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Skype for Android

A new version of Skype for Android has been released. You can install it from the Play Store or download from our blog. As for changes in the Skype for Android, about them nothing is yet known.

Skype for Android

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The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Android. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Android, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Strings lenssdk_button_confirm:
= Confirm
Strings lenssdk_cancel_string:
= Cancel
Strings lenssdk_gallery_back_button_selection_action_message:
= Collapse gallery
Strings lenssdk_gallery_immersive_toolbar_title_for_images:
= Photos
Strings lenssdk_gallery_immersive_toolbar_title_for_videos:
= Videos
Strings lenssdk_import_corrupt_file:
= Selected image is corrupt and cannot be opened.
Strings lenssdk_import_unsupported_file_format:
= Selected file format is not supported, please choose an image.
Strings lenssdk_import_video_unsupported_file_format:
= Selected file format is not supported, please choose a video.
Strings lenssdk_interim_crop_off_snackbar_message:
= Manual crop disabled
Strings lenssdk_interim_crop_on_snackbar_message:
= Manual crop enabled
Strings lenssdk_interim_switch_message1:
= Let me adjust border after each scan
Strings lenssdk_interim_switch_message2:
= You can set this later using crop tool
Strings lenssdk_learn_more:
= Learn More
Strings lenssdk_limit_reached_gallery_selection:
= Cannot select more than %1$d gallery items
Strings lenssdk_native_gallery_tooltip_message:
= Discard the current selections to search your device storage
Strings lenssdk_permission_dialog_allow:
= Allow
Strings lenssdk_permission_dialog_title:
= Permission is required
Strings lenssdk_privacy_dialog_message:
= To enable this experience change your privacy settings
Strings lenssdk_privacy_dialog_title:
= Use Office connected experiences
Strings lenssdk_selected_image_discard_message:
= Currently selected image will be discarded.
Strings lenssdk_selected_images_discard_message:
= Currently selected images will be discarded.
Strings lenssdk_spannedLensCameraScreenDescription:
= To add pictures, use the camera at the top of your screen. To scan text, fold your device.
Strings lenssdk_spannedLensCameraScreenTitle:
= Fold your device to scan what’s in front of you
Strings lenssdk_spannedLensCropScreenDescription:
= Drag handles to adjust image borders
Strings lenssdk_spannedLensCropScreenTitle:
= Crop Image
Strings lenssdk_spannedLensEditImageScreenDescription:
= Make your image look better
Strings lenssdk_spannedLensEditImageScreenTitle:
= Edit tools
Strings lenssdk_spannedLensGalleryScreenTitle:
= Add images to proceed
Strings lenssdk_toolbar_native_gallery_button_selection_action_message:
= Launch
Strings lenssdk_toolbar_native_gallery_content_description:
= Native Gallery
Strings lenssdk_video_required_permission_message:
= The camera needs permission to record and store video on your device.
Strings notification_channel_group_messages:
= Group messages
Strings notification_channel_incoming_calls:
= Incoming calls
Strings notification_channel_messages:
= Messages
Strings notification_channel_ongoing_calls:
= Ongoing calls
Strings notification_channel_others:
= Others
Strings notification_channel_smart_group_messages:
= Smart group messages
Strings CapturePermissions_PermissionCameraRollPrePrompt:
= Grant Skype permission to access your photos.
= Grant Skype permission to access your photos and videos.
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_Quit:
= Quit Skype
Strings Notifications_AndroidNotificationChannelConfigurationTitle:
= Configure Notifications
Strings Notifications_AndroidNotificationChannelConfigurationSubtitle:
= Sound, vibration, LED indicator settings
Strings Notifications_AndroidNotificationChannelResetToDefaultsConfirmation:
= Are you sure you want to reset your notification settings back to default?
Strings Notifications_ResetNotificationSettingsLabel:
= Reset notification settings
Strings Notifications_IncomingCallsNotificationChannel:
= Incoming calls
Strings Notifications_OngoingCallsNotificationChannel:
= Ongoing calls
Strings Notifications_MessagesNotificationChannel:
= Messages
Strings Notifications_GroupMessagesNotificationChannel:
= Group messages
Strings Notifications_SmartGroupMessagesNotificationChannel:
= Smart group messages
Strings Notifications_OthersNotificationChannel:
= Others
Strings SlashCommandDescriptions_KickBan:
= Eject chat member and prevents them from rejoining chat.
= Eject chat member and prevents them from rejoining chat
Strings SlashCommandDescriptions_SetBanList:
= Sets which members are banned from the chat.
= Sets which members are banned from the chat
Strings SlashCommandDescriptions_Poll:
= Creates a poll with options
Strings SlashCommandDescriptions_ClearMru:
= Clear recently used personal expression items list
Strings SlashCommandDescriptions_Version:
= Prints the current version of Skype
Strings SlashCommandDescriptions_AddReactions:
= Adds reactions to the message reaction picker
Strings SlashCommandDescriptions_RemoveReactions:
= Removes reactions from the message reaction picker
Strings SlashCommandDescriptions_RemoveReactionsAt:
= Removes reaction at Nth positions from the message reaction picker
Strings SlashCommandDescriptions_PrintReactions:
= Prints reactions as a message
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_SharingStatusScreen:
= Sharing screen
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_SharingStatusWindow:
= Sharing window
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_RequestingControlStatus:
= {viewer_display_name} is requesting control
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_SharingControlStatus:
= {viewer_display_name} has control
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_Stop:
= Stop sharing
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_StopTooltip:
= Stop Sharing your screen or application
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_GrantControl:
= Give control
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_GrantControlTooltip:
= Give control of your screen over to a participant on the call
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_AcceptControl:
= Accept
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_AcceptControlTooltip:
= Accept the request for control made by {viewer_display_name}
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_DenyControl:
= Deny
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_DenyControlTooltip:
= Deny the request for control made by {viewer_display_name}
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_TerminateControl:
= Take back control
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_TerminateControlTooltip:
= Revoke the permission for {viewer_display_name} to control your screen
Strings ScreenSharingToolbar_WindowName:
= Skype screen sharing toolbar
Strings lenssdk_button_cancel_dialog_fragment:
= Cancel
Strings lenssdk_button_cancel_tooltip:
= Cancel
Strings lenssdk_button_resolution_dialog_fragment:
= Cancel
Strings lenssdk_content_description_cross_button:
= Cancel
Strings ContentPanelHeader_SMSConnectConversationTab:
= Phone SMS
Strings ContentPanelHeader_SMSConnectConversationTabWithNumber:
= Phone SMS (*{digits})
Strings ContentPanelHeader_SkypeSMSConversationTab:
= Skype SMS
Strings ContentPanelHeader_SkypeSMSConversationTabWithNumber:
= Skype SMS (*{digits})
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_SmsConnectLearnMoreParagraph1Description:
= After you connect your contacts, they are periodically synced and securely stored. You'll see who is on Skype and your contacts will also find you more easily in search. You can opt out of the “search and suggestions” feature in your privacy settings. We'll also sync your contacts from SMS Connect conversations.
Strings InfoPanel_DeleteConfirmationDialogContentSMS:
= Are you sure you want to delete this chat? The messages will only be deleted from Skype and not your phone.
Strings InfoPanel_DeleteConfirmationDialogContentGroupSMS:
= Are you sure you want to delete all chats with {name}? The messages in SMS conversations will only be deleted from Skype and not your phone.
Strings InfoPanel_SMSConnect:
= Phone SMS ({phoneNumber})
Strings InfoPanel_SkypeSMS:
= Skype SMS ({phoneNumber})
Strings Notifications_CellularMmsBody:
= MMS Content
Strings UserSettingsPanel_SmsSettingsTitle:
Strings SmsSettings_SmsSettingsHeader:
= Send & receive SMS
Strings SmsSettings_ViaSkypeSms:
= Via Skype SMS​
Strings SmsSettings_ViaSkypeSmsSecondary:
= Send SMS messages using Skype. Pay with Skype Credit.
Strings SmsSettings_ViaSkypeSmsConnect:
= Via your phone with SMS Connect
Strings SmsSettings_ViaSkypeSmsConnectSecondary:
= Use Skype on your PC or Mac to read and reply to your Android phone's SMS messages.
Strings SmsSettings_SmsConnectCompleteSetupButton:
= Setup
Strings SmsSettings_SmsConnectSettings:
= Settings
Strings SmsSettings_SmsConnectSettingsDevices:
= {count, plural, =1{1 device​} other{{count} devices}}
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_PhoneVerificationPanelHeader:
= SMS Connect (1/2)
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_PhoneVerificationHeader:
= Confirm your phone number​
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_PhoneVerificationPlaceholder:
= Phone number
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_PhoneVerificationSaveButton:
= Save
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_PhoneVerificationContinueButton:
= Continue
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_PhoneVerificationFooter:
= Enter your phone number so SMS messages can be shown correctly on Skype. We'll sync your contacts from SMS Connect conversations.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelHeaderCampaign:
= SMS Connect (2/2)
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelHeader:
= SMS Connect
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDeviceHeader:
= Select which devices you'd like to be able to send and receive SMS messages with.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelConnected:
= PAIRED DEVICES ({count})
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelConnectedNoDevices:
= No devices connected.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelRemoveAllButton:
= Remove all
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelRemoveAllButtonHeader:
= Remove all devices​
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelRemoveAllButtonBody:
= Are you sure you want to remove all devices from SMS Connect? Your SMS conversations will also be deleted from Skype.​​
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelRemoveAllButtonConfirm:
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelAvailable:
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelAvailableDeviceName:
= {deviceName}
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelNoDevices:
= No available device.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelNoDevicesFollowSteps:
= No available devices. Follow these steps to get set up:
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelNoDevicesStep1:
= Install the latest version of Skype on your desktop from {url}
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelNoDevicesStep2:
= Open Skype on your computer
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelNoDevicesStep3:
= Sign in with {skypeId}
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDeviceFooter:
= Don't see your device? Check that Skype is open and you're signed in using the same account.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_SendViaSkypeAlertTitle:
= Send SMS via Skype
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_SendViaSkypeAlertContent:
= Send and receive SMS messages using Skype SMS. SMS Connect will be turned off and all SMS conversations and connected devices will be removed from Skype.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_SendViaSkypeAlertConfirm:
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_DisableSmsConnectAlertTitle:
= Disable SMS Connect
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_DisableSmsConnectAlertContent:
= SMS Connect will be turned off and all SMS conversations and connected devices will be removed from Skype.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_DisableSmsConnectAlertConfirm:
= Yes
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_DisableSmsConnectAlertCancel:
= No
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConfirmAuthReqTitle:
= Add {epname}
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConfirmAuthReqBody:
= Verification code: {pin} For extra security, match the verification code from the one on your computer. Find your computer's verification code at Skype > Settings > Messaging > SMS
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConfirmAuthReqButton:
= Yes
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_CancelAuthReqButton:
= No
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectNotificationHeader:
= SMS on your PC or Mac
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectNotificationText:
= Add your computer ({devicename}) to read and reply to your SMS messages.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectInAppNotificationText:
= Add your computer ({devicename}) to read and reply to your SMS messages.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_UnpairedAgentInfoBodyText:
= Allow Skype on this device to access SMS messages on your Android phone. Tap button below to send your phone a notification to complete setup.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_SetupText:
= Setup
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_SetupAccessibilityLabel:
= Setup
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_SendNotificationText:
= Send notification
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_SendNotificationLabelText:
= Send notification
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ViaPhoneLabel:
= Via your phone with SMS Connect
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_SendNotificationButtonText:
= Send notification
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_MoreInfoText:
= More Info
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_MoreInfoAccessibilityLabel:
= More Info
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_InstallSkypeText1:
= Use Skype on your PC or Mac to read and reply to your Android phone's SMS messages. To get started...
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_InstallSkypeText2:
= Tap the button to install Skype on your Android phone
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_GetSignedInAsWithOutNameText:
= Sign in to Skype on your phone
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_GetSignedInAsWithNameText:
= Sign in with {signedInAs} on your phone
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ViaSkypeSmsLabel:
= Via Skype SMS
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ViaSkypeSmsLabelBottom:
= Send SMS messages using Skype and pay with Skype credit.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_EnabledText:
= Enabled
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_DisabledText:
= Disabled
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_IncompleteText:
= Incomplete
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_UnpairedButtonlabelBottom:
= See and reply to your Android phone's SMS conversations directly inside Skype. Tap button below to send your phone a notification to complete setup.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_BottomLabelWithName:
= Use Skype on your PC or Mac to read and reply to your Android phone's SMS messages. To get started, tap the button to install Skype on your Android phone. Then sign in with {signedInAs}
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_BottomLabel:
= Use Skype on your PC or Mac to read and reply to your Android phone's SMS messages. To get started, tap the button to install Skype on your Android phone. Then sign in to Skype.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_RemoveThisDeviceText:
= Remove this device
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_HeaderLabel:
= SMS on your PC or Mac
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_MobileNumber:
= {phoneNumber} (Android phone)
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_PairedAgentDescriptionText:
= Use Skype on your PC or Mac to read and reply to your Android phone's SMS messages.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_MoreActionsAccessibilityLabel:
= More Actions
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_AlertContentDialogText:
= Are you sure you want to remove this device? Your SMS conversations will be removed from this device.
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_RemovedText:
= Remove
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_InstallOnPhoneText:
= Install on phone
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_InstallOnPhoneAccessibilityLabel:
= Install on phone
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_SmsConnectLearnMoreLink:
= Learn more
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_DeleteAllSmsText:
= Delete all SMS Connect messages in Skype
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_DeleteAllSmsConfirmationTitle:
= Delete SMS Connect data
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_DeleteAllSmsConfirmationContent:
= Are you sure you want to delete all SMS Connect messages stored in Skype?
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_MoreInfoForSmsConnectLabel:
= More info on SMS Connect
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_MoreInfoOnVerificationCodeLabel:
= More info on verification code
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_NotificationSentStatus:
= Notification sent
Strings SmsConnectAdvancedSettings_AdvancedSettingsHeader:
= Advanced settings
Strings SmsConnectAdvancedSettings_PhoneNumberSettingsButton:
= Phone number
Strings SmsConnectMessaging_SendSmsToNumberViaPhone:
= to {phoneNumber} via your phone
Strings SmsConnectMessaging_SmsCharacterCounterLabel:
= {charactersRemaining, plural, =1{1 character remaining for SMS} other{{charactersRemaining} characters remaining for SMS}}
Strings SmsConnectMessaging_SmsFragmentCountLabel:
= Sending {fragments} SMS,
Strings SkypeSmsToSmsConnectControl_SkypeSmsToSmsConnectInfoHeader:
= Sending Skype SMS is disabled
Strings SkypeSmsToSmsConnectControl_SkypeSmsToSmsConnectInfoTerminalOneWay:
= You can only send SMS using SMS Connect at the moment. You can still read your Skype SMS in this chat. Click the button below to switch to an SMS Connect chat.
Strings SkypeSmsToSmsConnectControl_SkypeSmsToSmsConnectInfoTerminalTwoWay:
= You can only send SMS using SMS Connect at the moment. You can still receive and read your Skype SMS in this chat. Click the button below to switch to an SMS Connect chat.
Strings SkypeSmsToSmsConnectControl_SkypeSmsToSmsConnectInfoAgent:
= Sending is currently set to use SMS Connect on desktop. To send new SMS use your phone's SMS app.
Strings SkypeSmsToSmsConnectControl_SkypeSmsToSmsConnectSwitch:
= New SMS
Strings SkypeSmsToSmsConnectControl_SkypeSmsToSmsConnectSwitchAccessibilityString:
= Click to send SMS with SMS Connect

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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