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Call technical information on Skype for Windows

To understand what is the problem when any issues occur during a Skype call we need to analyze technical information about the call. In this walkthrough, I will teach you how to get it on Skype for Windows and what useful you can learn by analyzing this information.
  1. During a Skype call, after its duration reached more than 10 seconds (this is important because necessary information is displayed with a delay), in the menu bar click “Call” and select “Call Technical Info”.

  2. To copy information into clipboard right-click on the appeared window and select “Copy”. Please be aware that the “Call Technical Info” window will close automatically at the end of call.

  3. Now we can paste it in any text editor to analyze the obtained information.

Structure of call technical information

First goes block with basic information about the call, while below the “Basic” information is listed all call participants and technical information for each of them:

“Basic” information

Call status:
Status=1 (Dialing, nobody answered)
Status=3 (At least one participant answered the call)

User that initiated the call:

User that initiated call can leave it, while other participants can continue the conversation:

Number of users invited to the call (not necessarily involved in the conversation):
ParticipantCount=2 (Regular Skype call)
ParticipantCount=3-25 (Group call)

“User” information

Username (Skype login) of the user:

User status:
Status=0 (Unable to join to the call)
Status=3 (Offline)
Status=4 (Online but is not involved in the conversation)
Status=6 (Engaged in the conversation, but microphone is muted)
Status=7 (Engaged in the conversation)

Call that uses SILK audio-codec:

Call that uses NGC (Next Generation Calling) audio-codec:

Detected issues:
Problems=HIGH_NOISE (In the room is too noisy)
Problems=MUTED_OUTPUT (Speakers are muted)
Problems=BW_CRITICAL (It does not have full access to the Internet)
Problems=BW_LOW (Low-speed Internet connection)

Please note that this article is a stub and still continue its improvement. If you know additional details or know how to improve this article, please write in the comments.

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