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Skype 7.41.198 for Mac OS X

Released one more version of Skype for Mac OS X, that appeared instead of 7.40 (by the way, the previous version also jumped over one version). But for this time also nothing is known about Skype 7.41.198 for Mac OS X.

Skype 7.41.198 for Mac OS X

File size:

44.0 MB

Operating system:

Mac OS X

Skype version:


Release date:

Total downloads:

1 762


The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype 7.41.198 for Mac OS X. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Mac OS X, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

New Now Skype chat supports animated GIFs
Tuned Added new options tp control received images
Strings MenuItemTitle_AddBotToContacts:
= Add Bot to Contacts
Strings MenuItemTitle_HangEveryoneUp:
= Hang Everyone Up
Strings MediaDocument_Context_MenuItem_RevealInFinder:
= Reveal in Finder
Strings WebLogin_DefaultErrorTitle:
= Unfortunately, Skype is not available right now
Strings WebLogin_DefaultErrorDescription:
= Please check your internet connection and try again.
Strings SkypeHome_DefaultErrorTitle:
= Skype Home is unavailable at the moment
Strings SkypeHome_DefaultErrorDescription:
= Check back later to see your news and alerts.
Strings GenericWebView_DefaultErrorTitle:
= Unfortunately, the resource you requested is not available right now
Strings GenericWebView_DefaultErrorDescription:
= Please check your internet connection and try again.
Strings ContactInfoView_AddBot_ButtonTitle:
= Add Bot
Strings EmoticonPicker_EmoticonSearch_SearchField_Placeholder:
= Search for emoticons and Mojis
Strings EmoticonPicker_SearchButton_Tooltip:
= Search
Strings EmoticonPicker_EmoticonSearch_Moji_Section_Title:
= Mojis
Strings EmoticonPicker_EmoticonSearch_Emoticon_Section_Title:
= Emoticons
Strings EmoticonPicker_EmoticonSearch_NoResults_TextField_Placeholder:
= Nothing found
Strings EmoticonPicker_EmoticonSearch_Suggestions_Section_Title:
= Suggestions
Strings EmoticonPicker_EmoticonSearch_Suggestions_GreetingsButton_Title:
= Greetings
Strings EmoticonPicker_EmoticonSearch_Suggestions_HappyButton_Title:
= Happy
Strings EmoticonPicker_EmoticonSearch_Suggestions_LoveButton_Title:
= Love
Strings EmoticonPicker_EmoticonSearch_Suggestions_AngryButton_Title:
= Angry
Strings EmoticonPicker_EmoticonSearch_Suggestions_ConfusedButton_Title:
= Confused
Strings EmoticonPicker_EmoticonSearch_Suggestions_DisgustButton_Title:
= Disgust
Strings CloudFileTransferMessage_QuickLookTooltip:
= Quick Look
Strings CloudFileTransferMessage_RevealInFinderTooltip:
= Reveal In Finder
Strings SwiftCardMessage_VideoCard_MuteButton_VoiceOver:
= Mute
Strings SwiftCardMessage_VideoCard_UnmuteButton_VoiceOver:
= Unmute
Strings SwiftCardMessage_VideoCard_PlayButton_VoiceOver:
= Play video
Strings SwiftCardMessage_VideoCard_PauseButton_VoiceOver:
= Pause video
Strings SwiftCardMessage_VideoCard_EnterFullScreenButton_VoiceOver:
= Full screen
Strings SwiftCardMessage_VideoCard_ExitFullScreenButton_VoiceOver:
= Exit full screen
Strings SwiftCardMessage_AudioCard_Retry_VoiceOver:
= retry
Strings SwiftCard_AccessibilityDescription_AudioCard:
= audio
Strings SwiftCard_AccessibilityDescription_GIFCard:
= gif
Strings SwiftCard_AccessibilityDescription_VideoCard:
= video
Strings CallAlert_Failed_To_Sponsor:
= You don’t have enough Skype Credit to add %@ to the call.
Strings VideoCallButton_Disabled_Tooltip_Generic:
= Video calling is currently unavailable for this conversation
Strings CallButton_Disabled_Tooltip_Generic:
= Calling is currently unavailable for this conversation
Strings BotMessage_PrivacyMode_At_Message:
= <b>%1$@</b> receives messages containing <b>@%2$@</b>.
Strings BotMessage_PrivacyMode_All_Messages:
= <b>%@</b> receives all messages and content sent in this group.
Strings Capability_Receive_All_Messages:
= add the bot to group chats (this bot receives all messages and content sent in the group)
Strings Capability_Receive_Mention_Messages:
= add the bot to group chats (this bot receives messages sent to it using @%@)
Strings AccountStatusBannerMessage_PartialBlock:
= Your account has been restricted from using Skype’s paid features. <a href= ''>Fix your account</a>.
Strings PIC_ErrorTextCheckConnection:
= Check your connection
Strings PIC_ErrorTextNoConnection:
= You don’t seem to have an active internet connection.
Strings PIC_ErrorTextCheckConnectionTryAgain:
= Please check your connection and try again.
Strings PIC_ErrorScreenTitle:
= Error
Strings MediaDocument_Context_MenuItem_Download:
= Reveal in Finder
Strings WebLoginViewLabel_SkypeNotAvailable:
= Unfortunately, Skype is not available right now
Strings WebLoginViewLabel_NoConnection:
= Please check your internet connection and try again.

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.


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    Dennis Roberts (karma: 0),
    I have just been locked out of my Skype account. I have a Mac OS 10.6.8 which is fine for all I do and is running smoothly. I need to access Skype to contact individuals in Europe. This is very inconvenient! Is there not a connection to the earlier MAC that is valid? This means I will not be using Skype, as I do have funds to buy a new computer just to access Skype.
    How can I activate your service and remain a customer (I pay $2.99 a month for calling to Europe.
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      Hi! It seems you cannot log in because macOS 10.8 and lower is no longer supported by Skype. To continue using Skype for MAC you need to update your OS. As another solution try the Skype for Web.

      P.S. Please note that this is an unofficial blog.

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