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This version of Skype is being discontinued soon

As reported on the official blog, starting from March 1, 2017 the old version of Skype for Windows and Mac will stop working, and will not allow users to log in as long as they will not update the application. As older versions for Windows are mentioned 7.16 and below, while for Mac OS X — version 7.18, inclusive.

The users of these versions already received the following notification:
This version of Skype is being discontinued soon
Please update Skype now. This version of Skype is being discontinued soon. To continue using Skype please update to our latest version today. Update now for free.

By the way, it has not officially confirmed, but according to this topic in the Skype community, is not excluded that Skype for Linux will also no longer be supported. [UPD 05.02.2017] Good news! At Skype have denied this announcement.


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    John (karma: 0),
    Microsoft never listens to their clients their customers ever but they are quick to not tell the truth it would seem. For example forced updating Skype and the reason,This is done to ensure that all customers have the best possible Skype experience, and that there are no quality or reliability issues.

    That's a fair statement as my version 7 which I prefer to use works perfectly. Or it will until they racket forcing me to do an update to a version I don't want and don't like and will probably end up switching to someone else's program.

    As I have researched Microsoft for years there updates are always in favor of something they're doing and has nothing to do with us poor users.

    I have overwhelming proof in my career as a computer technician of false statements from the Microsoft Corporation on an overwhelming amount of issues. But you don't have to take my word for it spend the time and research. I'm on the field fixing computer so I can see some of their nasty things
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    Chuck Wilson (karma: 0),
    I use version which I had to reinstall a short while back after updating to the latest which is awful. I imagagine the latest update will be a real gem. I believe the updates are geared to work with Windows 10 which I will never install. I use Windows 7. Love it! I plan on using Skype as is until Microsoft stops me from using it...then I will move over to GoToMeeting. I record several internet radio programs using Skype, the changeover will mean a new monthly charge, but I can live with it.
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    james (karma: +1),
    Very disappointed. I am a classic skype user, absolutely hate all the other. They are ugly, lack the features... never been so disappointed. I want old classic skype all the way.. Now today as of 7.21.2018 I see they are going to discontinue it, sad. Guess its time to start using something else. Aint going to install this crap again.

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