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The developers have abolished username when registering on Skype

Recently, the developers have replaced the old form of registering Skype account by registration form of Microsoft account, resulting in “disappearance” of need and possibility to specify a username. Now you can register on Skype only using a phone number or email address, and irrespective of the chosen method, the account will be created only after confirmation of the phone number or email.

Registration to Skype with your phone number Registration to Skype with your email

In fact, users have long been invited to register on Skype using a Microsoft account, but at the same time the old registration form continued existing. However, now, when you visit the registration page of Skype account, a redirection to the registration page of Microsoft account takes place.

Well, if now you have to use only Microsoft account, let’s try to compile a list of the advantages and disadvantages of this innovation:
Advantages Disadvantages
Two-factor authentication
The Microsoft account supports two-factor authentication, and therefore attackers practically won’t be able to hack the account.
If before it was possible to register an account without confirming any data, now you have to specify only valid data without fail.
Protection against “clones”
Now, attackers won’t be able to create “clones”, simply registering accounts with the similar username, and to pass as another person.
Multiple accounts
With a single email address, you can create only one account, while before you could register multiple accounts with one email.
Easy access recovery
Since when registering the accuracy of the data is verified, in case of password loss it will be easier to restore access to your account.
Easy registration and authorization
Before we did not have to wait for a letter with a four-digit code for confirming the data, and for authorization we entered a short username and password.

Most probably, the list can be supplemented, and I may have missed something, but I hope the readers will help me. Besides, I’m very interested in knowing what you think about this innovation. What would you prefer: the old method (a Skype account registration) or the new one (a Microsoft account registration)?

By the way, since the old form of registration was abolished, on the Internet I have seen various questions, associated with it. The answers can be found below:

How to create a Skype username?

You cannot manually specify your username anymore, as it is automatically generated during the registration (nevertheless, see the following answer about how a new username is generated). Please read here how to find out your username. Found a solution: How to register a Skype account by specifying your own username.

How a new Skype username is generated?

If the option "Registration to Skype with your phone number" has been selected, the username will became the hash of the phone number and will have the following form and length: live:1234567890abcdef. By the way, very good that uses hashing as it do not disclose phone number.

Otherwise, if you select "Registration to Skype with your email" the username will be the same as the email user (which is located before the "@" sign). For example, if email "" is specified during registration the username will be "live:bob". However, if a username already exists in the system, to the username is appended the "_X", where X is the counter number. That is, if you register a new one account with the email "" the login will be "live:bob_1".

How to log in to Skype without a username?

In the field “Username”, depending on the selected method, type the e-mail address or phone number, specified when registering.

How to find me in Skype?

If when registering you have specified your e-mail address or phone number, communicate it to the other party — he must copy it into the search bar and press Enter.

Plese note, that if you have entered your phone number when registering, users who use old versions of classic Skype won’t be able to find you using this number, because instead of looking for the specified number, Skype will say: “+71234567890 not included in your list of contacts. Save the phone number or call the number”. Therefore, as a temporary solution, you’ll have to provide your username, which begins with “live:”.


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    edwado (karma: +8),
    hello, you can create a skype username with this old client : skype_3.8.0.188.exe :)
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1183),
      Hi edwado! Thanks for hint, anyway it does not work any more, as well as registration form integrated in version and URL (exactly this URL I specified on this step-by-step guide). Both versions give the same error: "Skype cannot connect". I may be wrong, but integrated forms stopped working at the same time when the specified URL began to redirect to new registration form.

      ps. Sorry for this, but I edited your link due to its digital signature is not valid.
      1. 0 0 0
        edwado (karma: +8),
        yes I know ;) but the link I posted (!VAl3RbRI!Ud8XxzeFFGodIMqsBvukJW8_VE-dJuOcCA1c3ZEazW8 ) is a virus-less patched version of skype 3 that allows you to connect to the skype network successfully, and you can create standard usernames with it (for the moment)
        1. 0 0 0
          Administrator (karma: +1183),
          Nevertheless, I tried now this version, but still getting the connection error. Maybe this is a region based limitation?! Can you try please to open this link Does redirect you to the new registration form?
          1. 1 +1 0
            edwado (karma: +8),
            I don't know if this is a region based limitation (I live in France), I tried just now and it works : ; :)
            btw your link redirects me to the microsoft account registration page, but as you can see I register directly with the client so that's not a problem
            1. 0 0 0
              Administrator (karma: +1183),
              Thanks for sharing, I'll try to investigate this. If anything, I'll seek advice to you (blush)

              In the meantime, you can start your business and offer people the opportunity to register own Skype usernames :)
              1. 0 0 0
                Kidades (karma: +56),
                Any luck with this. The android method is no longer working. :(
            2. 0 0 0
              Jacob (karma: +7),
              Hi there. I tried downloading the Skype 3 patch you linked, and unfortunately I received the same connection issue that OP did. Additionally, the program seems to crash for me after a few minutes of running.

              Since it appears to work for you, could we possibly work something out so that you could make a new Skype account for me? I was interested in making a new one, but was highly disappointed to find that they only accept Microsoft accounts now, so your help would be very much appreciated.
              1. 0 0 0
                Administrator (karma: +1183),
                Hello dear Jacob! I have a little surprise for you. Please read here How to register a Skype account by specifying your own username.
                1. 0 0 0
                  Jacob (karma: +7),
                  It worked! Thank you so much!
                  1. 0 0 0
                    Administrator (karma: +1183),
                    You're welcome! Glad I could help.
  2. 0 0 0
    Yosmi (karma: 0),
    Hey did you found a new way to register an account with Username ?!?! I need it
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1183),
      Unfortunately, nothing new here :(
  3. 1 +1 0
    John (karma: +4),
    I believe you can now search by phone number on the Skype directory? Please confirm and update your sticky post above.
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1183),
      Hello dear John! Thanks for the correction. You are right, the new versions of Skype support the users search by phone number.
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    John Carter (karma: +3),
    My Skype is not working, there is a login issue with that when I want to login an error message has occurred every time that is 'can't sign in Skype for Business'. I entered correct Mail ID and Password but the problem persists with me. Its so annoying, Anyone has a solution to this? reply. If anyone has an issue with Skype for following error like installation, change the password, messaging related issue, and group chatting follow Microsoft Professional Support I has group chatting error I did not receive messages in the group then I followed it for help.
  5. 0 0 0
    antony nimal (karma: 0),
    i need new skype acount

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