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Reset Internet Explorer Settings

The Internet Explorer browser is a very important component of the Windows operating system, and operability of many programs (including Skype for Windows) depends on it. If the Internet Explorer browser stops working correctly, respectively, programs that depend on it cease to work properly too.

As a rule, in most cases, errors occur due to incorrect browser settings – either due to the user's fault, or because of other applications that changed settings without the user’s knowledge. In any case, in order to eliminate such errors, you should reset all your browser settings and thus restore their default value.

We can reset Internet Explorer settings in two ways:

1. Manually

To reset the settings manually, you need to:
  • Close all programs (such as Windows Explorer and the Internet Explorer browser).
  • Start Internet Explorer browser
  • Press the ALT key, select “Tools” in the menu bar, then “Internet Options”
  • In the “Internet Options” go to “Advanced” tab and click the “Reset”
  • Select the check box next to “Delete personal settings” option and press the “Reset”
  • Once finished the process, you should restart Internet Explorer

2. Automatically

Microsoft has developed a special utility «Microsoft Fix it» which allows you to reset Internet Explorer settings automatically. For this purpose, you should
  • Download and run the file MicrosoftFixit50195_ResetIE.msi
  • Get acquainted with the terms of the license agreement and accept them
  • Follow the simple instructions in the wizard
  • Select the check box next to “Delete personal settings” option and press the “Reset”
  • Once finished the process, you should restart Internet Explorer

Both methods work for different versions of Internet Explorer and OS Windows. However, if you encountered problems during this process, please write in the comments. But first, read answers to frequently asked questions.

What implies MSIE settings reset?

Reset of Internet Explorer settings involves:
  • Disabling add-ons and tools panels
  • Default Web Browser Settings
  • Privacy Settings
  • Security Settings
  • Extra options
  • Setting up tabbed browsing
  • Pop-up windows settings
  • Restores the home pages, search providers and accelerators
  • Removes the temporary Internet files, browsing history, cookie files, web form data, passwords and InPrivate filtering data

What to do if you cannot run Internet Explorer?

If for some reason you cannot start Internet Explorer, you can open the browser properties as follows:
  • Press the key combination Win+R
  • Type the command inetcpl.cpl and then press “OK”
  • Now you can follow the instructions and reset settings manually

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