3),
    When dialing a phon number in an other country, the called country will stay as a prefix in the dial field. up to version 7 the dialfiled always shown the default countrymafater a call. This bug is cumbersome since I use AutoHotKey scripts to call people directly from my crm. I report this bug to microsoft a long time ago when I was forced to move to the new (shitty) Version 8.
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    Luke (karma: 0),
    Skype version 8.35
    Application version 14.35
    The setting gone.
    Now I must save an icon on taskbar for Skype, or it will quit.
    Good job Microsoft :)

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