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Does Skype muffle sounds?!

Periodically, I see complaints that during conversations “Skype suppresses computer sounds” (i.e., the sound becomes quieter or disappears at all). Moreover, the sound decreases in all other programs and games, except to Skype. Since it only happens during a conversation on Skype, most people thought that this program is to blame, and therefore they try to find in the Skype settings, how to remove sound attenuation and forbid Skype to do what it is not supposed to.

But, as in fact not Skype, but the operating system automatically changes the sound settings, the majority of users cannot remove sound reduction and, cursing the developers, try to find in the Internet, why it happens and how to disable it. To facilitate the search, I decided to answer these questions and teach you how to prevent sound suppression during the calls.

Disable the sound reduction

To begin with, I want to answer the main question – “how to make Skype not drown the sounds”:
  1. Open the “Control Panel” and switch to classic view.
  2. Next, go to the “Sound” section.
  3. Open the tab “Communication”.
  4. Put a check box next to the option “no action required”.
  5. Click “OK”.
You can also open the section “Sound” (i.e., instead of the first two steps) in the following ways:
  1. Press right click of the mouse on the loudspeaker in the tray and select “Sound”.
  2. Press the key combination Win+R, enter mmsys.cpl and press Enter.

Seemingly, the sound muting won’t disturb us any longer. However, there are different programs (e.g., audio-managers or games), that in spite of OS settings still reduce the volume of other sounds. Therefore, if the above instruction didn’t help you, see below, how to disable this feature for different games and programs:
  • Dota 2
    To the startup options, add command -nomicsettings

  • Sound Blaster Cinema 2
    Disable function «Smart Volume».
If your program is not listed, and the above instruction doesn’t work, write the name of the program in comments – I will try to help you. Also, I will be grateful for any instructions from the advanced users, which will tell how to disable the automatic reduction / mute for those programs that are absent in the list.

And now, let's make clear, why Skype muffles sounds. The fact is that the operating system is responsible for this process; it is able to reduce other sounds automatically, when the computer is used for telephone conversations. Thus, when a user is listening to music, watching movies or playing computer games, and at the same time, someone calls him (or vice versa, he calls someone), Windows automatically reduces the sound so that other sounds did not disturb the user.

The function is really useful, but it does not mean that it is suitable for all users. And, it seems, Windows developers are well aware of this, because they have added 4 options, with the help of which the users can configure this function according to their own needs:
  • Mute all other sounds
    In this case, the system disables all sounds except the sounds of Skype. This option is suitable for users who make important calls and don’t want to get into absurd situations.

  • Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80%
    The rest of the sounds become much quieter than your conversation partner’s voice. It can be convenient during conversations with friends, when quiet music plays in the background.

  • Reduce the volume of other sounds by 50%
    It muffles sounds a little, but they are still rather loud. For example, it is ideal for online games, when you need to coordinate actions with a partner or team.

  • Do nothing
    This option disables the operating system to reduce the volume of the sounds during a call and thus your partner's voice is heard as loudly as the rest of the computer sounds.
Disable Skype sound reduction
I know some users who have disabled decrease of the volume during conversations on Skype. Also, I noticed that many others wish to disable this feature. And I wonder how you have configured the system. Which mode have you chosen? In any case, I hope very much that by using this guide, everyone can easily disable or adjust the feature of sound muting and will enjoy free calls on Skype.


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    yeah Right (karma: 0),
    I'm sorry, but this is B.S.

    It's not the operating system, because if we switch to ooVoo or Hangouts the noise suppression does not occur.

    Since late August - Early September.whenever the other person is listening to something on the computer Skype cuts out there microphone randomly. If they are singing to a song without listening on Youtube they are heard perfectly, but if they're singing along with a video the mic randomly cuts out. This does not happen on any other VC program besides skype.

    It has to be Skype and it has nothing to do with the operating system.
    1. 1 +1 0
      Administrator (karma: +1184),
      Hi! Please note that here we talking about your computer sounds (not your voice) listen to you, not to your interlocutor (other person). For example, if you receive a Skype call while watching a movie, by default Windows will decrease movie sound, while interlocutor's voice is heard as usual.

      About your problem — this is a known bug related to NGC audio-codec, which in most cases disables all your computer sounds (except your voice) transferred to your interlocutor (even if you still hear them). Nevertheless, due to this codec there may occurs several audio issues. As temporary workaround you must try to install or

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