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Skype for Android

A new version of Skype for Android has been released. You can install it from the Play Store or download from our blog. As for changes in the Skype for Android, about them nothing is yet known.

Skype for Android

File size:

33.2 MB

Operating system:


Skype version:

Release date:

Total downloads:



The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Android. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Android, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Strings AUTO:
Strings BW1:
= BW1
Strings BW2:
= BW2
Strings CLEAR:
Strings COLOR:
Strings GRAIN:
Strings LOMOISH:
Strings NONE:
Strings POSTER:
Strings PROCESS:
Strings SEPIA:
Strings animated_preview_description:
= Preview of the image taken right after capture used for animation.
Strings appcenter_distribute_dialog_actioned_on_disabled_toast:
= Distribute was disabled
Strings appcenter_distribute_download_progress_number_format:
= %1$d MB of %2$d MB
Strings appcenter_distribute_downloading_error:
= Failed to download app update
Strings appcenter_distribute_downloading_mandatory_update:
= Downloading update
Strings appcenter_distribute_downloading_update:
= @string/appcenter_distribute_downloading_mandatory_update
Strings appcenter_distribute_install:
= Install
Strings appcenter_distribute_install_ready_message:
= %1$s %2$s (%3$d) has been downloaded and is ready to be installed.
Strings appcenter_distribute_install_ready_title:
= App update downloaded
Strings appcenter_distribute_notification_category:
= App updates
Strings appcenter_distribute_unknown_sources_dialog_message:
= For security, your device is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources.
Strings appcenter_distribute_unknown_sources_dialog_settings:
= Settings
Strings appcenter_distribute_update_dialog_download:
= Download
Strings appcenter_distribute_update_dialog_message_mandatory:
= The developers of this app require you to update to %1$s %2$s (%3$d).
Strings appcenter_distribute_update_dialog_message_optional:
= %1$s %2$s (%3$d) is available to download and install.
Strings appcenter_distribute_update_dialog_postpone:
= Ask me in a day
Strings appcenter_distribute_update_dialog_title:
= App update available
Strings appcenter_distribute_update_dialog_view_release_notes:
= View release notes
Strings appcenter_distribute_update_failed_dialog_ignore:
= Ignore
Strings appcenter_distribute_update_failed_dialog_message:
= This release was either side-loaded or downloaded using a browser in private mode.
Strings appcenter_distribute_update_failed_dialog_reinstall:
= Reinstall app
Strings appcenter_distribute_update_failed_dialog_title:
= In-app updates disabled
Strings filter_selected_string:
= filter %1$d of %2$d selected
Strings filter_string:
= filter %1$d of %2$d
Strings filters_click_string:
= Click to open filters
Strings filters_hint_string:
= Swipe up for filters
Strings filters_string:
= Filters
Strings lens_bottom_mid_index:
= Bottom mid index. Double Tap to activate the handle and then drag with two fingers to crop
Strings lens_left_bottom_corner_index:
= Left bottom corner index. Double Tap to activate the handle and then drag with two fingers to crop
Strings lens_left_mid_index:
= Left mid index. Double Tap to activate the handle and then drag with two fingers to crop
Strings lens_right_bottom_corner_index:
= Bottom right corner index. Double Tap to activate the handle and then drag with two fingers to crop
Strings lens_right_mid_index:
= Right mid index. Double Tap to activate the handle and then drag with two fingers to crop
Strings lens_right_top_corner_index:
= Right top corner index. Double Tap to activate the handle and then drag with two fingers to crop
Strings lens_top_left_corner_index:
= Top left corner index. Double Tap to activate the handle and then drag with two fingers to crop
Strings lens_top_mid_index:
= Top mid index. Double Tap to activate the handle and then drag with two fingers to crop
Strings lenssdk_action_caption:
= Edit Caption
Strings lenssdk_action_change_process_mode_to_businesscard:
= Business card
Strings lenssdk_action_change_process_mode_to_businesscard_mode:
= Business card Mode %1$s of %2$s
Strings lenssdk_action_change_process_mode_to_document:
= Document
Strings lenssdk_action_change_process_mode_to_document_mode:
= Document Mode %1$s of %2$s
Strings lenssdk_action_change_process_mode_to_nofilter:
= No Filter
Strings lenssdk_action_change_process_mode_to_photo:
= Photo
Strings lenssdk_action_change_process_mode_to_photo_mode:
= Photo Mode %1$s of %2$s
Strings lenssdk_action_change_process_mode_to_whiteboard:
= Whiteboard
Strings lenssdk_action_change_process_mode_to_whiteboard_mode:
= Whiteboard Mode %1$s of %2$s
Strings lenssdk_action_import:
= Import
Strings lenssdk_action_recent_history:
= Recent History
Strings lenssdk_action_resolution:
= Resolution
Strings lenssdk_add_new_image:
= Add New
Strings lenssdk_all_images_discarded:
= Images discarded
Strings lenssdk_bulk_mode_off:
= Single
Strings lenssdk_bulk_mode_on:
= Bulk
Strings lenssdk_bulk_mode_toast:
= %1$s mode
Strings lenssdk_businesscard_mode_selected:
= Business card Mode %1$s of %2$s selected
Strings lenssdk_button_add:
= Add
Strings lenssdk_button_add_image:
= Add New
Strings lenssdk_button_add_image_icon:
Strings lenssdk_button_back:
= Back
Strings lenssdk_button_bulk:
= Bulk
Strings lenssdk_button_cancel_dialog_fragment:
= Cancel
Strings lenssdk_button_cancel_tooltip:
= Cancel
Strings lenssdk_button_capture:
= Capture
Strings lenssdk_button_change_process_mode:
= Mode
Strings lenssdk_button_crop:
= Crop
Strings lenssdk_button_crop_reset_tooltip:
= Reset
Strings lenssdk_button_delete:
= Delete
Strings lenssdk_button_delete_delete_dialog:
= Discard
Strings lenssdk_button_done:
= Done
Strings lenssdk_button_flash:
= Flash
Strings lenssdk_button_ink:
Strings lenssdk_button_menu:
= More
Strings lenssdk_button_mode:
= Mode
Strings lenssdk_button_replace:
= Replace
Strings lenssdk_button_reset:
= Reset
Strings lenssdk_button_resolution_dialog_fragment:
= Cancel
Strings lenssdk_button_rotate:
= Rotate
Strings lenssdk_button_save:
= Done
Strings lenssdk_button_thumbnail:
= Preview
Strings lenssdk_camera_announcement:
= Camera
Strings lenssdk_camera_switcher:
= Camera Switcher
Strings lenssdk_caption_input_hint:
= Add Caption
Strings lenssdk_color:
= color
Strings lenssdk_color_black:
= Black
Strings lenssdk_color_blue:
= Blue
Strings lenssdk_color_green:
= Green
Strings lenssdk_color_red:
= Red
Strings lenssdk_color_white:
= White
Strings lenssdk_color_yellow:
= Yellow
Strings lenssdk_content_desc_color:
= Color
Strings lenssdk_content_desc_interaction:
= Double tap hold and move to
Strings lenssdk_content_desc_selected_state:
= selected
Strings lenssdk_content_description_add_image:
= Double tap to take more images
Strings lenssdk_content_description_back_button:
= Navigate Up
Strings lenssdk_content_description_border_style:
= Border
Strings lenssdk_content_description_button_close_mode_menu:
= Close mode list
Strings lenssdk_content_description_button_close_more_menu:
= Close more list
Strings lenssdk_content_description_camera:
= Camera in %1$s %2$s mode
Strings lenssdk_content_description_caption:
= Double tap to add a caption to this image
Strings lenssdk_content_description_caption_style:
= Caption
Strings lenssdk_content_description_capture:
= Capture
Strings lenssdk_content_description_capture_modes:
= Capture Modes. Swipe with two fingers to switch modes
Strings lenssdk_content_description_change_process_mode:
= Open mode list
Strings lenssdk_content_description_crop:
= Crop image
Strings lenssdk_content_description_crop_done:
= Done
Strings lenssdk_content_description_cross_button:
= Cancel
Strings lenssdk_content_description_delete:
= Delete
Strings lenssdk_content_description_deleted:
= deleted
Strings lenssdk_content_description_discard:
= Delete image
Strings lenssdk_content_description_document_title:
= Scan %1$s %2$s
Strings lenssdk_content_description_document_title_accessibility_description:
= Title
Strings lenssdk_content_description_document_title_accessibility_description_editing:
= Editing Title
Strings lenssdk_content_description_done:
= Done
Strings lenssdk_content_description_double_tap_activate:
= Double tap to activate
Strings lenssdk_content_description_double_tap_edit:
= Double tap to edit
Strings lenssdk_content_description_double_tap_select:
= Double tap to select
Strings lenssdk_content_description_drag:
= Move
Strings lenssdk_content_description_edit_sticker:
= Double tap to edit, double tap, hold and drag to move, double tap, hold and use two fingers to rotate and resize
Strings lenssdk_content_description_flash_mode_button:
= Flash %1$s
Strings lenssdk_content_description_flash_mode_set:
= Flash is now set to %1$s
Strings lenssdk_content_description_gallery_capture_count_plural:
= Double tap to review %1$d images
Strings lenssdk_content_description_gallery_capture_count_singular:
= Double tap to review %1$d image
Strings lenssdk_content_description_gallery_view:
= Preview
Strings lenssdk_content_description_highlight_style:
= Highlight
Strings lenssdk_content_description_image_delete_cancelled:
= Discard cancelled
Strings lenssdk_content_description_image_deleted:
= Image discarded
Strings lenssdk_content_description_image_description_1:
= Image %1$d of %2$d
Strings lenssdk_content_description_image_description_2:
= has text sticker
Strings lenssdk_content_description_image_description_3:
= has text stickers
Strings lenssdk_content_description_image_description_4:
= has ink stroke
Strings lenssdk_content_description_image_description_5:
= has ink strokes
Strings lenssdk_content_description_image_description_6:
= and
Strings lenssdk_content_description_image_displayed_many:
= Image %1$d of %2$d images
Strings lenssdk_content_description_image_displayed_single:
= Image 1
Strings lenssdk_content_description_ink:
= Ink
Strings lenssdk_content_description_ink_active:
= Ink mode active
Strings lenssdk_content_description_ink_inactive:
= Ink mode is deactivated
Strings lenssdk_content_description_listitem:
= %1$d of %2$d
Strings lenssdk_content_description_menu:
= Open more list
Strings lenssdk_content_description_mode:
= %1$s Mode Selected
Strings lenssdk_content_description_moved:
= moved
Strings lenssdk_content_description_pause_button:
= Pause
Strings lenssdk_content_description_plain_text_style:
= Plain text
Strings lenssdk_content_description_play_button:
= Play
Strings lenssdk_content_description_processed_image:
= Processed Image
Strings lenssdk_content_description_processed_image_multiple:
= Processed Image %1$d of %2$d
Strings lenssdk_content_description_processed_image_single:
= Processed Image
Strings lenssdk_content_description_processmode_dialog_info:
= Select process mode
Strings lenssdk_content_description_resize:
= Resize
Strings lenssdk_content_description_resized_by:
= resized by %1$s times
Strings lenssdk_content_description_rotate:
= Rotate image right
Strings lenssdk_content_description_rotate_degrees_current:
= Rotate image right %1$d degrees
Strings lenssdk_content_description_rotated_by:
= rotated by %1$s degrees
Strings lenssdk_content_description_save:
= Done Button
Strings lenssdk_content_description_selected_state:
= selected
Strings lenssdk_content_description_settings:
= Settings
Strings lenssdk_content_description_style:
= Text Style
Strings lenssdk_content_description_text:
= Text Sticker
Strings lenssdk_content_description_text_active:
= Text sticker mode active
Strings lenssdk_content_description_text_inactive:
= Text sticker mode is deactivated
Strings lenssdk_content_description_text_sticker:
= Text Sticker
Strings lenssdk_content_description_trash_can:
= Text sticker is over trash can. Drop to delete it.
Strings lenssdk_content_description_video:
= Captured video. Double tap to play/pause the video
Strings lenssdk_content_description_video_deleted:
= video deleted
Strings lenssdk_content_description_video_stop:
= Stop video
Strings lenssdk_content_description_watermark_style:
= Watermark
Strings lenssdk_content_descrption_gesture_done:
= Text sticker has been
Strings lenssdk_current_video_duration:
= current video duration is %1$s
Strings lenssdk_delete_dialog_message_multiple_images:
= Do you want to discard all images?
Strings lenssdk_delete_dialog_message_single_image:
= Do you want to discard this image?
Strings lenssdk_delete_dialog_message_single_video:
= Do you want to delete the video ?
Strings lenssdk_document_mode_selected:
= Document Mode %1$s of %2$s selected
Strings lenssdk_error_activity_not_found:
= No apps are available to perform this action
Strings lenssdk_error_can_not_connect_camera:
= 'Can't connect to the camera'
Strings lenssdk_error_open_image:
= 'Couldn't open the image'
Strings lenssdk_error_something_wrong:
= Something went wrong. Please try again.
Strings lenssdk_error_something_wrong_process:
= Something went wrong. Please try again.
Strings lenssdk_error_something_wrong_when_adding_caption:
= Something went wrong while adding caption.
Strings lenssdk_error_something_wrong_when_saving_image:
= Take the photo again
Strings lenssdk_error_something_wrong_when_saving_image_detailed:
= Something went wrong while saving the image.
Strings lenssdk_error_something_wrong_with_storage:
= Something went wrong. Please try again.
Strings lenssdk_exit_confirmation_message:
= Are you sure you want to exit?
Strings lenssdk_exit_confirmation_no:
= No
Strings lenssdk_exit_confirmation_yes:
= Yes
Strings lenssdk_failed_upgrade_message:
= Failed to load previous session, data can be imported from %1$s folder inside DCIM.
Strings lenssdk_feedback_email_address:
Strings lenssdk_file_type_set_to_toast:
= File type set to %1$s
Strings lenssdk_filetype_image:
= Image
Strings lenssdk_filetype_pdf:
Strings lenssdk_filetype_word:
= Word
Strings lenssdk_flash_mode_auto:
= Auto
Strings lenssdk_flash_mode_off:
= Off
Strings lenssdk_flash_mode_on:
= On
Strings lenssdk_flash_mode_torch:
= Torch
Strings lenssdk_front_camera_active:
= Front camera active
Strings lenssdk_gallery_collapsed:
= Gallery collapsed
Strings lenssdk_gallery_expanded:
= Gallery expanded
Strings lenssdk_header_preview:
= Preview
Strings lenssdk_hide_gallery:
= Hide gallery
Strings lenssdk_image_discarded:
= Image deleted
Strings lenssdk_image_import_count_over_limit:
= 'Can't handle more than %1$d images'
Strings lenssdk_image_insert_count_over_limit:
= 'Can't insert more than %1$d images'
Strings lenssdk_limit_reached_message_plural:
= Cannot save more than %1$d images
Strings lenssdk_limit_reached_message_singular:
= Cannot save more than %1$d image
Strings lenssdk_limit_reached_title:
= Limit Reached
Strings lenssdk_mail_subject_like_capture:
= Like: Capture: Office Lens Android Feedback
Strings lenssdk_nofilter_mode_selected:
= No Filter Mode %1$s of %2$s selected
Strings lenssdk_package_as_content_desc:
= File Type: %1$s
Strings lenssdk_package_as_hint:
= change file type
Strings lenssdk_package_as_title:
= File Type
Strings lenssdk_page_number_format:
= %1$s/%2$s
Strings lenssdk_pen:
= Pen
Strings lenssdk_photo_mode_selected:
= Photo Mode %1$s of %2$s selected
Strings lenssdk_preview_discard_dialog_message:
= Discard Changes? Your changes are not saved.
Strings lenssdk_preview_discard_dialog_no:
= Keep Editing
Strings lenssdk_preview_discard_dialog_yes:
= Discard
Strings lenssdk_processing_ended:
= Ready for next capture
Strings lenssdk_processing_started:
= Cropping the image
Strings lenssdk_rear_camera_active:
= Rear camera active
Strings lenssdk_settings_resolution_default:
= (default)
Strings lenssdk_settings_resolution_format:
= %1$.1fM (%2$d x %3$d)
Strings lenssdk_show_gallery:
= Show gallery
Strings lenssdk_shutter_button:
= Shutter Sound
Strings lenssdk_shutter_button_off:
= Shutter sound is Off
Strings lenssdk_shutter_button_on:
= Shutter sound is On
Strings lenssdk_size_of_video:
= Size of the captured video is %1$s
Strings lenssdk_style_button_text:
= A
Strings lenssdk_title_error:
= Error
Strings lenssdk_title_resolution_dialog_fragment:
= Resolution
Strings lenssdk_toolbar:
= Toolbar
Strings lenssdk_total_video_duration:
= total duration of video is %1$s
Strings lenssdk_ui_hidden_message:
= Controls are hidden
Strings lenssdk_ui_shown_message:
= Controls are available
Strings lenssdk_undo:
= Undo
Strings lenssdk_video:
= Video
Strings lenssdk_video_capture_max_limit_reached:
= Video size has reached the maximum limit
Strings lenssdk_video_capture_start:
= Video Capture Started
Strings lenssdk_video_not_enough_space_in_memory:
= Not enough storage left on the device. Please free up some space
Strings lenssdk_video_not_saved_properly:
= Video could not be saved. Please try again
Strings lenssdk_video_preview_screen:
= video preview screen
Strings lenssdk_video_reched_max_limit:
= The Video is more than %1$d MB
Strings lenssdk_whiteboard_mode_selected:
= Whiteboard Mode %1$s of %2$s selected
Strings lenssdk_write_something_here_text:
= Write something here
Strings navigation_close:
Strings rotate_orientation:
Strings BalanceStatePanel_ActiveCreditIntroVariant:
= Your credit: {amount}
Strings BalanceStatePanel_CreditOfferSelectedAnnouncement:
= Buy {amount} credit option selected
Strings BalanceStatePanel_CreditAddFromPickerButtonLabel:
= Add {formattedPrice} Credit
Strings BalanceStatePanel_CreditBuyFromPickerButtonLabel:
= Buy {formattedPrice} Credit
Strings BalanceStatePanel_AddCreditButtonTitle:
= Add credit
Strings BalanceStatePanel_BuyCreditButtonTitle:
= Buy credit
Strings BalanceStatePanel_NoCreditButtonTitle:
= No credit
Strings OfferCard_AvailableCountriesRegionsLabel:
Strings OfferCard_LandlineDestinationsLabel:
= Call landlines only in:
Strings OfferCard_MixedDestinationsLabel:
= Call landlines and mobiles in:
Strings CallCard_TranslationRequest:
= Translation request
Strings CallPreview_CameraAndMicrophoneOff:
= Video and audio switched off
Strings CallPreview_CameraOff:
= Video switched off
Strings CallPreview_MicrophoneOff:
= Audio switched off
Strings CapturePermissions_PermissionScreenRecording:
= Screenshare
Strings CapturePermissions_PermissionScreenRecordingPrePrompt:
= Grant Skype permission to share your screen.
Strings CapturePermissions_PermissionScreenRecordingDeniedPrompt:
= To grant Skype permission to share your screen, go to Mac System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Screen Recording, and grant access to Skype.
Strings ContentToDisplayTransformerBase_TranslationsRequestedMessage:
= Translated Conversation requested
Strings ContentToDisplayTransformerBase_TranslationRequestCancelled:
= Translated Conversation request cancelled
Strings ContentToDisplayTransformerBase_TranslationRequestDeclined:
= Translated Conversation request declined
Strings ColorThemeDialog_SplitViewUpper:
Strings ColorThemeDialog_EnableSplitView:
= Enable split view mode
Strings DetailsPanelHeader_StartPhoneCallButtonTitle:
= Start phone call
Strings GroupProfilePanel_ShareCopyButtonLabel:
= Copy link to clipboard
Strings GroupProfilePanel_ShareCopiedButtonLabel:
= Copied to clipboard
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_CloseSplitViewConversation:
= Close windows in split view mode
Strings LocationPicker_LocationSent:
= Location sent
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_SearchResultsHeaderTitleCapsSplitPolicySettings:
Strings MediaBar_VideosTitle:
= Videos
Strings MediaBar_PhotosDescription:
= Share photos
Strings MediaBar_VideosDescription:
= Share videos
Strings PSTNPhoneNumberInput_AccessibilityLabelNumberPlaceholder:
= Phone number, text field
Strings PSTNPhoneNumberInput_AccessibilityLabelEnteredPhoneNumber:
= Phone number: {number}, text field
Strings UserSettingsPanel_PasteAsQuotesToggleLabel:
= Paste copied messages as quotes
Strings UserSettingsPanel_TranslationPrivacyConsentSwitch:
= To improve the accuracy of Skype Translator, allow Microsoft employees and vendors to review voice snippets we’ve taken steps to de-identify. You can change your permissions at any time. {learnMoreLink}
Strings TranslationBanner_RequestReceivedTextv2:
= {gender, select, female{{userName} wants to enable Translated Conversations. To control how your data is used {learnMoreLink}} male{{userName} wants to enable Translated Conversations. To control how your data is used {learnMoreLink}} other{{userName} wants to enable Translated Conversations. To control how your data is used {learnMoreLink}}}
Strings TranslationBanner_OldBotDeprecationTextV1:
= Skype Translator is getting an upgrade. From {date}, the Skype Translator bot will no longer appear in your contact list and will not respond to new messages. Instead translations can be turned on in the profile view for all contacts.
Strings TranslationBanner_OldBotDeprecationTextV2:
= Skype Translator is getting an upgrade. From {date}, the Skype Translator bot will no longer appear in your contact list and will not translate new messages. Instead translations can be turned on in the profile view for all contacts.
Strings TranslationBanner_TryNewTranslationsButtonV1:
= Try the new experience
Strings TranslationBanner_TryNewTranslationsButtonV2:
= Enable translations with {userName}
Strings StreamItem_DumpMessage:
= Dump message
Strings StreamItem_DumpMessagePretty:
= Dump message (formatted)
Strings StreamItem_RemoveBookmarkConfirmation:
= A bookmark was removed
Strings CallSubtitleToast_MultipleSpokenLanguageWarningText:
= There's multiple spoken language defaults in this call. The language spoken is:
= Oops, we can't detect your language.
Strings Poll_CreateAccessibilityAnnouncement:
= Poll {title} has been created
Strings ScheduleCall_TitleRequiredAccessibilityLabel:
= Title required
Strings MeetNow_ShareInviteMenuCopyLink:
= Copy link
Strings MeetNow_ShareInviteMenuSkypeContacts:
= Skype contacts
Strings MeetNow_ShareInviteMenuSMS:
= SMS / Text message
Strings MeetNow_ShareInviteMenuOutlook:
= Outlook Mail
Strings MeetNow_ShareInviteMenuGmail:
= Gmail
Strings MeetNow_XSkypeContactInvited:
= {count, plural, =1{1 Skype contact} other{# Skype contacts}} invited
Strings MeetNow_ShareLinkSMSDialogTitle:
= SMS / Text message
Strings MeetNow_ShareLinkSMSDialogMessage:
= Send an SMS / Text message to your contacts by typing the URL below on your phone's texting app
Strings MeetNow_EmailInviteSubject:
= Meet Now on Skype
Strings MeetNow_EmailInviteBody:
= You have been invited to meet on Skype. Click here to join the meeting {link}
Strings MeetNow_MobileInviteMessage:
= You have been invited to meet on Skype. Click here to join the meeting
Strings MeetNow_YourCallHasStartedLabel:
= Your call has started
Strings MeetNow_MeetNowPanelSubTitleForNonGuest:
= {gender, select, female{Are you ready to Meet Now?} male{Are you ready to Meet Now?} other{Are you ready to Meet Now?}}
Strings MeetNow_MeetNowPanelTitleForGuest:
= {gender, select, female{Hello {name}! Are you ready to Meet Now?} male{Hello {name}! Are you ready to Meet Now?} other{Hello {name}! Are you ready to Meet Now?}}
Strings MeetNow_StartCall:
= Start call
Strings MeetNow_OpenDialogAnnouncement:
= Meet Now dialog opened
Strings hockeyapp_crash_dialog_app_name_fallback:
= This app
Strings hockeyapp_crash_dialog_message:
= Would you like to send an anonymous report so we can fix the problem?
Strings hockeyapp_crash_dialog_negative_button:
= 'Don't Send'
Strings hockeyapp_crash_dialog_neutral_button:
= Always Send
Strings hockeyapp_crash_dialog_positive_button:
= Send Report
Strings hockeyapp_crash_dialog_title:
= %s Unexpectedly Quit
Strings hockeyapp_dialog_error_message:
= An error has occurred
Strings hockeyapp_dialog_error_title:
= Error
Strings hockeyapp_dialog_positive_button:
= OK
Strings hockeyapp_download_failed_dialog_message:
= The update could not be downloaded. Would you like to try again?
Strings hockeyapp_download_failed_dialog_negative_button:
= Cancel
Strings hockeyapp_download_failed_dialog_positive_button:
= Retry
Strings hockeyapp_download_failed_dialog_title:
= Download Failed
Strings hockeyapp_error_install_form_unknown_sources_disabled:
= The installation from unknown sources is not enabled. Please check the device settings.
Strings hockeyapp_error_no_external_storage_permission:
= The permission to access the external storage is not set. Please contact the developer.

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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