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Remarkable features of Skype

New hidden emoticons from Skype and Pixar

The latest versions of Skype 7.9 for Mac OS and Skype 7.6 for Windows, the developers have added 35 hidden emoticons. The first 5 emoticons represent the main characters of the computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures:
  1. (joy) Joy
  2. (fear) Fear
  3. (sadness) Sadness
  4. (anger) Anger
  5. (disgust) Disgust

The remaining emoticons from designers of Skype are:
  1. (bomb) Bomb
  2. (monkey) Monkey
  3. (movember) Movember
  4. (camera) Camera
  5. (canyoutalk) Can you talk?
  6. (car) Car
  7. (computer) Computer
  8. (confidential) Confidential
  9. (woman) Woman
  10. (games) Games
  11. (gift) Gift
  12. (goodluck) Goodluck
  13. (gottarun) Gotta run
  14. (holdon) Hold on
  15. (island) Island
  16. (letsmeet) Lets meet
  17. (man) Man
  18. (plane) Plane
  19. (rainbow) Rainbow
  20. (snail) Snail
  21. (stop) Stop
  22. (umbrella) Umbrella
  23. (whatsgoingon) What’s going on?
  24. (fistbump) Good work!
  25. (praying) Praying
  26. (poke) Poke
  27. (victory) Victory
  28. (ok) OK
  29. (handsinair) Hands in air
  30. (brb) Be Right Back

See the full list of Skype emoticons.

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