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Skype Connectivity and Messaging Problems [Status: Fixed]

On the official site of Skype developers reported that they are aware of an incident where users will either lose connectivity to the application or may be unable to send or receive messages.

Number of users confirming this error: ???

If you encounter this error, try to use Skype for browser (at least I have the chat working properly).

Chronicle of events:

  • Error formally confirmed

  • The issue has been fully resolved.


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    So I don't know why it says "fixed" at the top of the page.

    My website coder is on my list on several of my SK handles (I have quite a few), AND that's even on 2 different computers.

    Well last week I noticed that he wasn't online. He said he was, I said no you aren't.

    Today again he doesn't appear as online even though he is. Even after he logs out & back in again he STILL shows up as offline.

    Then I sent him IMs, he's not getting them, or he gets the odd one, but not all of them & this is all in real time while I'm on SK talking to him.

    And again, with different SK users of mine & 2 different computers.

    And once again I can see my Skype handles going offline & then come back again once every few minutes. It drives me INSANE.

    But the other issue with him not getting my IMs is worse.

    MS has RUINED Skype, & I should NOT have to use Skype for browsers just to talk to my website coder.

    This is NUTS :(
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      Hi! Please note that your issue is not the same as described on this page. More exactly, look here: Not receiving messages on Skype — this is what you are looking for. But be aware, it seems that issue is not on your side.

      ps. Skype for Web will not help in your case. Nevertheless, let me note that Skype for Web don’t requires any installations or configurations — just go to and start chatting — and this is why sometimes it’s a convenient workaround, and why not, a good alternative.
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        No I don't want to use Skype for web. I use it only to screen people who want to connect with me b/c MS has forced me to waste my time doing this, but I'm not going to open 5 different browser windows just so I can communicate with someone on SK.

        It's NUTS :(

        So did you create a new thread for this?

        Sorry if it wasn't in the right spot. I get confused by your site sometimes.

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          As I said, please read this one: Not receiving messages on Skype.

          P.S. Please note that this is an unofficial blog and I’m not associated with Skype.

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