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Cannot find or load Microsoft Installer while installing Skype

It seems that the Skype adds new requirement for Windows 7 (not sure about 8 and 10, but most likely for them too). So, beginning with the the new version of Skype, on some computers trying to run installer the following error may occurs:
Cannot find or load Microsoft Installer while installing Skype
Cannot find or load Microsoft Installer.
Please update your computer and try running Skype again

Unfortunately it does not say what exactly is outdated and which components should be updated. But do not worry, after a couple of tests I was able to find the right solution for this error.


UPD: Just install Skype for Windows.

To fix the "Cannot find or load Microsoft Installer" error you should install Internet Explorer 11. Even if you already have installed it, download and run the specified IE installer which will install all required updates for latest Skype version.

As another solution, you can install KB2533623 update, which also fixes this error. But please keep in mind that according to Skype minimal requirements on Windows 7 SP1 it’s required to use Internet Explorer 11.

As a workaround you can install Skype using MSI-installer


  1. 25 +21 4
    dragos (karma: +21),
    thank you so much. I did not know how to solve the problem, but google and you saved me. God bless you
    1. 12 +9 3
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi Dragos! Thank you for your kind words. I am very pleased I was able to help you.
      1. 1 0 1
        Youtuber (karma: 0),
        Thanks I really need this for my Collabs :D
      2. 0 0 0
        Alfredo Rodrigues (karma: 0),
        And you saved me as well ;)
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    Alex (karma: 0),
    Damn i was trying to install skype for like 2 hours already.thanks dude ! GG
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    Alex (karma: 0),
    Thank you so much!!!
  4. 1 0 1
    HIlto (karma: 0),
    Thanks for the info buddy!
  5. 2 -2 4
    John Smith (karma: -2),
    Have the people behind skype gone insane ? Conditioning their program to installing ie11 ? I don't want to install that garbage. That means I cannot use skype ? That's BS, I can't believe how skype got away with that in the eyes of law.
    1. 6 +6 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi! Like many other Windows applications Skype relies on Internet Explorer components to process web content, and like any system component, even if you don't use this browser, it should be up-to-date to avoid errors. As Windows user you already have Internet Explorer installed on your PC, you just need to update it.
    2. 0 -1 1
      Lezy (karma: -1),
      Go get your problem solved by yourself alone, you can't even give someone a simple solution yet you can't take the one people give you, ungrateful follow, Get off ***
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    ssk (karma: 0),
    very good...thanks..
  7. 1 0 1
    Tom (karma: 0),
    great solution. thanks
  8. 2 +1 1
    Aprilyne (karma: +1),
    Hello, I did your steps but still my skype won't run.
  9. 1 +1 0
    Sethumenon (karma: +1),
    Thank you sir for your assistance. I got skype installed using MSI installer. Thanks again for your help.

  10. 1 +1 0
    Artan (karma: +1),
    More Thanks how to help me
    Allah will help you
  11. 1 +1 0
    Shimon (karma: +1),
    Thank you so much! You helped me very much.
  12. 1 +1 0
    Black Thunder (karma: +1),
    Internet explorer installer says that my system is not compatible.
    1. 1 +1 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi! Please provide a screenshot and all details about your operating system.
      1. 1 +1 0
        cretus (karma: +1),
        i have this problem too... file:///C:/Users/Coco/Desktop/new%202.html -my pc information
  13. 1 +1 0
    joe (karma: +6),
    Hey! I tried installing IE11 but it says I need at least Windows 7 SP1. I have Windows 7 Ultimate though...
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi! It doesn’t matter Windows edition, because Service Pack 1 is just an update for all Windows 7 family. So, finally you should have Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 to install Internet Explorer 11.
      1. 1 +1 0
        joe (karma: +6),
        Nevermind. I found a workaround. Upgraded Net Framework to 4.5 and it now works. Thanks!
        1. 0 0 0
          Administrator (karma: +1207),
          Glad to hear that! So you still use an old version of Internet Explorer? Which exactly?
          1. 2 +2 0
            joe (karma: +6),
            Yes, old version. IE8
  14. 0 0 0
    Simon (karma: 0),
    Thanks bro... It worked...
  15. 0 0 0
    edmen (karma: 0),
    Thank you so much. I finally fix my skype
  16. 0 -1 1
    Tran (karma: -1),
    Thanks for your post, it's help me alot :))))
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    Paquan (karma: 0),
    Thank you so much. It really helps! :)
  18. 0 0 0
    Guntars (karma: 0),
    Thanks you are Best mate!!!
  19. 0 0 0
    Sirius (karma: +6),
    At least they can explain at the error screen, that Microsoft Explorer needs to be updated. It would save lot of time to many people. I'm still waiting to see, when the code writters stop thinking like robots. This problem occurs, only when you try to install the full offline standalone version. Go figure this out.
    1. 1 +1 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi Sirius! Absolutely agree with you. I don’t know what’s wrong with Microsoft Installer error, but there still exists cases when Skype advise that Internet Explorer is out of date.
  20. 0 0 0
    Simran (karma: 0),
    Thanks Buddy..It works... :)
  21. 0 0 0
    Anil (karma: 0),
    Thank you very much. This works like a charm and my Skype is back on stream. Most obliged!
  22. 0 0 0
    jignesh gajra (karma: 0),
    Thanks Buddy..It works...
  23. 0 0 0
    Kiran (karma: 0),
    Thanx alot bro.. It is working.. :)
  24. 0 0 0
    DIPANJAN DAS (karma: 0),
    Thanks a ton. I was facing the same issue for over 2 days and finally its resolved..Kudos...:)
  25. 0 0 0
    Vishal (karma: 0),
    Thank you Man... Installing update worked like a charm..
  26. 0 0 0
    Sayan Nandi (karma: +6),
    Great help thanks so much
  27. 0 0 0
    muqaddas (karma: 0),
    Sir g jb new version intal krtee he skype ka to kehte he pls update your compute jo old version h on se cal krte he to . 2 mint bd ct jate h
  28. 0 0 0
    memu (karma: 0),
    thank you ! you saved my day
  29. 0 0 0
    Jury (karma: 0),
    Very helpful. Many thanks! :)
  30. 0 0 0
    Charlie (karma: 0),
    Thanks for your help. Great Solution ;)
  31. 0 0 0
    Carlos machado (karma: 0),
    After 2 days trying save my day!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!! after downloading Explorer 11 I downloaded Skype.
  32. 0 0 0
    MAA (karma: 0),
    thanks you so much!!!!!
  33. 0 0 0
    MSI installer (karma: 0),
    Hey there thanks a lot for this, it was bugging me for days!!
    Can you tell me why the MSI installer is working instead of the normal .exe file? What is the difference? Is it installing something else in the background to make it work?
    The .msi file install is by far the simplest solution, I'm working on a win 7 ultimate with sp1, MS network 4.5, and IE 8 (I keep it for dev purposes).
    Thank you again!!
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi! You’re welcome!

      I’m not sure how Skype EXE installer works, but as far I know, EXE it’s just a skeleton over MSI installer and during Skype installation both installers (EXE and MSI) call Microsoft Installer service. Probably EXE installer can’t use this service directly but call it through some API functions that unlike MSI installer are doing additional checks and found that something is wrong.

      ps. About dev purposes — you can install IE11 and using Developers Tools (F12) you can emulate any IE version.
  34. 0 0 0
    Lokesh Sharma (karma: 0),
    Thanks for your help. Great Solution
  35. 0 0 0
    cjmillres (karma: 0),
    thnk you in advance. :) im not started yet but i just want to say thnk you :) i see all comments my nervous is coldwon hehe its so helfull cause im so nervous to my customer hehe
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hey! Don’t forget to come back and give feedback if error was fixed.
  36. 1 +1 0
    jose (karma: +1),
    this is insane Im force to install something that I dont want internet exploder is the worst browser on earth . and when you said that skype needs some requirements from internet explorer keep in mind that skype was bought by microsoft .so long before it did not need internet exploder but now Im forced to download something as ugly as that browser . insane .
    1. 1 0 1
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hey! I can't understand, why as a windows user you are frustrated about updating Internet Explorer, which like other system components is already installed on your system. Moreover, Skype always used Internet Explorer, even before it was bought by Microsoft. And more than that, I offered you a solution to solve the problem without updating Internet Explorer.
      1. 0 -1 1
        Dave (karma: -1),
        Explain why before Skype was bought by Microsoft did it work on Apple, Linux, Android, Apple IOS, Sun?...... Internet explorer is not on those systems!
        Just like the recent silly update, meaning that it will not work after 1st March 2017 unless it is version 7.20. I have updated, worked OK for 3 weeks now it won't even connect, yet all other internet apps (TeamViewer - with sound and video), Viber desktop....all work fine.
        I don't use Internet Explorer as besides Firefox, its the worst browser on earth. The only way it is good is centrally managed on a domain. But then administrators deploy Skype using the full offline installer and that also fails if IE11 is not up to date. Ridiculous. If it wasn't for the fact I have to use Skype to talk to certain contacts, it would be binned.
        1. 0 0 0
          Administrator (karma: +1207),
          At least for me Skype still works on Linux, Android and macOS. Who knows, maybe I’m doing something wrong and I’m single user on planet for which Skype works on these platforms...

          About Internet Explorer, of course, it’s available only on Windows but surprisingly it’s required only by Skype for Windows.
  37. 0 0 0
    Deep (karma: 0),
    best solution...
    after 2 days struggle i found this link and it really helps me to install skype
  38. 0 0 0
    Indrajit Choudhary (karma: 0),
    Thanks a lot i was trying for last 2 days, now Skype installed successfully.
  39. 0 0 0
    eve (karma: 0),
    thank you so much!!! was trying to check what's wrong with my installer coz i cant update SKYPE, you are genius!!
  40. 0 -1 1
    Sorabuddin Mallick (karma: -1),
    Thanks for your help. Great Solution
  41. 1 +1 0
    onkar singh (karma: +1),
    thanks m really happy to know that msi file is working in my computer.
  42. 0 -2 2
    jen (karma: -2),
    Thanks a lot for the info. I new from the moment microsoft bought skype that they will try some monkey business trying to tie people to their dying windows and already dead internet explorer. What a shame. They should be sued for anti-trust reasons again.
  43. 0 0 0
    lee (karma: 0),
    thanks to google i found you. i was trying to install skype for like 3hrs.
  44. 0 0 0
    Mis Tr Mis Tak (karma: +6),
    i am very thankful to you bro ALLAH bless you and gave you respect and long happy life.
  45. 0 0 0
    Christine (karma: 0),
    I was trying to install Skype all night and was ready to take my computer to the shop to "fix" it and all I did was clicked your work around link. It worked! Im back to skype! thank you very much for your help
  46. 0 0 0
    loveliest kate (karma: 0),
    thanks for this info. it really worked! god bless...
  47. 0 0 0
    Shan (karma: 0),
    It worked! Thank you so much! ^_^
  48. 0 0 0
    Void (karma: 0),
    Oooh. Thank you !! <3
  49. 1 +1 0
    @eksi (karma: +1),
    The workaround worked like a charm!
  50. 0 0 0
    Prasad (karma: 0),
    Thank you so much...
  51. 0 0 0
    Pankaj Dwivedi (karma: 0),
    You saved my life. I wasted 2 hrs on trying again and again, but ultimately fond this. Thanks Bro !
  52. 0 0 0
    Jan Sher (karma: 0),
    Thanks Bro..................
  53. 0 0 0
    Kristel (karma: 0),
    Not being very knowledgeable about computer-stuff at all, have been trying to install the latest Skype for DAYS on end. Got the same message every time. Might have mixed up other stuff while trying to'update my computer' as I was asked to do. Let's hope not. Very important to me to be able to Skype. And then I found you! And now the sun shines in South Africa. Thanks! You are my hero.
  54. 0 0 0
    gayan (karma: 0),
    thank you so much and well done
  55. 0 0 0
    medet (karma: 0),
    i can't download KB2533623 from , please help me/ my skype doesn't work. Or can you tell where i can download it
    1. 1 +1 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi! Can you please explain why you can not download KB2533623 and what kind of errors occur?
  56. 0 0 0
    Niloy (karma: 0),
    Thank you so much....It worked perfectly :)
  57. 0 0 0
    Anass (karma: 0),
    Thank you very much. Is working for me, on Windows 7 SP1
  58. 0 0 0
    JOHN (karma: 0),
    thank for the advice how to install skype i had so many problems but its up & running now thank you
  59. 0 0 0
    jen (karma: 0),
    thank you so much for the help!
  60. 0 0 0
    Zaihan (karma: 0),
    Great help.Thank you.
  61. 0 0 0
    Ketan (karma: 0),
    For those who do not want to install IE11, there is a simple alternative to install Skype without facing the Microsoft Installer error.

    Just download and install the Skype MSI from here -

    Hope this helps.
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi Ketan! Please note the notice about workaround below the solution. And don’t forget about KB2533623 which is more correct than using MSI installer.
  62. 0 0 0
    imran Akram (karma: +6),
    hy dear i m very thank full to u for this help
  63. 0 0 0
    spyrock (karma: 0),
    Thanks a lot I am a frequent user of skype so this helped me a lot
  64. 0 0 0
    TH3 Munster (karma: 0),
    Thanks Man , Appreciate it !
  65. 0 0 0
    puneethkumar (karma: 0),
    Thanks you !!! its really works.
  66. 0 0 0
    dandan (karma: 0),
    Hi I tried to install the update KB2533623 so i can install Skype but it prompts the update is not applicable to my computer... what will i do next?
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi! First of all make sure that you downloaded the appropriate file for your operating system. If you cannot install the update, let me know more technical details about your system (at least, name, full version, installed service pack and bit capacity).
  67. 0 0 0
    shalabh (karma: 0),
    This worked for me. Thanks a lot.
  68. 0 0 0
    Just me (karma: 0),
    Thank you so much. It also worked for me. I had been trying for ages to download. Thank you
  69. 0 0 0
    Krzysztof (karma: 0),
    Many thanks for your help on this
  70. 0 0 0
    Nam Hung (karma: +6),
    Thank you so much, i think my windows is wrong :)) but now it's ok.
  71. 0 0 0
    Patatas (karma: 0),
    Thanks for solution,saved my day :)
  72. 0 0 0
    Jamshed (karma: 0),
    Thanks you so much.Very help full.
  73. 0 0 0
    Grateful guy (karma: 0),
    You saved me as well :)

    I have some computer knowledge and I knew it was something to do with greedy Micro$oft "requirements". What in hell Skype has to do with Internet explorer?! But no, they "insist" of using their surveillance programs and "punish" those who deny them. But thankfully, there is always a way to deny them and get away with it :)

    Nonetheless, God bless you! :) Good people like you, who are always glad to help freely, restore my faith in humanity!
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hey! Thank you for the kind words! You are always welcome!

      About Internet Explorer, please note that before being purchased by Microsoft, Skype already required MSIE. So, don’t worry and update Internet Explorer like any other Windows components ;)
  74. 1 +1 0
    Vera (karma: +1),
    Thanks! I got skype installed using MSI installer. Thanks a lot!
  75. 0 0 0
    Ronnie (karma: 0),
    Hi, I downloaded the installer and when I open it up this message pops up:

    Thing is I already have service pack 1 to 3 so I don't know why that's happening.
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi! It seems that you have something confused. The only Service Pack for Windows 7 is SP1 (there is no SP2 or SP3 for Windows 7). This is why I recommend you to check if you really have installed SP1. On other hand, you have Windows Vista, please note that Internet Explorer 11 is not available for it (in this case, you need to install KB2533623 or Internet Explorer 9).
  76. 0 0 0
    Niloy (karma: +3),
    how do i download "microsoft installer"??????????????
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi! To fix this error you don’t need to download Microsoft Installer. As I wrote in the article, you must update Internet Explorer or install update KB2533623.
      1. 0 0 0
        Niloy (karma: +3),
        but can u tell me what does "unzipper" do?
        1. 0 0 0
          Administrator (karma: +1207),
          You are welcome! What do you mean by “unzipper” and where did you see this word?
          1. 0 0 0
            Niloy (karma: +3),
            it(unzipper) was at the front of this page.and when i clicked it ,it told me to download .
            and by the way......................
            i can't install enternet first says"downloading required update" and when download is complete,it again says re-downloading required update"
            1. 0 0 0
              Administrator (karma: +1207),
              Can you please provide the screenshot of error? And how about update KB2533623? Have you tried to install it?
              1. 0 0 0
                Niloy (karma: +3),
                but it wont install
                and can you tell me how to take screenshot in computer(windows 7)
                1. 0 0 0
                  I dont want to reveal my name lol (karma: 0),
                  To take a screenshot in any windows OS, just press PrntScr or Print Screen on your keyboard, paste it on Paint (Ctrl + V), then save it.

                  You're Welcome.
  77. 0 0 0
    Jack (karma: 0),
    Thank You So Much! You save my life (time)!
  78. 0 0 0
    sam (karma: 0),
    sir ,,i have same problem,,,but am not able to instal internet expore 11 also,,,kindly help me,,,
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi Sam! Please describe in detail why you cannot install Internet Explorer (for example, which errors occur during installation) and which operating system do you have.
  79. 0 0 0
    Fausto (karma: 0),
    Tks man.
    Works for me.
  80. 0 0 0
    Ahsan (karma: +6),
    Thank you very much to solve my problem
  81. 1 +1 0
    waleed (karma: +1),
    Thank you so much! good post
  82. 0 0 0
    philip (karma: 0),
    hi my name is philip trying to get skype on this computer having problems tried kb2533623 does not download not for this computer window 7 asus , don't want to update to windows 8910or 11 can you help my microsoft installer is the problem thanking you philip
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi Philip! Can you clarify what errors occur when trying to download KB2533623?
  83. 0 0 0
    farzana (karma: 0),
    it is really good solution and working perfectly
  84. 0 0 0
    vijay (karma: 0),
    Thanks a lot :)
  85. 0 0 0
    Dang (karma: 0),
    Thank you so much .................
  86. 0 0 0
    sabah altaf (karma: 0),
    thanks for the solution it really works
  87. 0 0 0
    Priyanka (karma: 0),
    Do I need to uninstall the previous version which I have in my system is 7.29 bcoz when I tried to install this 7.30 version it shows an error "Another version is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure try to remove the existing product."

    If I uninstall shall I lose my previous conversations as they are important to me.
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi! Yes, you should uninstall current version because you installed it using MSI-installer. About your conversation history — as rule it isn’t deleted during uninstallation. Anyway, if it is very important to you, make a backup of Skype profile folder located at anyway, if it is very important to you, make a backup of Skype profile folder located at %appdata%/Skype/skype_login

      ps. Today, a bit later I will try to write detailed instructions about your problem.
  88. 0 0 0
    Onur (karma: +7),
    As some of other participators have pointed out, it's such an EXTREMELY UNACCEPTABLE obligation to be forced to install IE11. There are numerous reasons of this. Basically, Skype "was" an IE-independent software BEFORE Microsoft's acquision. Now they're trying to promote IE on behalf of Skype.

    Note that, IE is perfectly NOT a need for Skype techically, and i have Skype 7.28. Trying to install the MSI package also fails with same stupid error. The system is Windows 7 SP1 x64. As long as Microsoft is doing such disgusting obligations, it would be a simple decision for me to stop using Skype, as there are a lot of decent alternatives out there.
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      No one is forcing you to use the Internet Explorer — just update it as any other Windows component (like .NET Framework or others).

      And another note, please note that Skype started require IE before Microsoft bought it (at least, it happened when the Skype Home was introduced in 2010). About «IE is perfectly NOT a need for Skype techically» — you are wrong again. Skype relies on IE functions to process all Web components (including but not limited to authorization form, Skype Home, profile editing, advertising banners, registration form, images/media/URLs previews).
      1. 0 0 0
        Onur (karma: +7),
        It's not wrong. Skype is used among a variety of platforms including Non-Windows OSes like Android and IOS. IE is NOT there. And its core functionality doesn't need IE as other IM-clients (including VoIP ones) don't need neither.

        Updating IE would break much things including current system configuration and a lot of many other things related to some IE-specific apps that relies on older IE versions. So updating IE just for updating Skype is really insane. Thanks Microsoft.
        1. 0 0 0
          Administrator (karma: +1207),
          Of course, on other platforms Skype don’t use IE, but anyway it requires some OS components or APIs to perform HTTP requests and process Web content. And sure, in Windows this job can be done without IE, but Skype developers (again, not Microsoft) as many others developers choose to use IE APIs. For example, I know that any application compiled with AutoIt uses Internet Explorer to perform HTTP requests, as well as HTA applications, most of ActiveX content, and many other applications developed by IBM, Adobe, Autodesk and others. Yeah, remain the big question, why they chose IE APIs when there exists more handy ways?! Nevertheless, everyone chooses the tool that is more convenient for him.

          I’m using IE only for testing purposes and I’m not sure if updating IE break something, but as far I know, it don’t, because IE keep all settings and have the compatibility mode which can emulate even IE5. On other hand, it was a big mistake to update OS when it has known that some apps are designed to work on old systems.

          And the last remark: please note that instead of updating IE, you can install KB2533623 update, which also fixes the Microsoft installer error.
  89. 0 0 0
    ranz (karma: 0),
    Thank you so much.. this really help when im having trouble downloading my skype.... Thank you for having you here..
  90. 0 0 0
    Alec (karma: +6),
    Thank you so much, i was stressing for 7 hours and found this, it worked so well. Thank you so much!!! =)
  91. 0 0 0
    Chavdar (karma: 0),
    That is great, worked immediately. Wouldnot think that skype has set up such stupid requirement...
  92. 0 0 0
    Kavylla (karma: 0),
    Hey Admin. Thank you soooo much. Finally i can get my Skype back. you really help me. God bless you.
  93. 0 0 0
    Abuzar ghafari (karma: 0),
    iam very tension in cannit load or microsoft installer
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1207),
      Hi! Did you read the article? I’m asking because it explains how to fix the Microsoft Installer error. If you have trouble, please tell me in detail what the problem is and what operating system do you use.
  94. 0 0 0
    vinit (karma: 0),
    thank you so much. tried several things untill i found your post and it was very helpful. thank you again.
  95. 0 0 0
    Kevin (karma: 0),
    oh my god!i had sleepless night because of my that terrible pop up!Finally i got this solution!It worked!Thank you so much!
  96. 0 0 0
    Administrator (karma: +1207),
    Dear friends! The latest version of Skype ( fixes the Microsoft Installer error.
  97. 0 0 0
    JoAnna (karma: 0),
    Thank you very much for help! World can be proud having such a clever personality like you!
  98. 0 0 0
    dieter (karma: 0),
    thanks a lot...many regards from Athens/Greece !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. 0 0 0
    Venus (karma: 0),
    Thank You very much!! I have my skype back after using the msi installer.
    So happy that I don't have to upgrade to IE 11

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