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Skype multiple service outage notification

We are aware of a problem, impacting multiple Skype services (sign-in, PSTN calls, SMS sending and etc.) Our engineers are already working on the solution and we hope the issue is resolved soon.

Number of users confirming this error: ???

Information about this error was published automatically. Soon the information will be reviewed by the administrator.

Chronicle of events:

  • Error formally confirmed

  • We have mitigated the issue. Services should be back for everyone soon!


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    charie (karma: 0),
    Can't access Skype. 12.15.2016 9:29 PM
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    Dave (karma: +8),
    I've noticed that some blog posts, such as this one, are written from a perspective implying that the author is officially tied to Skype:

    - "Our engineers are already working on the solution."
    - "Our engineers are actively troubleshooting the issue."
    - "We are aware of problems with our messaging service."

    I know that the blog disclaims any official representation of Skype, but the wording of many of the blog posts suggests otherwise. I can imagine that this confuses and misleads some readers.

    Upon further examination, I realized that you seem to have a script automatically cross-posting service announcements from Skype Heartbeat. If that is the case, shouldn't you more clearly indicate that they are quotes? For example, you could preface such posts with "From the official Heartbeat blog:", include a link, and then put the quoted text within a blockquote.
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      Administrator (karma: +1182),
      Hello dear Dave! I am very grateful for your comment and idea.

      I mistakenly thought that I could always quickly rewrite information and that the notice “Information about this error was published automatically. Soon the information will be reviewed by the administrator” should be enough in order not to mislead users. But your idea is really fantastic and today I will implement it. Thank you very much!

      ps. Now only two such posts published on the blog (this one and “Skype Messaging and Group Chat issues”) and soon I will update them too.

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