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Rainbow Smile

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This emoticon can be sent using the following methods:
  1. Open the emoticons picker, find this smiley and click on it. Emoticon image will appear in the input field and after that, you can send the message.

  2. Type or paste into the input field one of the following codes and send the message:

  3. If someone sent you "Rainbow Smile" emoticon, highlight it, right-click and select "Copy selection". Then, right-click on the input box and select "Paste as Text". Now you can send the message.

Please note that the "Rainbow Smile" emoticon is not supported by all versions of Skype. This emoticon has become available starting from version Skype 7.6 for Windows.

# Download "Rainbow Smile" emoticon:
To download this animated smiley, press the right-click on the link rainbowsmile.gif and click on the "Save" option. Also, you can open this link in a new browser tab, and then press the key combination Ctrl + S

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# Keywords:
pride, rainbow, gay, happy, happiness, excited, enthusiastic, radiant, joy, joyful, playful, content, cheerful, cheery, fun, optimistic, bright, smilie, smile

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# Users notes
Description Feelings Examples
Hoping your happy.Artistic, cheer up, hope your happy, and smile more because you have a great smile, and I like to see that.Happy to hear from you. Happy to see you. Happy is what I want to feel. I need happiness right now.

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