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Skype for Mac OS X

The Skype for Mac application is now available for download from the official site. Also, you can download the new version from our blog. At the moment nothing is known, what exactly has changed in Skype for Mac OS X.

Skype for Mac OS X

File size:

90.3 MB

Operating system:

Mac OS X

Skype version:

Release date:

Total downloads:



The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Mac OS X. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Mac OS X, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Strings AccessibilityLabel_NewPrivateMessage:
= New private message from {senderName}, received at {timestamp}.
Strings AlertsPanel_AllFilterUppercase:
Strings AlertsPanel_HighPriorityFilterUppercase:
Strings AlertsPanel_ReactionsFilterUppercase:
Strings AppPreview_AppPreviewTitlePrefix:
= Preview
Strings BalanceStatePanel_SkypeCreditSubTitle:
= Call and SMS anywhere at affordable rates
Strings BalanceStatePanel_SkypeSubscriptionsSubTitle:
= Save even more on phone calls to specific destinations
Strings CallPanel_CallRosterHeaderEntryButtonAccessibilityLabel:
= Show participants of {groupName} on this call
Strings ContactsPanel_AllTabTitleUppercase:
Strings ContactsPanel_SkypeTabTitleUppercase:
Strings ContactsPanel_ActiveNowTabTitleUppercase:
Strings ContactsPanel_MoreContactsUppercase:
Strings ContactsPanel_DeviceTabTitleUppercase:
Strings ContactsPanel_MacContactsButtonTitleUppercase:
Strings ContactsPanel_PcContactsButtonTitleUppercase:
Strings ContentPanelHeader_CurrentConversationTab:
= {conversationType} conversation, active
= {conversationType} conversation
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_UWPAllowAccessDescriptionText:
= In order to sync your contacts, go to {settingsLink}
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_UWPAllowAccessDescriptionTextSettingsLink:
= Windows > Settings > Privacy > Contacts
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_NewSettingsDescriptionText:
= To help find your friends, we will periodically sync and store your contacts. You can change your privacy settings in Profile > Settings > Privacy, including how people can find you.
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_DesktopLearnMoreModalTitle:
= Adding Your Device Contacts
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_DesktopLearnMoreParagraph2Description:
= You can stop sharing your device contacts with us through your privacy settings under your profile. If you choose to stop, we’ll remove your contacts who aren’t already on Skype.
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_TimeUppercase:
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_UnreadUppercase:
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_ActiveUppercase:
Strings Global_RemoveMessageConfirmation:
= A message was deleted
Strings Global_RemoveMessagesConfirmation:
= {count, plural, =1{One message was deleted} other{{count} messages were deleted}}
Strings Global_PopupAnnouncement:
= Pop up
Strings Global_DeleteLabel:
= Delete
Strings Global_EnteringChatAnnouncement:
= Opening chat {chatName}
Strings Global_DoubleTapAndHoldAccessibilityLabel:
= Double tap and hold to bring up more options
Strings Global_OptionsMenuAnnouncement:
= More options menu
Strings InfoPanel_LeaveConfirmationDialogTitle:
= Leave Conversation?
= Leave Group?
Strings InfoPanel_LeaveConfirmationDialogMessage:
= Are you sure you want to leave this group?
Strings MoneyNode_SendMoneyName:
= Send money
= Send and request money
Strings PesSearch_DefaultPickerNoResultsSearchAccessibility:
= No items found for {query}
Strings PesSearch_DefaultSearchResultsAccessibility:
= {count, plural, =0{No items found.} =1{1 item found.} other{# items found.}}
Strings PesSearch_EmoticonPickerNoResultsSearchAccessibility:
= No emoticons found for {query}
Strings PesSearch_MojiPickerNoResultsSearchAccessibility:
= No Mojis found for {query}
Strings PesSearch_StickerPickerNoResultsSearchAccessibility:
= No stickers found for {query}
Strings PSTNCountryList_CountryList:
= Country/Region List
Strings PSTNDialerPanel_FastContactsSearchList:
= Contacts list
Strings QuickCallPanel_AllFilterUppercase:
Strings QuickCallPanel_SkypeFilterUppercase:
Strings QuickCallPanel_PhoneFilterUppercase:
Strings UserSettingsPanel_CallSettingsTitle:
= Calling Settings
Strings UserSettingsPanel_CallSettingsTitleUpper:
Strings SearchResultsList_MessageSearchInAllConversationsAccessibilityLabel:
= Search messages in ALL conversations
Strings SearchResultsList_MessageSearchInCurrentConversationsAccessibilityLabel:
= Search messages in Current conversation
Strings SignInSignUp_SignInWithAccount:
= Sign in with {displayName}, {userName}
Strings SignOutConfirmation_SignOutForgetMeButtonTitle:
= Yes and forget account
= Yes and forget sign in details

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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