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Skype introduced «Liverpool FC» emoticons

Tomorrow, will be the Premier League football match between Liverpool and Arsenal, and the designers have decided to please Skype Liverpool fans by adding to Skype "Liverpool FC" emoticons. From this it can be concluded who are favorites of the developers.

New emoticons represent key figures of the "Liverpool FC" team as well as its fans. In total added 9 emoticons:
(klopp) Jürgen Klopp (manager)
(henderson14) Jordan Henderson (central midfielder, captain)
(coutinho10) Philippe Coutinho (attacking midfielder)
(sturridge15) Daniel Sturridge (striker)
(lfcclap) LFC fan clapping
(lfcfacepalm) LFC fan facepalm
(lfclaugh) LFC fan laugh
(lfcparty) LFC fan party
(lfcworried) LFC fan worried


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    chucktailor (karma: 0),
    wow I am so happy with my club Liverpool we will never walk alone
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      Nike (karma: -1),
      Why is Liverpool afraid of walking alone? #confused
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    Nick Dillon (karma: +11),
    Why can't I get the klopp, sturridge, coutinho and Henderson emojis anymore? I've typed in (klopp) and nothing happens also for the others. Am still able to get the lfc clap emoji and lfc
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      Administrator (karma: +1182),
      Unfortunately, these emoticons were removed from Skype.
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        Nick Dillon (karma: +11),
        Oh right. If that's the case then why are these still on the website? That's why I thought they were still active to use.
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          Administrator (karma: +1182),
          Sorry for misleading, but emoticons are kept for history purposes, and I don't think that removing them is a good idea. Anyway, visiting the emoticon page Jürgen Klopp you'll see the note that this emoticon was removed from Skype.

          By the way, it's strange to me that you still see the LFC clapping emoticon, because it was also removed from Skype. What's you OS and Skype version?
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            Nick Dillon (karma: +11),
            My version is the latest 6.35 and am on iPhone7 iOS 10.3.2 the latest version
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              Administrator (karma: +1182),
              Hm... This is interesting... Not sure why you still see the LFC clapping emoticon (maybe because you have it on «favorites/recent» tab?), but I suppose that it will disappear in the future.
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                Donnie Brasco (karma: 0),
                Why did you remove them ? Just curious ...
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                  Administrator (karma: +1182),
                  Please note that this is an unofficial blog and I’m not the person who removes emoticons from Skype.

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