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Skype for Mac OS X

The Skype for Mac application is now available for download from the official site. Also, you can download the new version from our blog. At the moment nothing is known, what exactly has changed in Skype for Mac OS X.

Skype for Mac OS X

File size:

92.4 MB

Operating system:

Mac OS X

Skype version:

Release date:

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The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Mac OS X. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Mac OS X, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Strings AboutPanel_VersionCopied:
= App version stored in clipboard
Strings AlertsPanel_EmptyStateHeader:
= No new notifications
Strings AlertsPanel_EmptyStateDescription:
= Check here for new @ mentions, reactions and more when you start chatting with people on Skype.
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AudioSettingsTitle:
= Audio Settings
Strings BalanceStatePanel_NoCreditSuggestionOfferCard:
= Why can't I see my balance?
Strings PersonalizedOffersPanel_TitleCallingPlans:
= Subscriptions
Strings PersonalizedOffersPanel_SectionTitleCallingPlansRecommended:
= Recommended for you
Strings PersonalizedOffersPanel_SectionTitleCallingPlansPopular:
= You may also like
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_AdjustAudioSettings:
= Audio settings
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_StartRecording:
= Start recording
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_StopRecording:
= Stop recording
Strings CallCard_EncryptedCallStartedStatusMessage:
= Private call started
Strings CallCard_EncryptedCallStartedStatusMessageUpper:
Strings CallCard_EncryptedCallEndedStatusMessage:
= Private call ended
Strings CallCard_EncryptedCallEndedStatusMessageUpper:
Strings CallCard_EncryptedCallMissedStatusMessage:
= Missed private call
Strings CallCard_EncryptedCallMissedStatusMessageUpper:
Strings CallBanner_EncryptedIncomingCallCaption:
= Incoming private call
Strings CallNavigationUtils_CallKitEncryptedCallDisplay:
= {userName} (private)
Strings CallOrInviteMenu_EncryptedCall:
= Private call
Strings CallOrInviteMenu_EncryptedCallAccessibilityLabel:
= Private call, free on skype
Strings CallOrInviteMenu_CallPhoneSectionTitle:
= Call phone
Strings CallReactionsBar_MomentsButtonShortTitle:
= Group photo
Strings CallPanel_EncryptedConnectingStatusMessage:
Strings CallPanel_ReactionsShortMessage1User:
= {firstUser} is using a previous version of Skype and will not see your reactions.
Strings CallPanel_ReactionsShortMessage2Users:
= {firstUser} and {secondUser} are using previous versions of Skype. They will not see your reactions.
Strings CallPanel_ReactionsShortMessageMoreUsers:
= {count, plural, =1{{firstUser}, {secondUser} and 1 other are using previous versions of Skype. They will not see your reactions.} other{{firstUser}, {secondUser} and # others are using previous versions of Skype. They will not see your reactions.}}
Strings CallPanel_ReactionsShortMessageDefault:
= Other people on this call are using previous versions of Skype and will not see your reactions.
Strings CallQualityFeedback_SubtitleEncrypted:
Strings CapturePanel_FaceEffectsDownloadError:
= Unable to download the effect. Please try again later.
Strings CaptureFaceMasksMenu_GestureMenuTitle:
= Face effects gesture menu
Strings FaceMask_CancelEffect:
= Cancel current effect
Strings FaceMask_UnnamedEffect:
= Unnamed effect
Strings ContactsPanel_MoreContacts:
= More Contacts
Strings ContactsPanel_MoreContactsTabCoachMark:
= Add contacts from your device and more.
Strings AddContactPanel_AddANewContactTitle:
= Add a new contact
Strings AddContactPanel_InputPlaceholder:
= Skype Name, email, number
Strings AddContactPanel_AddButtonLabel:
= Add
Strings AddContactPanel_AddToContactsButtonLabel:
= Add to contacts
Strings AddContactPanel_AddedToContactsText:
= Added to contacts
Strings AddContactPanel_ContactAddedAccessibilityLabel:
= Contact added
Strings ContentToDisplayTransformerBase_E2eeInvitationSent:
= You invited {BParty} to the private conversation.
= You invited {BParty} to a private conversation.
Strings ContentToDisplayTransformerBase_E2eeInvitationAccepted:
= You accepted the invite to the conversation.
= You accepted the invitation for this private conversation.
Strings ContentToDisplayTransformerBase_E2eeInvitationConfirmed:
= Messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption.
= Calls, messages and files in this conversation are now secured with end-to-end encryption on this device.
Strings ConversationsListItem_PrivateConversationLabel:
= Private conversation
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_FindFriendsHeader:
= Find friends on Skype
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_FindFriendsCallToAction:
= Sync your address book to find people you know using Skype.
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_FindFriendsSyncContactsButton:
= Sync Your Contacts
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_SearchInfoText:
= Use Search {icon} to find anyone on Skype.
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_EmptyChatsHeader:
= Time to start chatting
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_ContactsInfoText:
= Go to Contacts {icon} to see your device and Skype contacts.
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_HeaderText1:
= Find Friends And Family
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_HeaderText2:
= Automatically Find Friends
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_HeaderText3:
= Find Contacts Easily
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_HeaderText4:
= Set Up Your Contact List
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_HeaderText5:
= Better With Friends
Strings ColorThemeDialog_HeaderText:
= Choose a Theme
= Choose Your Theme
Strings ColorThemeDialog_DescriptionText:
= Pick a theme that works for you. You can always change your mind later in settings.
= Pick a theme that works for you. You can always change themes in your app settings.
Strings CreditPurchase_CreateSubscriptionLegal:
= By clicking 'Pay now', you agree to the {msServiceAgreementLink} and {privacyAndCookiePolicyLink}.
Strings CreditPurchase_MicrosoftServiceAgreement:
= Microsoft Services Agreement
Strings CreditPurchase_PirvacyAndCookiePolicy:
= Privacy and Cookies policy
Strings CreditPurchase_SubscriptionDisclaimer:
= Starting today, we’ll charge you {amount} each month (inclusive of applicable taxes) until you cancel. You’ll be notified before any future price changes. Cancel any time on your account page under Subscriptions. {learnMoreLink}.
Strings CreditPurchase_LearnMore:
= Learn more
Strings CreditPurchase_PayNowButton:
= Pay Now
Strings DetailsPanelHeader_SendPrivateMessageButtonTitle:
= Send private message
Strings DetailsPanelHeader_StartPrivateCallButtonTitle:
= Start private call
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_OutgoingInvitationTitle:
= Invitation sent.
= Invitation sent
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_OutgoingInvitationCaption:
= Waiting for {buddy} to accept the invite.
= Waiting for {buddy} to accept your invite...
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_IncomingInvitationTitle:
= Join private conversation?
= Join private conversation on this device?
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_IncomingInvitationCaption:
= Messages, calls and files sent to this conversation will be end-to-end encrypted.
= Calls, messages and files in this conversation will be secured with end-to-end encryption.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_PrivateConversationEndedTitle:
= Private conversation ended.
= Private conversation ended
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_PrivateConversationEndedCaption:
= Send a new invitation to resume private conversation with {buddy}.
= Send a new invitation to resume your private conversation with {buddy}.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SentAcceptCaption:
= Waiting for {buddy} to join.
= Waiting for {buddy} to join...
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_GotAcceptTitle:
= {buddy} accepted your invitation.
= {buddy} accepted your invite.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_GotAcceptCaption:
= Please confirm to start sending messages.
= Please confirm to start your private conversation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SwitchDeviceCaption:
= This device is not part of the conversation.
= Private conversations may only be secured on one device at a time.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_OtherPartySwitchedTitle:
= {buddy} changed device.
= {buddy} changed device
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_OtherPartySwitchedCaption:
= You need to accept the device change to continue the conversation.
= You need to accept this new invite to continue the conversation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_DeviceSwitchedTitle:
= Waiting for {buddy} to accept.
= Invitation sent
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_DeviceSwitchedCaption:
= {buddy} needs to accept your device change to continue the conversation.
= Waiting for {buddy} to accept your invite...
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_InvitationExpiredTitle:
= Invitation expired.
= Invitation expired
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_InvitationExpiredCaption:
= Send a new invitation to start the conversation with {buddy}.
= Send a new invitation to start a private conversation with {buddy}.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_OutgoingInvitationFailedTitle:
= Failed to send the invitation for private conversation.
= There was a problem sending this invitation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_AcceptanceFailedTitle:
= Failed to accept the invitation.
= There was a problem accepting this invitation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_InviteDeclinationFailedTitle:
= Failed to decline the invitation.
= There was a problem declining this invitation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_ConfirmationFailedTitle:
= Failed to confirm the acceptance.
= There was a problem confirming this invitation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SwitchDeviceFailedTitle:
= Failed to switch the device.
= There was a problem switching device.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SwitchAcceptanceFailedTitle:
= Failed to accept the device switch.
= There was a problem accepting this invitation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SwitchDeclinationFailedTitle:
= Failed to decline the device switch.
= There was a problem declining this invitation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SwitchDeviceButton:
= Continue here
= Continue conversation
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SendNewInviteButton:
= Send New Invite
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_TryAgainButton:
= Try again
= Retry
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_UnsupportedEndpointInvitationTitle:
= Invitation not sent
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_UnsupportedEndpointInvitationCaption:
= {buddy} needs to update to the latest version of Skype to chat in private conversations.
Strings Entitlements_SkypeToPhoneTitle:
= Skype to Phone
Strings Entitlements_AddFundsLabel:
= Add funds
Strings FileTransfer_UnsupportedEncryptedFile:
= Receiving encrypted files on web is not supported
Strings Global_DialogAccessibilityLabel:
= Dialog
Strings HighlightsIntroHeader_title:
= The more the merrier
Strings HighlightsIntroHeader_subtitle:
= Stay connected with friends and family by following their highlights on Skype.
Strings HighlightItemView_ForwardHighlightsLabel:
= Forward Highlight
Strings HighlightItemView_HighlightsForwardedText:
= {gender, select, female{{sender} shared a highlight from {owner}.} male{{sender} shared a highlight from {owner}.} other{{sender} shared a highlight from {owner}.}}
Strings HighlightItemView_YouForwardedHighlightsText:
= You shared {owner}'s highlight.
Strings HighlightItemView_HighlightsForwardedLabel:
= Highlight Forwarded
Strings HighlightItemView_TryOutReactionsCoachmarkLabel:
= React to this highlight
Strings HighlightItemView_TryOutForwardHighlightCoachmarkLabel:
= Share this highlight with friends
Strings Hub_NewPrivateChatShortLabel:
= Private Chat
= Private Conversation
Strings InAppWebBrowser_UnsupportedCapabilityErrorMessage:
= Unsupported capability.
Strings InAppWebBrowser_IntegrationIconNotFoundErrorMessage:
= {method}: The icon is not found for {integrationName}
Strings InAppWebBrowser_WebhookUrlNotFoundErrorMessage:
= {method}: The webhook url is not found for {integrationName}
Strings InfoPanel_EndConversationLabel:
= End this conversation
= End private conversation
Strings InfoPanel_EndConversationButton:
= End conversation
Strings InfoPanel_EndConversationDialogTitle:
= Do you want to end this conversation?
= End private conversation?
Strings InfoPanel_EndConversationDialogBody:
= You will end the private conversation on all devices, but you can resume it later.
= Are you sure you want to end this private conversation? You'll need to send a new invite to resume the conversation.
Strings InfoPanel_SafeCodeDialogBody:
= Each of your device have unique security code. You can confirm whom your talking with by comparing your codes with each other.
= Every private conversation is secured with a randomly generated unique security code. Confirm who you're talking to by making sure that their code matches yours.
Strings MessageStream_ChatWelcomeHeaderFirstLineWithName:
= {gender, select, female{You haven’t chatted with {name} on Skype yet.} male{You haven’t chatted with {name} on Skype yet.} other{You haven’t chatted with {name} on Skype yet.}}
Strings MessageStream_InviteMorePeople:
= Invite More People
Strings MessageStream_GreetWithWaveActionLabel:
= {gender, select, female{Say hi to {name} with a wave.} male{Say hi to {name} with a wave.} other{Say hi to {name} with a wave.}}
Strings MessageStream_WaveButton:
= Wave
Strings MoreContactsTab_AddContactButtonTitle:
= Add Contact
Strings MoreContactsTab_InvitePeopleButtonTitle:
= Invite People
Strings MoreContactsTab_DiscoverPeopleButtonTitle:
= Discover People
Strings MoreContactsTab_FindBotsButtonTitle:
= Find Bots
Strings MoreContactsTab_AddToSkypeButtonTitle:
= Add
Strings MoreContactsTab_Added:
= Added
Strings MoreContactsTab_InviteButtonTitle:
= Invite
Strings MyProfilePanel_GetHelpTitle:
= Get help
Strings NoResultsHeader_EmailNoResults:
= No results found for {email}
Strings NoResultsHeader_NoResultsCallToAction:
= You can send them an invite to join Skype.
Strings NoResultsHeader_NoResultsInviteButton:
= Invite to Skype
Strings Notifications_E2eeInvitedNotificationLabel:
= New private conversation invitation
Strings Notifications_E2eeAcceptedNotificationLabel:
= Private conversation invite accepted
Strings Notifications_E2eeEstablishedNotificationLabel:
= Private conversation started
Strings Notifications_MissedCallMessageEncryptedOneOnOne:
= 🔒 {caller}: Missed private call
Strings Notifications_UnknownConnector:
= Unknown connector
Strings PstnUtils_BlockedRegulatoryNetherlands:
= Dutch residents cannot use Skype to make calls to phones from the Netherlands.
Strings PstnUtils_BlockedRegulatoryNetherlandsButton:
= Learn more
Strings PSTNDialerPanel_IntroHeaderTitle:
= Skype to Skype calls are free
Strings PSTNDialerPanel_IntroHeaderSubtitle:
= Voice or video call anyone on Skype for free - no matter where they are.
Strings PSTNDialerPanel_IntroHeaderAction:
= Learn more about calling mobiles and landlines
Strings PSTNDialerPanel_PSTNDialerPanelAccessibilityTitle:
= Dialpad
Strings QuickCallPanel_DialpadButtonLabel:
= Dialpad
Strings QuickCallPanel_DialpadButtonAccessibilityLabel:
= Dialpad
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ChatHeader:
= Chat
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ChatHeaderUpper:
Strings UserSettingsPanel_DisplayLargeEmoticons:
= Display large emoticons
Strings UserSettingsPanel_SmsRelayTitle:
= SMS Relay (Experimental)
Strings UserSettingsPanel_LaunchMinimized:
= Launch Skype in the background
Strings PeopleList_FavoritesHeaderWithCount:
= FAVORITES ({count})
Strings PeopleList_ActiveNowHeader:
Strings PeopleList_ActiveNowHeaderWithCount:
= ACTIVE NOW ({count})
Strings PeopleList_PeopleYouMayKnowHeader:
Strings PeopleList_AddToSkypeButtonTitle:
= Add
Strings PeopleList_Added:
= Added
Strings PeopleList_InviteButtonTitle:
= Invite
Strings PeopleList_NoActiveContacts:
= You have no active contacts.
Strings SearchInputControl_PlaceHolderTextPeople:
= Search People
Strings SearchInputControl_PlaceHolderTextMessages:
= Search Messages
Strings SearchInputControl_PlaceHolderTextGroups:
= Search Groups
Strings SearchInputControl_PlaceHolderTextBots:
= Search Bots
Strings SearchResultsList_PublicDirectoryPeopleHeaderAlternative:
Strings SmsRelaySettingsPanel_EnableSmsRelayAgent:
= Enable/Disable Sms Relay
Strings SmsRelaySettingsPanel_ConnectedTerminals:
= Connected Devices
Strings SmsRelaySettingsPanel_ForgetAllPairedTerminals:
= Forget all devices
Strings SmsRelaySettingsPanel_AllowPairingWithTerminal:
Strings SmsRelaySettingsPanel_DenyPairingWithTerminal:
Strings SmsRelaySettingsPanel_TerminalAuthRequestTs:
= Sent at: {timestamp}
Strings SmsRelaySettingsPanel_TerminalAuthRequestEpname:
= Connect to: '{epname}'
Strings SmsRelaySettingsPanel_TerminalAuthRequestPin:
= SMS Relay Request Code
Strings SyncYourDevicePanel_SyncYourDeviceTitle:
= Sync Your Device Contacts
Strings SyncYourDevicePanel_SyncYourDeviceDescription:
= Sync your device contacts and expand your Skype network with family and friends.
Strings SyncYourDevicePanel_SyncContactsButton:
= Sync Contacts
Strings ColorThemeDialog_BlueThemeBubble1:
= Wow! Nice theme!
Strings ColorThemeDialog_BlueThemeBubble2:
= Hi guys!
Strings ColorThemeDialog_BlueThemeBubble3:
= So blue
Strings ColorThemeDialog_BlueThemeBubble4:
= Blue all the way!
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_InviteAgainButton:
= Invite again
Strings MyProfilePanel_SupportArticlesButtonTitle:
= Support articles

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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