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New Skype hidden emoticons for Microsoft products

Recently (to be precise, 1 or 2 days ago), the designers added 14 new emoticons for Skype, each of which represents the logo of different Microsoft products and services. For the most part, these are components of Microsoft Office, and also logo of the search engine Bing, the browser Internet Explorer, cloud storage OneDrive, personal e-mail Outlook and Skype for Business.

Here is the complete list of new emoticons:
  1. (access) (access)
  2. (bing) (bing)
  3. (excel) (excel)
  4. (ie) (ie)
  5. (ms) (ms)
  6. (onedrive) (onedrive)
  7. (onenote) (onenote)
  8. (outlook) (outlook)
  9. (powerpoint) (powerpoint)
  10. (publisher) (publisher)
  11. (sharepoint) (sharepoint)
  12. (skypebiz) (skypebiz)
  13. (word) (word)
  14. (xbox) (xbox)

Of course, each of them has a set of additional codes. The full list can be found on the page

ps. I forgot to say that in addition to the new emoticons, there were updated 213 codes for 131 emoticons. Overall, now it is easier to remember the desired smiles, but on the other hand, it became more difficult to pass and take a good place in the online Skype emoticons quiz.

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