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Interlocutor cannot see the caller’s video [Status: Fixed]

Skype for Windows has encountered an issue, due to which during a video call, the user who answer the call did not see the caller’s video. The error occurs only when is used the new audio codec NGC (while using SILK_V3 both interlocutors see each other). On the official website, the developers said that they are working on resolving problem.

Number of users confirming this error: ???

If you urgently need to make a video call, as a temporary solution you can disable the audio codec NGC as described here.

Chronicle of events:

  • Error formally confirmed

  • The issue has been fully resolved.


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    D Banham,
    This error occurs when one side is a Mac and the other side is a PC, or when both sides are PC's.

    How can you say the error was fixed at 15:26 GMT and not confirm that the error was fixed by running a set of fully automated tests?????

    With the number of subscribers that Microsoft have, and that they are now selling this as a business communication, the quality is pretty poor.

    DSB @ IT Operational Risk
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      Hi! Thank you for comment. I saw today on the official Skype community that this issue affects and other platforms if the caller uses Skype for Windows.

      About your question — not sure that understood it, but please note that information about issues is gathered automatically from official site (more precisely, from Skype Heartbeat) — that’s why I do not know when and how the issue has been fixed.
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    Hi, got a quick question unrelated to the topic.

    What version of Skype is considered to have the best audio quality? Recently installed 6.22 over the newest 7.30 versions because I'd gotten fed up with the degrading quality.

    Thanks :)
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      Also, sorry for posting in a random spot, new to the site and have no idea where it's best to ask/post
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      Hello Emil! Not sure that I can help you without any details about your system, but if you have Windows 7, 8 or 10 and encounter any audio issues with the latest version, take a look at this article “Sound issues on Skype for Windows due to NGC audio codec”. On other hand, if you have Windows XP or Vista, consider to install Skype using the a special installer (SkypeSetupFullXp.exe) designed for these systems.

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