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Versions of Skype 7.17-7.30 for Windows will no longer be supported

Starting from September 4, 2017 versions of Skype 7.17-7.30 for Windows will no longer be supported and do not allow users to log in. To continue using Skype, you will need to install version or newer.

Users who use older versions and are subscribed to Skype notifications received the following message:
Dear Customer,

We've noticed that you are, or previously were, using an older version of Skype for Windows 7.17-7.30. This is a reminder to please update Skype for Windows as your version will be permanently retired, and after September 4, 2017 you will be unable to sign-in.

Recently updated? Great, you can ignore this email.

Thank you,


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    Lambda (karma: 0),
    I received this e-mails 2 days ago, it didn't look like a scam but considering there's a knew (awful) beta version of Skype for Linux, I thought it was the same for Windows. Then I realized I had version 7,28 and Skype update didn't work. I manually updated to 7,40 and hopefully everything will still work (linux beta version is unable to recognize many webcams).
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      Administrator (karma: +1187),
      By the way, there already exists a version of Skype Preview for Windows Desktop numbered
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    Jacob A. (karma: +2),
    When will we ever have a 'patched' version of Skype v6.21? I have a feeling I will need one very soon... That is, once Skype forcefully disconnects me again.

    I NEED Skype for voicechat and my current computer can't handle newer versions (Audio drivers/playback device keeps stop functioning) and due to complications I can't fix my main computer. Microsoft is making my life very difficult, soon they might even end support for XP and that's the day I will curse them to death.
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    miko (karma: +300),
    Why skype not working too? i use skype portable and i was sign off and now i can't log in because skype not works.
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      Administrator (karma: +1187),
      This is due to the fact that they officially dropped support of versions below 7.30.
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        miko (karma: +300),
        I still use skype portable and it works but one some accounts it sign me off and i can't log in again. Do you know how to sign in without skype with this trick or this not work anymore?
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          Administrator (karma: +1187),
          Just try to use a newer version (for example,
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            miko (karma: +300),
            It works, i can sign in on skype portable again, thanks.
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    Tobby (karma: 0),

    Is it still possible to run older version of Skype with the portable technique ?
    (older than 7.30)
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      Administrator (karma: +1187),
      Hi! As Miko said above, it works (at least for using skype_portable_eng.vbs with authorization via
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    onetyseven (karma: +1),
    Hello. I'd been using version 7.17, but I got signed out today. Is there a "recommended" (or popular) newer version to use? I'm considering 7.32 at the moment, since I'm wary of UI changes or other inconveniences that are included over time.
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      Administrator (karma: +1187),
      Hi! Between versions and there are no notable UI changes, so I recommend you to install the latest version.
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        onetyseven (karma: +1),
        Thanks for the reply! Well, I tried some of the newer versions right away, and the first thing I noticed is that the highlighting of the received messages has been flipped around since 7.17 (the other parties' messages used to be highlighted, but now it's the user's). This has really been throwing me off, and there doesn't seem to be any option related to this in the settings. I suppose I'll just have to get used to this.

        Other things I noticed is that the message timestamps changed color, the toolbar dropdowns became huge, and the taskbar icon for conversations has changed from the skype icon to some gray bubble. That's it for my rambling.

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