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We’ve signed you out because you’re using an outdated version of Skype

As previously announced, since March 1, 2017, it is discontinued support for older versions of Skype for Windows and Mac OS X. Now, when you try to log in to an outdated version, the following error occurs:
We’ve signed you out because you’re using an outdated version of Skype
We’ve signed you out because you’re using an outdated version of Skype.
Download the latest version now.


So you can log in and continue to use Skype, you need to:


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    Rick (karma: +180),
    "or newer" (this needs to be at least 20 characters)
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      Administrator (karma: +1182),
      Hey! Thank you for bug report.
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    x13 (karma: +6),
    Here's an easier solution :

    Remove any version of Skype you're using (your profile, chats, etc will remain).
    Install any old version you want to use (I recommend No need to log in.

    Go to the installation dir and copy the Skype.exe file somewhere else (i.e. Desktop)

    Uninstall Skype and reinstall the latest version.
    Start it and log in once, then quit program completely.

    Go to the installation dir
    Rename the current Skype.exe to something else (ie. Skype.exe_v7, Skype.exe_old, etc)

    Copy the Skype.exe you saved to the installation dir.

    That's it. Works like a charm.
    You will no longer get the stupid "out of date" nag.

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      Administrator (karma: +1182),
      Hi! Thank you for sharing. This is an old trick used to run versions older than 6.14. The only trouble is that when session expires you need to login again using the latest version (this is why, for your convenience keep both executables in the same location).
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      Georgiana (karma: +11),
      I tried to do this trick but it does not go. I would like an older version of Skype which I can use clownfish You can help me?
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      aref (karma: 0),
      really you are very genius
      thank you so much
      i did like you told and its work super now
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      Voeille (karma: 0),
      Sadly, it doesn’t work for me. It does run after I put the old exe in (I’m trying to run 7.10), but shortly after that it says Skype stopped working. I tried several times and I get the same problem. Any ideas how to fix it? I want to use 7.10 because then I can set “disable display scaling on high DPI settings” in the compatibility tab and then Skype is nice and small, but it doesn’t work with newer versions and then it’s just huge, which rally annoys me.
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      dakkarino (karma: +6),
      I used this very method a couple of times when needed, but with the last update it’s not possible anymore.

      Confirmed with and, after installing the latest Too bad, because of the many problems there are with the newer versions.
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        CrashGordon94 (karma: +13),
        I think the issue might be with some missing steps on the file and settings fiddling (full process is here: ) or that you need an older "new version" (that article recommends 7.17 and that's what I used to pull it off).
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      cheddar (karma: +4),
      While this lets me "sign in" on old skype, I'm left unable to send messages. I get the forever pending status and /showplaces returns "MSNP: Connection OFFLINE". ("Status: LoggedOut" on dumpmsnp).
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        alenor (karma: +7),
        Did you ever find out a way to fix this?
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          cheddar (karma: +4),
          Nope, still looking for a solution. I gave the fix on How to run older versions of Skype for Windows this page a try, but when using that method Skype just instantly crashes. I have a help post in there as well, so we'll see if there is an answer.
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      Daniël (karma: -1),
      Thank you so much!
      This trick still works on 21 of march and it helps me keep my 6.21.
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      Trees (karma: +1),

      By doing this I'm able to sign in to 6.18, but immediately the "Skype has encountered a problem and needs to close" window appears, with the "Send error report" and "Don't send" choices. Clicking "Don't send" immediately closes Skype. I can move the error window to the side, and I can see that Skype loads up correctly with my contacts and I CAN see who is online and receive the messages that I'd missed while offline - which, to me, indicates that it is working fine - but after about 5 seconds, it forcibly closes (probably due to the "encountered a problem" window thing), even if I never clicked "Don't send" or did anything.

      Any way to fix this error window closing the old version? I'd like to use any version before 7+. I don't like the new versions, and I find it disrespectful to the user to be given no choice about upgrading.
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        CrashGordon94 (karma: +13),
        Would using 6.21 instead of 6.18 possibly help? It works for me with this.
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        Administrator (karma: +1182),
        Hi! I think the problem is that you did not delete the shared.xml and config.xml. Please look here for detailed instruction: How to run older versions of Skype for Windows.
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    john (karma: +1),
    I have this message but Microsoft is taking ownership (putting it's name underneath with veiled threat of further harassment ) Update immediately or else! I would ask "or else what?" - I will go and find vemo or whatever, I just hate ads, and I find the above work around just a little too complex to handle competently.
    If there was a macro I could run it would be fun to try. I am up early tomorrow morning to go on a ski trip and wasn't able to keep in touch with friend.. and I thought skype was set up for just that purpose... I have lost faith since ms took over with their bully tactics,
    They are not the only game in the playground.

    Thanks for your great website!!
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      Administrator (karma: +1182),
      Hey! So, what’s developers’ fault? That they don’t allow users to use old versions? In fairness, there exists paid software that does the same.
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        john (karma: +1),
        p.s.... Thanks for a great reply. I'm off skiing - Best Wishes everybody :)
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    x13 (karma: +6),
    Well, I logged off on purpose (even quit Skype) and I could log back in.
    We'll see tomorrow (after my system's been off several hours) if I encounter the nag screen again.

    But so far it's working...

    PS: And yes: MS are idiots!
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      x13 (karma: +6),
      After 7 hours of down time, I can still log into my Skype account without any problem. :)
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        Administrator (karma: +1182),
        Good to know! Thank you! I suppose that Skype credentials session is stored for about 30 days. If you like experiments and want to know when it expires, change the OS date manually by increasing it a few days in future (the most convenient way is to run command prompt as administrator and use the date command). Please let me know if you will find something interesting.
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          x13 (karma: +6),
          I just experienced the "timeout" issue.
          So I quit Skype, put back the v7 exe, ran it, logged in and quit.
          I put back the v6 exe and it works again.

          Annoying, but better than to suffer all the v7 instabilities....
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    Sadman (karma: +7),
    This hit me just a few days ago. I guess it took time for some users who stay logged in all the time. What versions are most stable for windows 7 with only 3GB of ram that would function after the version cutoff point? I wont be using translation so I dont care if that is buggy and I also turn off the pop up notifications as is too. I am tempted to do the tricks some people describe to keep using 6.20 but it seems unstable so I guess i will have to tolerate versions.
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      Administrator (karma: +1182),
      If you stay always logged in the authorization session expires somewhere in 30 days. That’s why they signed you out after so much time.

      As for a “stable” version, I always recommend to use the latest version but of course, you should test it yourself and check which version is right for you.
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    Mason (karma: 0),
    I tried to install the newest version on my Vista, only to by greeted by the beautiful BSOD. Help? (it happens everytime)
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      Administrator (karma: +1182),
      Hi! You did not specified the Skype version, but I suppose you use Skype for Windows 7, when you need Skype for Windows Vista.

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