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Update Skype today

Before the New Year, the developers decided to “delight” the fans of classic Skype and started the process of ending support for Skype 7. This means that users must install Skype 8 in order to use Skype for Windows.

When you try to start Skype 7, the following message appears:
Update Skype today
Update Skype today
It looks like Skype hasn't been updated for some time. Ifs free, only takes a minute and comes with the latest features and security Updates.

What happens if I don't update now?
The next time you sign out or restart your Computer, you'll need to update Skype before you can sign back in.
Although the message gives hope that you can run this version without updating, in fact it is not - you need to either update the program or close it. Given this, it is safe to say that happened that was to happen in September.

How to use classic Skype now?

If you are a fan of classic Skype, you can install Skype This version still allows you to log in without any problems. True, this is most likely a temporary solution and sooner or later this trick will no longer work.


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    Matt (karma: +3),
    Thank you very much for posting this link. Skype7 is far superior to version 8.
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    Camila (karma: +3),
    This version does not have the option "Disable Automatic Updates" on Advanced tab. Now I'm scared to quit Skype and, when I restart my notebook, receiving the shitty alert "PLZ UPDATE YOUR SKYPE". Can I modify some command lines in register to avoid this? Thanks for excellent job in giving us, Skype Classic addict-lovers, this trick. And greetings from Brazil!
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      Administrator (karma: +1191),
      Skype does not have a built-in updater, that is why there is no such option.
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      dr. (karma: 0),
      I read somewhere that the version does not bother at all with any update notifications. I tried it and it is true, now for almost 10 days. So, give it a try.
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    Kaye Davis (karma: 0),
    Every time Skype has updated (without my permission) I've had so many problems with it that I've been ready to swear off Skype. Classic Skype is the best hands-down, so I don't know why Skype would continue to re-invent the wheel and make users unhappy. So many complaints on various internet sites! If this latest
    "delight" is as much trouble as some of the recents, I'm done with Skype. There are other wonderful options nowadays!
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    Mariusz (karma: +11),
    Skype now logs me out even with the older versions.
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      Administrator (karma: +1191),
      Did you tried to install Skype
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        Kidades (karma: +56),
        I just started getting this prompt even on Yesterday it was ok, but when I restarted the PC it logged me out with this promp :S

        I switched to , running it in compatibility mode for Windows Vista. Working for now.

        [Updated ]
        Correction, no longer working after restarting PC. Getting logged out with the update prompt.
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        Mariusz (karma: +11),
        Yes, I even tried 6.s.t.h and it also said "we've signed you out because you are using outdated version". I think I'll return to and try to live without the correct-sent-message functionality
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      Kidades (karma: +56), still works fine for me
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    Patrick Connolly (karma: +3),
    Having trouble updating Skype on my I pad can you please help. 14/03/2019 unable to use Skype right now
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    Onur (karma: +24),
    Hi all.
    As of today (25 March 2019), I am unable to sign in any longer using 7.40 (Mine is version.

    Can someone confirm if 7.40 branch is officially disabled for further login trials?

    I hated this way that Microsoft decided to choose.

    Great site though here! Best regards.
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      Administrator (karma: +1191),
      Hello! Did you read the article? :)
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        Onur (karma: +24),
        Yes i did read. Just wanted to inform that 7.40 is now no longer able to sign in. Don't know about 7.41 or 7.36.

        Can you confirm about 7.40? (Mine is

        Can you also point out the parts that I may have missed?

        Beat regards :)
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          Kidades (karma: +56),
 is still working
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          Administrator (karma: +1191),
          Skype still works properly. By the way, works too, but it is designed for Windows XP. As for and other Skype 7 versions — they require you to install Skype 8.
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            Kidades (karma: +56),
            Only the XP version still works for me. I get logged out on
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            Mariusz (karma: +11),
            I think that this does not depend solely on Skype program version but it is somehow connected with user name. I used to have notifications that MS wanted me to upgrade Skype in January -- the upgrade to 7.40 (or 7.36) helped here. Later on (in March) I got the non-closable upgrade notification on the 7.40 (or 7.36) version, too.
            Furthermore downgrading, even to, having it install on clean system/with/or without running DisableSkypeUpdater.vbs script -- this all did not help for my username.

            I had no choice but to accept Skype 8.
            I tried Miranda but it sucks visually.
            I tried Pidgin -- its better but also makes problem with auto-login, has ugly look and feel for chat history (no colors).
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    Onur (karma: +24),
    Yep. I just noticed that. And this site was the best one that provided the most and up-to-date info about Microsoft's harrasment around the community. It seems is currently supported to sign in but it is not guaranteed to allow forever.

    Let me say something about Microsoft's crapware, Skype, which was great before Microsoft's acquisition.

    During my usage period of Skype up to v7.40 since MS has taken it to ruin so badly, I never ever could beleive that Skype was behaving like a malware and a complete bloatware which silently downloads its own setup file (SkypeSetupFull.exe) into %temp% folder eventhough "Skype Updater" Windows Service is disabled. I beared this behaviour over the last few years as long as I was able to sign in fine. But then I learnt it even wasn't respecting user's settings ranging from turning off Automatic Updates to disabling Updater service and C2C IE add-on removal... It turned out a disaster. Now we cannot sign in any more...

    As I pointed out, it even won't attempt and let us sign in with any version except based on the info here. It is a shame. I hate 8. Worse uninstalling it is really messy due to massive remnants left over Windows registry after regular uninstallation as Microsoft's uninstallation article just kidding us. I am so furious with MS and really stucked.

    By the way is just great and I found many solid resources about Skype including download links.

    Best regards.

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    karlo215 (karma: +3),
    Today I got this message on Skype

    Update now to continue using Skype
    This version of Skype is no longer supported. Get the latest version of Skype to enjoy HD video calls, call recording, @mentions and much more.


    Any chance for workaround ?
    Thanks. ;-)
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    L Dawg (karma: 0),
    7.41 has been working fine for me. Starting last week I now get:
    "Update now to continue using Skype
    This version of Skype is no longer supported..."

    Is there any way around this? I am using Skype 8 but it crashes continually and search does not work at all.
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    Bob12 (karma: 0),
    Hi , im using Window Vista and just got
    This version of Skype is no longer supported.

    Unfortunately, the latest version of Skype is not compatible with your OS version. We recommend you upgrade your OS version to take advantage of all the exciting new features that the latest version of Skype has to offer.

    Is there any version that would work ?

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    Sim (karma: 0),
    Skype stopped working today. Only gives message about updating and states that this version is no longer supported. Any solutions except updating to v8.x ?
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    Confuse (karma: 0),
    Skype can't connect on windows XP -
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    Cara (karma: 0),

    Any chance that there is still a working version of Skype 7 ??

    Thanks by advance
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      Kidades (karma: +56), is still working for me as of writing this.

      Not sure about logging in, since I'm already logged in from before.
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    Rekusu (karma: 0),
    With Kidades on this; 7.36.150 not working. Only get the weeping screen and something about IE8 ad-blocking. Have IE8 installed but only ever use Firefox!

    What are the Skype alternatives?
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    Dan (karma: 0),
    I used version untill yesterday when i received the no longer supported message. Unfortunately i can only use windows XP, are there any working versions for it?
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    Badrolzaman Bahrami (karma: +3),
    I am so sorry it is about a couple of weeks , suddenly my Skype has been cut , I need it too much ,
    because by this I could make call with my sister m so please help me , thank you .
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      Simon (karma: +4),
      try downloading the .msi of Skype Version instead, and see how that goes.
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    Mr X (karma: +10),
    Were they also getting ready to discontinue Skype 7 for Android? I for quite a while had been getting a message on Skype show up saying a new version of Skype is available, and you can't click off it without it logging you out. I was always able to log back in just fine. I also was able to avoid the logout by simply getting off Skype and remove it from recent apps list then open it again. This always worked. But just as of today I can't tell if this is a bug I never experienced before or if it's a server issue going on or if Skype just decided do stop this version from logging in without a proper message informing why. I had a message notification then when I opened Skype to read it a feedback page came up and when I got off of it Skype blinked out of sight as if it crashed then it opened again but logged out asking me to sign in. I am not sure but I thought my account and password were saved but I had to hit the first letter of my name to then select it and I had to manually type my password. After doing so it tries to log in but it fails and gives a message saying it connect to Skype right now and to check my network settings and connections. Anyone know what this is? I had been avoiding updating because so many bad reviews I saw on Google Play Store.

    [Updated ]
    Sorry typo. That should have said it displays a message it can't connect to Skype. Anyone know if they discontinued Android versions recently? I can't find any information on this.
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      Administrator (karma: +1191),
      Hello! Unfortunately, Microsoft has disabled Skype 7 and users cannot use it anymore on any operating systems. It looks like it happened on March 29.
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        Mr X (karma: +10),
        Oh I see. So I guess I have no choice. Thank you. Do you have a source from Microsoft stating that they also phased out version 7 for Android? I've only seen them mention the desktop version when I had looked.
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          Administrator (karma: +1191),
          As I wrote, it just happened that was to happen in September 2018.
          1. 0 0 0
            Mr X (karma: +10),
            Seems you're right. I checked on the official Skype blog and they actually specifically mention the "classic" mobile versions also discontinuing not just desktop. That hopefully is all that happened to me. I guess I managed to have it work so long is because apparently they went by accounts not everyone at once. Maybe Microsoft/Skype had updated their blog post at some point because the text coppied here on this blog is slightly different wording. Only issue of confusion I still have is the lack of clarity over Android requirements. On some pages I saw descriptions by Skype that the newer Skype versions needs Android 6 + but other places say it requires Android 4 or 5 +. Is one in error or did they extend compatability to older Android versions? It matters to me due to me having Android 5.0.1 and not wanting compatibility issues if it only works on Android 6.
      2. 0 0 0
        Kidades (karma: +56), is still working for me.

        I can log in (already logged in) and send messages but I'm no longer able to accept contact requests and can't communicate with new contacts due to messaging disabled error. I guess they are slowly killing it off.
        1. 0 0 0
          Administrator (karma: +1191),
          I'm pretty sure that your authorization session will expire in a maximum of 30 days, and you will be automatically logged out. After that, you can no longer log in Skype 7.
          1. 0 0 0
            Kidades (karma: +56),
            Most likely.

            I already switched to 8, because I need to communicate with new contacts. It's terrible and I don't think I'll ever accept it, but for what I'm doing there is simply no better alternative.
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    Stefy (karma: +17),
    Even here in Italy Skype with win xp sp3 stop! I hope that soon with some trick you can still use skype with WIN xp, very incorrect by Microsoft to force users to spend money to switch to higher operating systems! I'm happy with XP, otherwise I would have to throw all the peripherals into the garbage! Webcam internet key scanner printer., ..... ahhh ... we hope for some help thanks !!
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    Irritated (karma: +1),
    I had been using Skype on a retro rig, Win XP Pro 64-bit. I also have a Win10 laptop, but I do need Skype on my XP computer. As of today (April 15 2019), or perhaps yesterday (I didn't check), it had forcefully logged me out, and now I just get a message about Skype being unable to connect.

    Is there any version hex edit trick (etc) to get around this? Like seriously, all I want is chat, voice call, screen-share. I know of Web Skype, but I don't think Web Skype supports screen-share. I really do not care about any exciting new features that newer versions of Skype wishes to force upon me.

    Any advisement appreciated, thank you
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    Onur (karma: +24),
    Better off switching to Zoom. Microsoft appears to intentionally have destructed Skype just like other external softwares they had acquired before. I wish I never installed it.

    If Microsoft hadn't made such silly decision to block older versions, there would be no major issue(s). Note that there is no technical limitation about it except Microsoft's marketing interests forcing higher versions unkindly, but Zoom would work fine on older system as old as XP SP3.

    Best regards.

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